Sunday, January 26, 2014

Washington D.C. Monuments

As mentioned earlier, we visited Washington D.C. in October.  It was terrific.  My favorite part of vacation is pictures.  Here's the Washington D.C. Monument post complete with photographs.

World War I Memorial

 photo IMG_8913med.jpg

World War II Memorial

 photo IMG_8923med.jpg

Washington Monument with Scaffolding

 photo IMG_8926med.jpg

Marine Corps Memorial

 photo photo-123.jpg

IRS Building  
(It takes in a monumental amount of cash and has therefore earned "monument" status.)

 photo photo-84proc.jpg

Vietnam War Memorial

 photo IMG_8991med.jpg

 photo photo-185proc.jpg

 photo photo-86proc.jpg
(This is what I do on vacation.)

 photo IMG_8995procmed.jpg

 photo IMG_8997med.jpg

Lincoln Memorial

 photo IMG_9002med.jpg  photo IMG_9000med.jpg

Korean War Memorial

 photo IMG_9039_2med.jpg
This photo is extra terrific because there aren't any people in it.  How did that happen?  

  photo photo-91proc.jpg
(See?  I told you.  This is what I do on vacation.)

Monumental Conversation

 photo IMG_9043med.jpg

Sure was fun!  And educational.  

 photo photo-137copy.jpg

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