Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Team" - Tuesday Tune, vol 123

On a whim and a whistle I booked a flight and flew to Reno.  This was Friday morning, January the Third, and the flight was scheduled for the following morning.  Shortly after booking this flight I went for a run.  And on this run, the mePod dialed up a tune called "Team" by Lorde.

I've heard this song several times.  It has some recent popularity.  Up until that run, however – that run I ran shortly after booking a trip to Reno – I had never paid attention to the lyrics.  Specifically, these:

We live in cities you'll never see onscreen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
Livin' in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know we're on each other's team

I listened to that song for three miles. (By hitting repeat, not because I can run three miles really fast.)

As time goes by, and as I get older, the term "Friend" takes on a whole new meaning.  Once upon a time, a "Friend" was someone you called to go to movies, get pedicures, do lunch, ski, or run.  A "Friend" was someone you spent time with, doing a particular "thing," because you had that "thing" in common.

Now that I'm old as [almost] mold, "Friend" is no longer a venue for passing time, a venue chosen because an interest (or two) is aligned.  Now, "Friend" is someone you spend time with in spite of aligned interests.

All of my friends are very different.  We have different opinions and talents and quirks.  But yet, even with our many differences, we know we're on each other's team.

You get to a point in adulthood when passing time with someone is no longer necessary; you'd prefer to be alone and even lonely, than to whittle away an hour with a shallow body.  A body who is not on your team, who would prefer you fall on your face.  That's the thing, when you're on each other's team, you may or may not agree, and you may or may not approve, but deep down, you want that friend to do and be their best.  It's not a competition.  When you're "Friends," and you're on each other's team, you do what you can to help that "Friend" be awesome.

It's the way it is.  You're either on each other's team or you're not.  That's why today's Tuesday Tune is Team - Lorde.

I have a small handful of friends, and we are on each other's team.  No, we are not on the same team, we are on each other's teams.  There's a big difference.  I'm on your team too.  I want you to be awesome as long as you don't have to hurt someone in the process.

Around my parts, there's been some serious political turmoil.  I mean, houses are divided!  Sometimes I just want to yank folks out of their persistent stubbornness and say, "Hay.  You can disagree on this one (or two things) and still be on each other's teams.  You really can, no one has to be 'right!'"  Call me naive, but I really believe this.

Now, why on earth would I go to Reno?!  I'll tell you why.  It was the DIP JAM. (It's DIP, because once upon a time, we were divorced, injured, and pregnant; and it's JAM because we are Jessica, Amber, and Megan -- Rabid doesn't work here so I had to use my real name.  Gasp!  There it is! For the first time!)

Five years ago, on the intersphere, I met Megan and Jessica.  We live in Los Angeles, CA (Jessica), Sparks, NV (Megan) and American Fork, UT (me.)  Periodically, we pick a place and meet there.  The last time we were together was November 2012, in New York City, smack-dab-in-the-middle of hurricane mayhem.  We were a hot mess on this trip, what with us being divorced, injured 'n pregnant, so it was altogether fitting that the city we stayed was a hot mess as well.

And so it was, at the beginning of the week of January 3rd, the Year of Our Lord 2014, that Jessica invited herself to Megan's house.  Then she took it upon herself to invite me to Megan's house.  Naturally, I responded with "got too much to do" because that's what I say now because I'm in a rut and don't want to do exert any energy whatsoever rearranging my life so that I can have any fun.  Lucky for me, though, they didn't cease the badgering, and my work and kids and Spouse and whatnot made some accommodations.

On another DIP JAM, before we were all DIPped up, we rendezvoused in Sparks.  While in Sparks I made sure we paid a visit to some hokey local museum.  That time it was the Donner Party museum at the top o' Donner Pass.  They both thought I was crazy, and maybe they thought I was a little bit lame, but we visited it all the same.

When Megan and Jessica picked me up at the airport last weekend, you know what they said?  They said, "We are going to Virginia City to visit the Mark Twain Museum."  

See that?  They are on my team.  I just need to make sure I'm on theirs...

Here are some photos:

The Virginia City Cemetery, wherein I hollered, "Stop the car!  I want to go to there!"

 photo IMG_9427.jpg

Monument Parkour.  Jessica on the Left, Megan on the Right – which is where they reside politically as well.  I think...

 photo IMG_9431.jpg

The Mark Twain Museum.  It's a dungeon.  With steep steps.  This old witchy-like lady threw us down the stairs.  I swear I heard the door shut and a cackle. (She was a very nice witchy-like lady, really, she just had fairies and dragons all over and it was creepy.)

 photo IMG_9439.jpg

Turns out that the museum is just a big room full of old crap, all of which has nothing to do with Mark Twain, except for this...

 photo IMG_9443.jpg

And this "Something Happened Here!" plaque and maybe a toilet he sat on and some quotes...

 photo IMG_9440.jpg

Still... my idea of a great time.

 photo photo-2b.jpg

You can read Megan's excerpt by going here.  It's much better.

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