Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturday Morning! Who's Gonna Play With Me?

By and extra large, the most difficult and trying result of this not-running business, is the Saturday Morning.  Oh how I miss the Saturday Morning.  For 17 years (aside from the couple of years in which I was carrying the Yahoos), I'd wake around 5:00am, meet friends for play, run my guts out and return home to eat like a horse.  Each Saturday would have been in the ball park of 15 to 20 miles.  And strangely enough, I'd come home with more energy than I had when I left.

Saturday Mornings now are just about me sleeping in, me dragging my butt out of bed to go ride my bike (by myself), which doesn't usually happen until the afternoon, and then I get bored because I have no one to talk to and bail early.  I usually sing "Saturday Morning! Who's gonna play with me?!" all the way home.

On this Saturday Morning, one in which I'm sitting in bed, waiting for the motivation to land, I decided that it was time to do a Saturday Morning playlist.  First up?  Saturday Morning (Who's gonna play with me) - Eels.  It's a great tune...