Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rupee Repulsion

Last night I didn't sleep well.  I was thrashing about in a feverish fit of terror.  It was a frightful nightmare – one in which I had been asked to prepare a tax return in rupees.  No!  I cried.  There isn't room on the US tax return for rupees!  And woke up in a pool of sweat.

(But not because of the nightmare.  Mostly it's because I'm 40 now and The Change is eminent.)

It's true.  There isn't enough room on the US Tax Return for cents beyond the decimal let alone the space required for rupees.  For example, lets say your wages are $50,000.  Guess how many rupees that is?  At the current exchange rate (2/24/13 @ 9:00pm), that's $2,712,497.02 rupees.  And if you're lucky enough to sport a million this year?  $54,249,940.33 big 'uns.  Do you see my horror now?

Rupee tax returns would present all sorts of PDF placement panic!

I need a life.  Tonight we went to a music recital.  While listening to a Dvořák Slavonic something-er-other (for two violins and piano), I reached up to fancy the bun upon my head, only to discover that THERE WAS A FREAKING PENCIL IN IT.

What a geek.  What a nightmarin', sweat-poolin', pencil-in-the bunin' geek.

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