Friday, June 28, 2013

Even More This and That

✪  There are so many stars to choose from in this special character set of stars.  Today I'm going with the Captain America motif.  And, did you know that you can keep the special character window open? New things are learned every day.

✪  Speaking of Captain America, it lacked enough dialogue to keep me interested.

✪  The Rabid family had an impromptu movie adventure this week.  We left dinner before it was all cleaned up (think of the ants!) and hauled buns to see Now You See Me.  This one is a good, fun movie.  Not earth shattering, but completely entertaining and worth seeing again.  At the end, both Yahoos looked at me and hollered, "That was awesome!!!"

✪  Any movie with Jesse Eisenberg is a movie-friend of mine.  I love the kid.  I believe it has something to do with Zombieland.

✪  I'm going to lobby congress for a law against more zombie movies.  Yes, Brad Pitt, even yours.  The zombie movie was done and conquered in 2009.  Anything more would lead to the demise of the human population and quite possibly a real extinction.

✪  I feel like I can't get enough sleep lately.  I want naps.  I want an 8:00pm bed time.  I want to sleep until 7:00am.  While I'm awake I want to lay about doing nothing.

✪  When I lay about doing nothing, I like to watch TV.  Television is my lazy vice of choice.  The onslaughtering of on-line 'n all-the-time streaming has made this lazy vice all too convenient.  Right now (not now, but at this current TV-phase) I'm watching Grimm.  Spouse and I started some 24 a while back, but truthfully, we grew tired of Jack Bauer's heavy breathing and had to give it a rest.  Grimm, though?  It's borderline brilliant.  It's filmed in Portland, which, if you ask me, is the perfect setting.  During one episode Nick's girlfriend brought home a box of Voodoo Donuts and I got all weepy.

✪  Speaking of voodoo, one of my friends gave the ex "Jimmy" a voodoo doll.  This gift was presented shortly after our split.  I make an extra effort not to read into things, but how do you not read into that?  If you're gifting a voodoo doll during a divorce, it's pretty obvious who the voodoo doll is for.

✪  I have a girl-crush on my dentist.  She makes my teeth pretty.  She also tells some great stories while  the mouth is spread the size of Mars and eight Martian hands are doing their business.  The stories are genius as they tend to drown out the sound of that wretched drill.  That wretched drill.  It does not hurt, but the sound... it's akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.  I visited this dentist this week to have a tooth fixed.  It was a sincerely delightful experience.  When she finished, I told her that she could charge more for her stories.  This time she told the story about how one of her chickens died and she had to bury it while her spouse had asked if she "offed it."  I asked her why she didn't eat it.  She said it had something to do with the flies and whatnot that had accumulated in between the time it died and the time she found it.

✪  After this last visit, I was officially dubbed "The Tooth Brush Queen."  It's because I love this dentist, tell all my friends about this dentist and then give them a toothbrush so as to remember her name, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen!  I was still numb and number during said dubbing and couldn't smile quite right.  This led to a some serious tear-filled laughter.  I have toothbrushes.  Come see me, then go see them.

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