Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Spouse and me, fourteen are we.  It happened on Mon-dee.

We tend to anniversary on the down-low because we celebrate our gracious and enduring love each and every day.  Each!  And Every! Love-Enduring! Day!  This year's anniversary happenings went like this: fourteen random photos attached to the strings of fourteen balloons.  I'd show you here, but the pictures are in the bedroom and I have this thing about keeping my bedroom off the internet.  Weird, I know.  Then after a stressful day of work for both, we packed the Yahoos, picked up a to-go picnic, then traveled to the parking lot of Novell's former "Building M."

"Why are we here?" asked one of the Yahoos, don't remember which.

"We met in this building," was the reply, in unison.

Some moans and gag-me-with-the-romance groans came from the back seat.  Then there was a  a quick "Can I have my brownie now?"

(Spouse was driving and I was sitting shotgun – just in case you thought the moans and gag-me-with-the-romance groans were of the anniversary nature, and that a brownie dessert to an alleged anniversary moan 'n grown was our "thing.")

That's right folks.  It was 17 (or 18?) years ago, on the Novell Campus in Orem, Utah, Building M, that we met.  Spouse wrote software that sometimes housed some bugs, I found the bugs, I told him to fix those bugs, then he fixed the bugs and I tested the fixed bugs.

We meant-for-each-other-geeks were married January 27th, 2000.  Sigh.

It's been a great ride.  I mean this truly.  Sometimes it's easy and rewarding – other times unpleasant (and unyielding and compromising and infuriating.)  At the end of the day and on each anniversary, it's always nice to sincerely declare it worth the extra effort. I'd do it again a thousand times, and I love him more now than the day we were married.

Fourteen is a magical number, and I feel that I need to come up with fourteen of our most memorable moments.  Except I'll need to do that tomorrow because I'm out of time.

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