Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tune, vol 120 – Mine Oh Mine

A Tuesday Tune has not been published here since February, 6.  That's a long time without tunes!  Figured it was time.  Today's songs are all about mining.  I have a running buddy, his name is Rad.  (Really, that's what we call him cause he is rad.)  Rad is a civil engineer who spends some time working in Elko, Nevada.

While running last week, I put two and two together and realized that Rad works with the miners, what with the gold mines there being the predominant industry.  Do people do anything else in Elko?  Not going to research that one –  aside from Cowboy Poetry and Gold Mining, I'm not all that concerned with what goes on in Elko.  What I am concerned about, however, is that I don't have a Mining playlist.  Well... I didn't until now...

Dear engineering Rad, this one's for you!

Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn
Copper - The Pass
Diamonds and Gold - Tom Waits
Black Lung - Hazel Dickens
Canary in a Coal Mine - The Police
Working In The Coal Mine - Devo
Silver And Gold - U2
Coal War - Joshua James

Silvertown Blues - Mark Knopfler
Silver (Tidal Wave) - Echo & The Bunnymen
Silver-N-Gold Rusted Root
Gold Rush Brides - 10,000 Maniacs
Gold Mine - Breanne Düren

Golddigger - Supreme Beings of Leisure
County Miner Hazel Dickens
Coal Black Mining Blues - Nimrod Workman
Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac
Miner's Refrain - Gillian Welch
Coal Miner's Grave - Hazel Dickens
Gold Mine Gutted - Bright Eyes Clay
Coal Tattoo - Hazel Dickens
Come All You Coal Miners - Sarah Gunning
Cruel Willie - Connie & Babe featuring Red Roberts
Dark As a Dungeon - Merle Travis
Death of Harry Simms - Jim Garland (link is performed by Ewan Rodgers)
Miner's Prayer Dwight Yoakam
Dream of a Miner's Child - Phyllis Boyens
Hard Working Miner - Sarah Gunning
Last Train from Poor Valley - Norman Blake
Lawrence Jones - Phyllis Boyens
The Mannington Mine Disaster - Hazel Dickens
One Morning In May - J.P. Fraley
And Am I Born to Die? - Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton
Shut Up In the Mines of Coal Creek - The Old Home String Band
Panning For Gold - Ben Sollee
They'll Never Keep Us Down - Hazel Dickens
Trouble Among the Yearlings - Country Cooking
Which Side Are You On? - Florence Reece
Yablonski Murder - Hazel Dickens
Blue Diamond Mines - The Johnson Mountain Boys
Miner - The Seeds

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dumas Faux Pas

Pronounced:  [doo-mah foh pah]

Here I stand, corrected.  (All shamed-up and humilified!)

It all began in a hotel in New York City.  Popular culture suggests that most things begin within the confines of an NYC hotel room, so, naturally, one would think that I too would have a story to tell, which begins within the confines of an NYC hotel room.

Megan, Jessica, and I were chatting.  Eventually, our chats lead to a lengthy discussion of books, and what books should be on our own "must read" list.  There was plenty of agreeing, some disagreeing, and a whole bunch of "I never read that one!" from me.  (I ain't all that well-read.)  We also googled a fair amount of lists to compare the selections of others to our own picks.  It was quite a conversion.

I took notes.  I plan to knock off some of those books so as to become as well-read as Megan and Jessica.

One of the books on this list was Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  I started that one last week.  Whenever I start a book, it's customary for me to read the intro and author biography.  Orientation is critical.  While reading the author biography on Mr. Verne, I was taken unawares and shouted a "no way!" at the following excerpt:

"Through family connections, he entered Parisian literary circles and met many of the distinguished writers of the day.  Inspired in particular by novelists Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (father and son), Verne began writing his own works."

Now.  I read that and shouted a "no way!" because, to me, listing "Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (father and son)" means that Victor and Alexandre are father and son.  Does it not?  I was so excited to spread this news that I told everyone.  And then I posted it here, and Arizona Megan called her entire family and told them.

Well, the reference to father and son doesn't mean Vicky and Alex are father and son.  No, it doesn't.  This particular "father and son" references Alexandre Dumas I, and Alexandre Dumas II.  Turns out that Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo, Three Musketeers) had a son with the same name, who wrote stories Faux his Pas and Faux others.

So here I am, standing corrected.  (All shamed-up and humilified.)

Here's where I got into trouble:  It was in print!  And in a Barnes 'n Noble classics print, no less!  It must be correct and true!  And I must have read it and interpreted it correctly because I'm smart 'n stuff! Right....?  Right...?

I'm a sucker for anything in print.  I'll believe anything in print.  Printed stuff has editors and publishers to keep it all solid, right?  If I had read that somewhere on the internet, I would have checked twelve sources before believing.  And, most certainly, I would have checked two more sources before leading you all astray.

Please accept my apologizes.

(For the record... Spouse read the bio, made the same inference, and he's smarter than I am.  So there.  Spouse also gets credit for the title.)

Friday, May 10, 2013

What I've Learned...

Don't be fooled by today's title.  This post is not an unctuous slosh of deep thoughts.  Not at all.  I know that most of you have a limited allotment of eyeball rolls, and those eyeball rolls must be partitioned as you see fit.  I'd hate for you to use up this precious cache of eyeball rolls here.

Mostly this post is about what I've learned within the last couple of days.  I've kept notes.  Each time I discovered or learned something new, I wrote it down.  You should try it some time.  You'd be amazed (yes, amazed!) at the amount of new information that gets added to your brain each day.

During the last day or two, I have learned that...

... If you have crazy friends you have everything.  Winder taught me this.  She would know, what with her being the craziest of the crazy, and befriended the craziester.

... Mushrooms, caramelized onions, feta, and a balsamic reduction are extraordinary on flatbread.  A little joint here in town serves this.  They call themselves Blue Lemon.  They also have a terrific butternut squash soup that serves as both appetizer and dessert.  This I did not learn today, I just thought it share-worthy.

... "Why" and "How" are not important 99% of the time.  Sometimes you just have to call it an "is what it is" and shut up.  These ruminating How's and Why's often give birth to worthless conjecture and gossip.

... Home Depot is the one place that can motivate and discourage me – at the same time.  I don't really like that place much.  Something I have just learned.

... Josh Wright is the most accomplished person I know, yet he's also the most humble.  How on earth did that happen?  Is this one of those times where I shouldn't ask How or Why?  Prolly is.  I should just sit back and enjoy the dear punk and his humble accomplishments.  Speaking of which, he has a new album.  You can download it by going here.  

... Computers should be baptized every year.  Just dunk 'em and start over.  You'd be surprised how clean and fresh one feels after having one's computer baptized.  You might also be surprised at the polar reception induced by this "baptize the computer" phrase.  Some think you're funny.  Others most definitely do not.

... I have food issues with other people's food issues.  So bad are my food issues with people's food issues that I think it's time to see a therapist.  I nearly bite my tongue clean through each and every time someone spends more than 90 seconds explaining their food limitation or new diet or intolerance.  It's perfectly all right to politely decline and state your food limitation without imploring the tabloids or the ward newsletter. For reals. Maybe a simple "no, but thank you" would suffice.

In my (not humble) opinion, Food Issues have become a heavy-hitter in the game called Give Me Attention and Now!  So you're not eating green olives right now...  who cares?!  So you don't eat cabbage.  Big deal!  It's soooo not interesting.  And you say "studies show" that eating copious amounts of (insert current 'n popular bad-guy food here) will zap you of all energy and make one leg longer than the other?  Yawn.  See?  I have food issues with other people's food issues. I need therapy.  No one should be this intolerant over someone else's intolerances.

... Shallow attributes tend to run very deep in shallow people.  Shallowness runs so deep!  Try that irony on for size.  Need an example?  Note how deeply I get annoyed at my shallow tolerance for other people's food issues.

... I'm a mother of boys.  Which means I will have a house full of boys.  Which also means that my house will smell and look like a house full of boys.  Which means I need to be comfy with a messy 'n stinky house full of boys.  I'll work on that now by not cleaning the black smudges that grace each doorway and light switch.  Sorry guests.  That's just how it's going to be.  I'd pick a house full of smelly 'n stinky boys over a clean house any day of the week.

... I'm funny.  Spouse and I were in the car, traveling to our lunch date.  I was wearing a skirt.  Vera, was all grubby from yard work.  She inquired, "Are you going somewhere?  Or are you just cute today?"  I replied with, "I'm cute everyday."  Then we both laughed.

... Sonic has half-price shakes after 8:00pm and half price drinks from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

... I am deadline driven.  I don't feel the need to do anything unless there's a deadline attached.  Therefore, if you ask me for something, you better give me a deadline.  Else you'll never get that something.  Spouse, take note of this. For the next time you ask for a little something.

... Victor Hugo begat Alexendre Dumas.  This means that the author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame begat the author of The Three Musketeers.  Crazy, right?  I wonder why Alexandre chose Dumas as a last name instead of Hugo.  Or why he didn't call himself Alexendre Hugo Dumas?  Prolly because all the kids at writing club would call him a Huge Dumass.

***Update, as of May 13 2013... I've since learned the error of my ways and have confessed my mistake.  You can read all about my Dumas Faux Pas by going here.  

Thursday, May 09, 2013


From the archives... I wrote this some time in February and didn't publish it.  For some reason.

I am completely and suffocatingly buried in responsibility.  The only thing I can think of doing is the grand ol' R-U-N-N-O-F-T.  Exempt* I have no energy for running oft; thoughts of staying in bed are percolating.  My job is such that I have a 10 second commute in the morning.  As in: wake up, rollover, pick up the laptop, login it.  Commute over.

I could rightfully (and ethically) stay in bed all day and work.

Perhaps I should get out of bed.  Yahoo #1 has asked that I come sing to him.  How can one turn down such a proposition?  I cannot.  No one ever asks me to sing to them... I wonder if I get to choose what I sing?  If I get to choose, I think I'll choose I'll Melt With You by Modern English.  Mostly because I want a fancy grilled cheese sandwich.  I'd stop the world for a melty grill cheese right now.

End non published post.

*Note the use of "exempt" instead of "except".  That right there is funny.  Exempt is a tax term, in the which my Freudian something-er-other slipped it out instead of except! Har har.

In other news, I'm here to report that on Saturday, May the Fourth, the Fourth was with me.  It thure wath.  I ran 20 mileth!  Twenty thlow and thloppy big oneth.  I was tho thrilled I cried real tearths.  I knew not whether I'd thee thith day ever again.  True thtory.  To thelebrate, I thall run the Utah Valley Marathon on June 8.  Thweet, yeth?  Yeth!

Dearly beloved, I dare thay... the Runner in Rabid ith back!

In other, other newth, I dithcovered five (5!) core thkills for life.  They are too good not to thare.
  1. Curiothity
  2. Creativity
  3. Rethilienth
  4. Patienth
  5. Thelf-Relianth
Tho go out there and be curioth, creative, rethilent, patient, and do it all by your thelf!  And may the fourth be with you all year long!  Not just on the fourth!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's Up?

Hi there!  What's UP?

I received an e-mail yesterday that inquired as to why the blog has gone MIA.  I about replied with an "Aren't you tired of me or something?  Aren't you totally bored by my antics?"

I get lots of me, and aside from my regularly scheduled out-of-body-happening, I rarely get a break from me. So I kind of gave up getting more of me on the internet by publishing more of me on the internet.  Figured if I was tired and bored of me you were too!

I suppose the blog could get some attention.  And I suppose I could Up My Annie on some antics.

I could start by saying I'm 40.  Yay for 40.  Forty is fabulous.  I've been 40 for 10+ months.  The other day I was taking some graduation photos of my nephew.  We were rummaging about at the football/soccer field when I walked past the 40-yard-line.  I threw my camera at my brother and hollered, "HERE!  TAKE MY PICTURE!!!"

In the which he took my picture:

 photo IMG_8128.jpg

And here's one of the nephew.  For the record, he never hollered "TAKE MY PICTURE!!!" He's not as demanding as I am.

   photo IMG_8155.jpg

He's cute, isn't he?  Sure is.  Great kid too.  My brother Upped the Annie on child raising.  

What's UP?  I say Annie's UP!  Here's to Upping Annie!