Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This and That

I just read another one of Megan's random happening posts.  They are terrific.  And they always have a clever title, such as Potpourri, Sweet Nothings, Fragments, and my personal favorite, What Naught.   They are collectively labeled Notes and they are my favorite to read.  They also happen to be fun to write.  I have a bunch to report, so I figured I'd follow her lead... imitation is the best flattery, right?

✶ Facebook, with it's users and their incessant need to "set the world straight" has taught me that the world needs all kinds of people.  Yes, all kinds, and especially the kinds that bug.

✶ I say "Oh My Stars" often.  Very often.  Too often.  It's my OMG.  When it comes to written communication, I prefer real words, not acronyms, and I really (really!) like punctuation.  Therefore, you won't find me texting you an OMS any time soon.

✶ Note that I've used stars for bullets.

✶ Also note that I'm not all that great at punctuation.  But I'm learning, right?

✶ Speaking of Megan, she has a wasband now.  As in a husband that was.  That was a bad year.  Bad, bad, BAD year.  Divorce sucks.  She's better for the wear now, but geez, that was a bad year.

✶ Jessica (often referred to as Internet Jessica, but not by me, because she's really my only Jessica) had a baby.  On Groundhog Day.  How many of us moms have referred to mother-hood as a never-ending episode of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day?  There's some irony in that Jessica birthing a boy on Groundhog Day.

✶ Yahoo #1 is 12 now.  TWELVE!  I want him to stay 12.  I have found that I have said this since he was seven.  I think this means I'm enjoying him, yes?  He enters the Junior High machine in August.

✶ I ran the Wasatch Back Relay this weekend.  (Runner 5, in case you're interested and you can read other reports of this silly Wasatch Back by going here.) I was invited by a team of delightful girls, of whom I've  watched for years and have yearned for fellowship.  "I want to run on that team!"  were my thoughts of old.  "I hope some day they invite me!"  I'm here to say that I have been invited.  We came, we conquered third place in Women's Submasters, and Rabid would not shut up the entire time.  I'm having serious night-after regrets over this one.  I'm sure they grew tired of me and were happy to drop me on the curb, never to return.  I can hear it now, "Someone, please, PLEASE!  SHUT HER UP!"  Here we are at the finish:

 photo 1017171_10201394481288825_2121678759_n.jpg

✶ In defense of my 29-hour yak-fest, I need to mention that I have lots of stories running about right now.  Good, juicy, NO-Freaking-WAY! stories.  The stories that would be out-of-this-world spectacular for future reference, and/or entertainment.  Due to privacy issues – the privacy of others, that is – I must keep them from public viewing.  A while back, I read a post that violated every privacy rule there is, HIPAA, Scout's Honor, cross-my-heart, you name it.  Since, I've thought long and hard about others' privacy.  Therefore, if you want my stories, you'll need to invite me on a run.  Or something.

✶ Rabid has an Instagram!  I've done marked my rabidrunner territory once again!  Follow me with @rabidrunner.  Or not.  Whatever.

✶ Speaking of marking territories, I've been stewing over some vanity plates.  What's your verdict on vanity plates?  Love 'em, hate 'em? 

✶ Life is good.  I turned 41 last week (which reminds me that I need to document the 40th hillbilly birthday bash!)  Great things are happening.  An equal amount of "challenges" have come our way as well.  This is the balance of life.  I think.  I hope all is well with you and yours.


Winder said...

As you have seen we are a vanity plate family. Delmar loves them. I am indifferent, however, I do get a lot of stares when driving about. That is kinda fun.

Also, love this style of post.

zim said...

Someday I will crash into the back of one of those cryptic vanity plates. You know the kind with letters and numbers that only the owner knows? They're obvious, right?

Jessica said...

OMS! I toelly didn't register that the Boy was born on Groundhog Day. It all makes sense now...

And thanks for talking about Ragnar. I had forgotten to ask if you were running it, but sorta assumed you were. Shoulda asked. Sorry. But I'm glad you enjoyed your team. They look nice.

(one of my words to type that proves I'm not a robot is "ran." That's funny.)

Tia said...

Holy Hannah. This was a goody. All your blog posts are goodies! Even better, it's as if you're here next to me speaking in person, for I can nearly hear your voice. You are a funny girl!

I am a fan of vanity plates. Always have been. I love to be tailing a car with a real doozy vanity plate and watch them watch me in the rearview mirror trying to figure it out. Haha.

I regret that I did not "run" into you at Ragnar. Still... I felt your aura and left you mine at the team exchanges between vans 1 and 2. That would be Snow Basin and East Canyon. All that aside, I really do want to run WITH you. "Lead me, guide me, run beside me" or even behind you (I've got your back).


Megan said...


• I'm glad you like my Notes posts. I truly thought I was the only one reading them. And Jim. 'Cause I force that stuff on him. So thanks. Thanks for reading the.

• I noticed the stars for bullets right off the bat! Nice touch.

• When Jess wrote in her comment "OMS," without even thinking of your "Oh my stars!" reference, I thought, "'Oh my shit?' Jess, I realize William is a pooping machine, but that's a little far."

• A bad year is right. It makes a year tomorrow that I found out about the affair. I've got a doozy of a post planned for tomorrow. To "celebrate." Or commemorate, at least.

• If anyone ever tries to shut you up, I'll shut them up. For permanent.

• And vanity plates. I like my mom's cause it suits her. But the rest of them? Oh man had it better be clever. And I'm with Zim, if I can't figure the damn thing out, I want to smash the plate in with my car's schnoz.

Lisa said...

Aw, we've been wanting to invite you for many years too! I'm so glad the feeling is mutual :) You're welcome to join us anytime! We all loved your juicy stories and there wasn't even an eye roll among us. Thanks for another super fun weekend on the Wasatch Back!