Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's Up?

Hi there!  What's UP?

I received an e-mail yesterday that inquired as to why the blog has gone MIA.  I about replied with an "Aren't you tired of me or something?  Aren't you totally bored by my antics?"

I get lots of me, and aside from my regularly scheduled out-of-body-happening, I rarely get a break from me. So I kind of gave up getting more of me on the internet by publishing more of me on the internet.  Figured if I was tired and bored of me you were too!

I suppose the blog could get some attention.  And I suppose I could Up My Annie on some antics.

I could start by saying I'm 40.  Yay for 40.  Forty is fabulous.  I've been 40 for 10+ months.  The other day I was taking some graduation photos of my nephew.  We were rummaging about at the football/soccer field when I walked past the 40-yard-line.  I threw my camera at my brother and hollered, "HERE!  TAKE MY PICTURE!!!"

In the which he took my picture:

 photo IMG_8128.jpg

And here's one of the nephew.  For the record, he never hollered "TAKE MY PICTURE!!!" He's not as demanding as I am.

   photo IMG_8155.jpg

He's cute, isn't he?  Sure is.  Great kid too.  My brother Upped the Annie on child raising.  

What's UP?  I say Annie's UP!  Here's to Upping Annie!  


Aubrey said...

Yay, to the person who emailed you...I definitely could use more of you! That photo of the nephew is beyond awesome.

Annie said...

I try to "up the Annie" as often as I can.

Tia said...

I fer sher have missed your blog posts. They add spice to my life and keep the doldrums at bay! Yes, 40 is great! Just wait until 50 and then you'll be hollering! :)

megan said...

dang it...now I'm really feeling guilty for lacking posts...

I'm pretty sure YOUR nephew goes to school with MY niece...Mary :) love the photo and the bug and the orange coordination!