Monday, February 17, 2014

Arlington National Cemetery

Happy President's Day!

In honor of some presidents and the place where presidents took care of things, I thought I'd post some of my favorite photos from the D.C. trip.  Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most awe-inspiring, emotional, and visually appealing places I've ever been. We spent hours there.  It was tough to narrow the photo-pickings, so I just decided to post them all.  Kidding.  Not really.

 photo IMG_9130proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9115proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9211proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9142proc.jpg
Robert E. Lee's House

 photo IMG_9144proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9202proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9145proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9213proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9152proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9214proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9212proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9180proc.jpg
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

 photo IMG_9187proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9215proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9194proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9218proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9184proc.jpg

 photo IMG_9146proc.jpg
Paying respect to "Silent Cal," who is our favorite president for various reasons.

 photo IMG_9118proc.jpg
Here we are!  

This last photo, and compliments, goes to some female LDS missionaries who were out sight-seeing for the day.  There's something about missionaries that make you wanna run up to them,  talk to them, and then on the sly, ask them to take your photo.  

I believe this is our only family photo from the whole trip.  I need to work on that.  More family photos.  Means we need to find more missionaries?

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