Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Stock From Which I Am Cut

I don't make sense to most folks.  Some find me odd, others find me immature, while yet others find me just plain annoying.  They just look at me sideways as it to say, "What planet are you from?"

I tell them that I come from Planet Mikey.  And then when they finally (get to!) meet this Mikey, every last bit of my personality make sense.... Oh!  That's why you like to tell stories... and wear things out 'til they die... and laugh at things you shouldn't ... and make fun of any and everything... and never finish a sentence... and burst out in song... and roll your eyeballs... and... watch Wimbeldon.

The list goes on.

My dad is awesome.  He stacks his actions and thoughts against his solid-as-steel principles, and is the most honest person I know.  Mikey, a self-proclaimed "Farm Boy From Orem" knows how to work and does so with vigor.  He's a true survivalist, possibly among the last civilized few who can survive in the wilderness if needed.  He is witty, creative, enthusiastic, and loads of fun to be around.

My dad is awesome.

Nestled deep within Mikey's rough 'n surviving exterior, is a sensitive and thoughtful core.  And nestled beneath that sensitive and thoughtful core is a cachet of gifts: the guy knows how to buy presents.  I have received everything from NSPS bike jerseys to the complete collection of Estee Lauder perfume. Face cream, hand cream, boots, mascara, beach towels, the soda stream, makeup, a donut maker, and "it" jackets for my boys – we've received them all.

Each gift surprises and is perfect.

Of all the gifts I've received from this Mikey, one stands out.  A few years ago, at Christmas time, Mikey gave my sister and I a Cricket paper cutting device.  He completed this pesent with many fancy cartridges that feature a myriad of fonts and shapes.  It was indeed a big surprise.  The sister and I inquired...

What the...?!  Where on earth did this come from?

Turns out Mikey fell asleep on the couch one night and woke to the Cricket's 2:00am infomercial.  He sat through this informercial's entire viewing and thought, "I'll bet my girls would enjoy one of those!"

(He really does think with exclamation points, just in case you're curious.)

He was right.  His girls have enjoyed that Cricket.  We cut out shapes, letters and designs for science projects and birthdays, we cut Valentines for school – you name it, we've cut it.  The sis and I have turned into pure cut-ups.

One particular use for this Cricket is directly related to Mikey.  We have this photo of Mikey in the front entry.  It's a terrific picture and one I adore – oh how I adore this picture.  There's one problem with this photo, however, and that is he's flipping the bird.

The neighbor kids don't necessarily appreciate this bird-flipping so we've used this Cricket to adorn Mikey's bird for the holidays:

 photo photo-95.jpg

And here's what the bird looked like for Halloween:

 photo photo-94.jpg


zim said...

I like Mike!

zim said...

The youngest calls that the swearing finger.

megan said...

Honestly...I think this is one for the record books. Seriously one of my favorite posts to date. (I can not stop laughing at the 2 a.m. wake-up-to-the-cricket- infomercial - line).

Ryan said...

I see a calendar in the making