Thursday, June 27, 2013

More This and That

Yesterday's This and That was a hoot!  I wanna do it again!

✭  I'm happy to report that I have officially joined the running scene again.  Three weeks ago, I ran the Utah Valley Marathon.  This Utah Valley Marathon was 26.2 miles, just in case you were wondering.  It was tough, but not too tough, yet my feet hurt for days.  FOR DAYS.  This marathon is held on a highway made of concrete.  Concrete is not forgiving at all.  My feet hurt for days.  At mile 20, my little brother's wife met me to do what the pros call "pace."  (He's not my real little brother; he's my pretend, chosen little brother, if I were able to choose a little brother.  That makes his wife my pretend, chosen, little sister-in-law, if I were able to choose a little sister-in-law.)  Words cannot express how grateful I am for her... have you ever had someone run with you for the last six miles of a marathon?  OH MY STARS.  Useful and helpful would be the understatement of the heedless.  We picked off 25 women in the last six miles.  I'm rather fond of my little sister-in-law... here we are at the finish:

 photo IMG_2965.jpg
This one is a keeper.  You should know her.

✭  When driving home, I saw this sign and shed some tears.  It was a marathon!  And I was there!  And I finished!  Honest, folks, there were some months last year where I thought I'd never run again.

 photo IMG_2976_c.jpg

✭ Oh... and did I mention that I qualified for Boston?  And took second in my age division?  True story.  A 3:27:51 got me 2nd place in Yayas aged 40-44.

✭  The night before the race, Tia came to visit.  It was her birthday.  When you spend your birthday at my house you get a party.  Even if it's just me who comes.  To prepare, I asked Tia's son Tyson if he'd provide some Tia's-favorite-things type help.  Tyson did not disappoint.  In fact, Tyson should provide a clinic on how to be a doting, loving, attentive son.  Check it out:

 photo c49b4178-cbe2-4917-83e0-24572c341a11.jpg

✭  I took a cue or two from Tyson's list, made fruit pizza, bought her a couple of Jim Carey featurettes, and took us to Machu Picchu via Photoshop:

 photo machu-picchu.jpg

 ✭  I've done some reading.  Not a lot, but some.  I read Kim by Rudyard Kipling.  The story was great,  complete with many twists and turns, surprises and unforeseen whammies.  However, I found myself getting lost in turn-of-the-century Britain-Inda politics as well as various cultural and religious anomalies.  I would recommend this book only to someone who was intrigued by Indian culture, and also liked to read lots (and lots) of footnotes (you know, to explain what the aich is going on.)  I'm rather fond of Kipling's writing.  He's goofy and fun.  I will continue with Kipling.

 photo bf382b64-35a6-4b00-ad53-a6bd43f5bcab.jpg

✭  I also read Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  This one, with it's clever dialogue and geeky old-school science fiction, never failed to delight.  Mr. Verne is French, which means the book was translated at some point.  I often wonder what happens during translation.  I wonder what is lost and what is added.  I will read more of this Jules Verne.

 photo 9781593082529.jpg

✭  This summer has been busy.  I don't do well with busy.  I like time to tinker.  I call it my tinker time.  Tinker time is where I tinker about managing odds and ends at an even, leisurely pace.  I haven't had my tinker time.

✭  Why so busy?  I'll tell you why so busy.  The Yahoos are growing up.  They have piano, and piano academy, and scouts, and band camp, and recitals.  I had a week-long camp to attend, have new responsibilities at work, and now we are off to a family reunion.  After the family reunion, Yahoo #1 has a 50 mile stomp du Wasatch Front. It's like we go from one thing to the next and the next and the next...

Well... that's all the This and That time I have for today.  See you tomorrow?


Tia said...

I WISH see you tomorrow! Rather, let's say "See you next month!" At least.

Yet another slam-dunk post by Rabid. And the beat goes on!

Love and all that,

Tia said...

P.S. Check out our knees in the Machu photo.... same. Same same.

radracer said...

You said "concrete" and not "cement" in regards to the running roadway. Bless you for keeping that straight.

I'll have to find out more about this piano academy. Kid 2 started cello lessons in addition to piano, which leaves kid 1 with only piano. He could use some more busyness for the summer. (Not that his mother wants any more busyness.)

Jessica said...

I love these. Please keep them coming.

(my "prove you're not a robot" word is William. Ha!)

Aubrey said...

Tinker time!! I am so happy for you, not that you are busy, and don't have tinker time, but that you get to run and are doing so well at it!!

Andrea B. said...

Amber, you are an amazing runner, friend, and mother! I do hope you get some tinker time soon!

Huw said...

I'm reading Kim after visiting Kipling's house (Batemans) on holiday a few weeks ago. No footnotes in my version but it's an entertaining read.