Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Tragedies

Two bad things are happening lately.  I dare say they are tragedies – two tragedies.  They are:
  1. I'm saying "like" too much.  But, like, the world, like, says "like" too much, so, like, what else am I, like, supposed to do?
  2. My vocabulary stinks.
Something must be done.  Stat!


radracer said...

Something like read a dictionary page for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I'd like to see how that goes over. Like a lead balloon, I bet.

Or, like, come hang out with me and a bunch of structural engineers in Dallas. We can say "diaphragm" without snickering.

Julia said...

I think you're, like, spending too much time around teenage girls or something.