Monday, January 28, 2013

Cut and Shave Off

This week is ripening. It shall be a doozy.  The Boss said yesterday that we will "need to throw everything we have at it to keep up."  Currently I don't throw everything I have at my job, so I'm sitting on my duff discussing out-loud, via keyboard 'n blogger, what and which I can cut or shave off, to release extra minutes for thowing.

What to cut... hmm.... how 'bout I just don't cut and don't shave off?  Sounds good to me.  Here are ten things I won't cut or shave off this week:
  1. My hair.  Canceled an appointment.
  2. My legs. Threw away the razor.
  3. The armpits.  Out of waxing strips anyways.
  4. The mustache.  Staches are in now. 
  5. The chin hairs.  Bonus! Stroking those things helps me think.
  6. My toe hairs.  It's boot not sandal season.  Duh.
  7. Two other parts.  Blush.
  8. The eyebrows.  Hello Brooke!
  9. Both arms.  Yeah, I shave those too.
  10. My ring finger.  Let the ring do the removing for a change.  Lazy fart is worthless!
Wow.  Look at all that cutting and shaving off.  It's a miracle I get anything done.  This week will be a nice break.  Trouble is, however, that come Monday, I will look like this:




Aubrey said...

You are so funny! I just laughed so hard.

Winder said...

Are you trying to make me pee my pants? Quit being so hil"hair"ious.