Friday, October 04, 2013

More October This 'n That

I'm in the mood to type up some stuff.  Yet here I sit, all ready, with nothing noteworthy to type.  I've  paid extra attention to my thoughts these last few days.  In the past, I'd pay attention to my thoughts and find myself thinking of various topics.  If I was patient they'd all come together somehow, but lately my thoughts aren't saying much.  Mostly they mull about among my revolving to-do list.  That should prolly change.  There are lots of things that I could mention, yet they are mundane at best and warrant nothing more than a paragraph.  So for that, we get More October This 'n That!

Special Characters.  Whenever I insert one of these fancy stars, I select Edit → Special Characters, which reminds that I am a Special Character.  This makes me smile.  You're a Special Character too.

More Special Characters.  We need more Special Characters.  I feel the options aren't on par with the way the world is heading.  I mean, I want food symbols and stuff, just like the iPhone.

★ Favorite Quote.  Recently, Josh Wright posted some commentary on the topic of comparison.  It was a comparison commentary.  It was quite good.  You should check it out.  (Or, rather, it would be worth your while to check it out.  Who am I to tell you what you should be doing?)  As was I was reading it, I was reminded of one of my very (very!) favorite quotes:  "Comparison is the thief of joy." ~Teddy Roosevelt.  It's true.  Comparison robs!  It plunders!  It marauds!  It vandalizes!  It wrecks!  It rapes!  It devours!  It pillages!  It devours and devastates and denudes and deprives!  Comparison is a pirate!  Aaaaarg.  (You could always do as Teddy did and call comparison a thief but then you're switching to a noun when sometimes you need a verb – hence the Thesaurus exercise.)

Thesaurus Exercise.  Everyone needs consistent thesaurus exercise to brush up on the ol' vocab, so as to expand, renew, spruce-up and stimulate.  Add that to your daily list, kay?  Because I'm sure you have nothing better to do.  As, I too, have nothing better to do.  Some of my Thesaurus exercise comes in the form what I call Thesaurus Trees.  Here's how it works:  Go to or some other terminology tool tank for talking.  Enter a word, any word, and search.  Now here's where it gets fun.  Just keep clinking on synonyms and see where it takes you.  Try it!  It's fun.  It's like time travel only more realistic.  To make this word-time-travel even more real, say the words out loud.

★ Today's Thesaurus Tree.  To illustrate this vernacular voyage, let's try one, right now, this very minute.  Let's choose a word like... miscellaneous.  I looked up at my Special Character window and noticed one of the characters sets (albeit limited, see above) is titled miscellaneous.  Let's see where this tree leads us.  Here we go:

miscellaneous → multifarious → motley → sundry → jarring → cacophonous → obstreperous → intractable → obdurate → hard-boiled → bawdy → prurient → libidinous → gadabout → perambulant → transient.  

See?  Wasn't that fun? We went from misc, to hard-boiled with breakfast, then over to homeless. Not unlike some of our own family trees, is it..... bwah hah hah...  insert Twilight Zone theme here.

Exercise.  It's time I get some.  Later!  Happy Friday!  And best of luck to any all who plan to run the St. George tomorrow!  Make sure you bring in some sort of Personal Record

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October This 'n That

Uh.... I'm speechless.  Dunno where to begin this October This 'n That.  I suppose I'll start by inserting a star?  Okay, we'll start there.

★ Here's a star.  Yay.

★Speaking of stars, today is my Grandpa Plum's birthday.  He was a star.  I miss him.  We used to have some great conversations.  And his laugh?  Contagious.  He was an "old coot" who'd rise "before the crow pees," get "shined up" in his finest duds, then style his finely manicured coif with a dollop of "axel grease."  Plum rarely referred to things traditionally.  A woman's purse was a "war bag," rocks were referred to as "river biscuits," you packed all of your "galooley" instead of belongings, and a cemetery was a "marble orchard."  He's resting in a Marble Orchard down south.

★Speaking of Plum, if he were alive today, he'd tell me not to get my "tit in a ringer" over missing the St. George Marathon this weekend.  He would.  He might also say "you troll about like a fart in a hot skillet anyway, so maybe a little time off will do you good."

★Speaking of the St. George Marathon.  Yeah.  Not going.  I'm injured.  Dang.  I purposely kept things low-key this year with minimal speed work and mileage. Yet, alas, it did not work.  The message here?  Go for it.  If you're gonna get injured you're gonna get injured.  The bummer of all bummers is that this would be St. George number ten.  Boo.  I had my sad day (Monday) and yesterday was my depressed day, so this day gets to be my angry day.  I guess tomorrow means I move on.

★Speaking of move on, what, pray tell, am I to move on to?

★Music always helps.  I could get some new music.  While preparing a paylist I purchased an album from AWOLNATION called Megalithic Symphony.  It's quite good.  It gets better with each listen.  I downloaded other tunes at random but this was the only full album.

★Speaking of albums, what are your favorites?  Do you have an album that you listen to frequently?  Now that we no longer insert CDs, listening to an album start to finish doesn't happen much.  Some of my favorite albums are... let me see...

  • Poe - Haunted
  • Joshua James - The Sun Is Always Brighter
  • Muse - Resistance
  • The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
  • John Denver - The Essential John Denver (don't laugh, okay laugh)
  • Jack White - Blunderbuss
  • Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic
  • Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Rome
  • Led Zeppelin - IV
  • Sarah McLachlan - Laws of Illusion
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
  • Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
  • Zero 7 - Simple Things
  • Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
  • Josh Wright - Josh Wright
  • U2 - The Joshua Tree
  • Metallica - ...And Justice For All
  • Lady Gaga - Born This Way
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside
  • The Doors - Strange Days
  • Queen - A Night at the Opera
  • Johnny Cash - American IV: Man Comes Around
  • Soundtrack from True Blood
  • Beck - Sea Changes
  • John Mayer - Battle Studies
  • Ween - Chocolate and Cheese
  • The Cars - Candy O
  • The Beatles - Love
  • Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide
  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
  • The Pixies - Doolittle
  • Morcheeba - The Antidote
  • Morcheeba - Dive Deep
  • Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion
  • Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadelphia
  • Madonna - Something to Remember
  • George Michael - Twenty Five
  • Flight of the Concords - Flight of the Concords
  • El Ten Eleven - El Ten Eleven
  • Duran Duran - Decade
  • Dido - Life for Rent
  • Brandi Carlile - The Story
  • Chris Isaak - Heart Shaped World
That's the list today.  It's subject to change tomorrow or even in five minutes.  I'm kind of moody lately.  What would you add?  Or even take away?  We are talking albums here, where you dig the whole thing, not just a song or two. 

Til next time, adieu.