Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bits of Nothing and Pieces of Something

✮ Nothing much is happening.  It's all work, work, and more work, followed by homework, homework, and more homework, followed by housework, housework, and not more housework, cause housework gives me no joy.  I stop the housework before it gets to more housework.

✮ I guess what I just told myself, with that paragraph, is that while work is work, and homework is work, I get a meager amount of joy from both.  I'm going to hang on to that.

✮ Yesterday I was a bad mom.  Bad, bad, mom.  We all played hooky.  I took the kids out of school and we built New York City.  We swallowed lemonheads and swedish fish whole then washed it down with Mountain Dew. We capped the afternoon with two New York City-filmed movies: Tower Heist and Men in Black.

(They still practiced the piano, though.  Hooky-day doesn't provide a piano-practice exemption.)

✮ Spouse 'n me, we saw Men In Black on our first date.  I'll bet I've said that here before.  Please hold while I check.  Nope.  This is the first.  We had dinner at  Frontier Pies on that same date.  I didn't have pie.  I should have had pie.  I love pie.  Extra especially fruit pie.

✮ On my play hooky day, I still worked eight hours.  Take that!  All you everybody out there that think I'm lazy!  On my hooky-day I worked eight hours! And built New York City!  We Rabids are superhuman.  In three hours we built what took other folks hundreds of years.

✮ How did we build NYC?  With a kit.  The founding Dutch should have had a this NYC kit, so as to sidestep some hassles.  The kit begins with a jigsaw puzzle, that's really a map of Manhattan at the 1700s, then you build another puzzle of the current-streets on top.  After you have the streets, you can plant the buildings.  We planted the buildings in the order of their erection.  It was cool to see how the city was built.

✮ Did I just use the word erection?  Sure did.  Now that's something!

 photo IMG_9506_sm.jpg
Proud erectors. 

 photo IMG_9517_sm.jpg
Spidey saves the ice cream truck.

 photo IMG_9508_sm.jpg
Yahoos are star-struck.  They love their Spidey.

✮ I have Dutch ancestors who lived in 17th century New York.  True story.  I don't look Dutch though.  Maybe next time we should build Amsterdam?  Or Chicago?  Or Paris?  Yeah.... Paris.  I've been there.

✮ I don't really have much fun anymore.  I'm not very fun either.  I turn down invitations because I find myself boring and don't want to subject others to my boring.  Mostly though, I turn down invitations to hang with large groups of women.  Large groups of women are not my thing.  And you will never (ever!) hear me say that I'm going to "Girls Night Out." Will I attend "Stitch 'n Bitch?"  Of course.  But never a "Girls Night Out."  

✮ Speaking of fun, sometimes I catch myself thinking, "I guess I've had all the fun I"ll ever have."  I need to stop saying that.  I'm in a fun-rut.  Fun-ruts are hard to get out of.  And it seems like each fun-rut gets deeper and harder with every dig.

✮ I've picked a theme for the year.  It is: Hope. Engage. Persist.  I'll start this hoping and engaging and persisting by working on the fun-rut.

✮ My current fun-rut came on Monday after a seven miler.  The calf is acting up again and I'll be on the couch for a bit.  This is a real bummer because on Saturday I had a very promising 15 miler.

✮ I want a New Girl episode where Jess gets herself out of a fun-rut.  That could be helpful.  And funny.  New Girl is always funny.

✮ With all this couch time, I started watching Bones.  I'm watching it right now and Dr. Brennan is running around yelling "Where the hell are my bones?!" Snicker.  And maybe a snort.  Earlier she said, "Why does this dead body have skin on it?  You know I don't do skin."  I like shows with quirky characters.  This one is full of 'em.  I'm going to adopt Brennan's "I don't know what that means" with the hope that the target of said phrase would deem me too genius to understand the trivial.

✮ I watch too much TV.  Actually, I don't really watch TV.  I listen to TV and glance at it occasionally.  It keeps me from getting lonely when the Yahoos are at school.  If you would have told me six years ago, that I'd be lonely and missing the Yahoos each and every day, I'd say you were high.  Life has a whole bunch of feast or famine, doesn't it?

✮ While we're on the subject of feasts and famines, let's talk about my employer.  We do tax return software on the internet.  In the past, I've been mum about where and how and what, but have since been given free license to promote!  Go to and prepare your return.  Federal is free, state (if you choose) is $12.95.  Safe 'n secure 'n authorized – it's great for most.  AND... here's the bonus.... enter AMBERS25 at checkout for a 25% discount.

✮ Gee, that's a funny coupon code, this AMBERS25.  Why is it AMBERS25?  I'll tell you why, the employees are having a contest to see who can recommend the most people.  The coupon code keeps track.  I wanna win!  I wanna win! I wanna win!  Thought about paying people to use my coupon code, but thought again – this avenue could get me fired.  Doh!

✮ Speaking of fire.  It's time for me to get back to work.  Into the Fire!  With Taxes!  (And Sarah McLachlin.)


Megan and Keli'i said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Housework. Gag.

Playing hooky? Good mom.

Uh- "Stitch 'n Bitch"? Love that.

megan said...

I could really use some swedish fish right. about. NOW.
Nikki and I used to pedal down to the circle K and buy the small boxes of lemonheads then pedal home and sell them to neighborhood kids and siblings. Pretty sure we lost money...

February is almost seems to be the Fun-sucker Month of the year...good thing it's a short one..(January comes in a close second... :)

How do you get 25% off free?? I will gladly send people your way - I love free and simple online sites (complicated stuff gets sent to Matt - agreed? :)