Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today's ditty is all about the Number 13.

Oh goody! I hear you say.  I love numbers!  I wish you'd do a number ditty every day! Wherein I'd say, Hells yeah. Numbers are significant enough that I could do a ditty on a number each and every day, up until infinity or death, whichever comes first.

(For the record, I'm praying for death before infinity.)

Thirteen – which can be written in numerical form unless it starts a sentence – is the natural occurring number that presents it's bad self after 12 and before 14.  This, the Number 13, is loaded with folklore.  Experts at Wikipedia say it is "due to the cultures employing lunar-solar calendars [because] there are approximately 12.41 lunations per solar year, and hence 12 'true months' plus a smaller, and often portentous, thirteenth month."

Long story short: 13 is significant because the lunar rotation of planet earth suggests that there is an impending 13th month each (and every!) year.  Isn't that terrifically interesting, entertaining, and informative?  It is! Don't go anywhere, I'm just getting started.  Oh am I just getting started...

(By the way, you can get all this crap from Wikipedia, so if you'd rather read it there, knock yourself out.)

  • Thirteen is the 8th number in the Fibonacci sequence. Which, to me, will always represent the classic knapsack problem, even though it doesn't really represent the classic knapsack problem.  In my world, all math is a classic knapsack problem.
  • Thirteen to the 13th is 302875106592253.
  • Jewish boys and girls reach maturity at 13.  They celebrate with a Bar Mitzvah, and hope that Adam Sandler will be there to entertain with cheesy wedding-singer songs.
  • While we're on the subject , lets say Wow! That's cool! to the fact that the Jewish faith has 13 principles, and God has 13 Attributes of Mercy.
  • Many religious organization, including Islam and Christianity, have 1 Messiah or Prophet or Leader and 12 followers or disciples.  Twelve 'n one make 13.
  • A coven is formed by 13 witches.  Traditionally, that is.  Those fancy-pants, new-age witches prolly have deviated from the tradition. 
  • When a Pentagram has a circle ratio of 13, each arm of the star is 12.36; same as the number of lunar months (above), and – wait for it – the arms of each star, five in all, is the same number of full moons in five years.  No way, right?  Way.
  • The American Flag has 13 stripes, to represent the 13 original colonies.
  • The Number 13 has unlucky affiliations.  For example, a hangman's noose is made of 13 turns; Jesus Christ had 13 at his last supper (some of us feel this is lucky); a Friday, on the 13th day of the month, is considered unlucky; and all of this is because some dude named Charles Stewart Parnell had an "irrational fear" of "1" and "3" side-by-side.  As an aside, Parnell was a Irish Politician.  Add that to the silly do-it-green tradition of March 17, and you have another reason to be pissed at the Irish.  Grin.
  • Thirteen can be lucky and is a highly sought-after number for professional athletes.  Athletic greats include Babe Ruth, Dan Marino, Wilt Chamberlain (who slept with prolly 13,000), Shaquille O'Neal, and many more.  Also, 13 is the most registered number among Roller Derby divas.
  • NASA space ship Apollo 13 is both lucky and unlucky.  Considered a "successful failure,"  this space mission never made it to the moon for a walk, but landed safely after some technical difficulties.
  • The current year is 2013.  Just thought I'd remind you, in case you forgot and would thereby miss the significance of the grand finale.
And finally....

Thirteen is the number of years for which Spouse and Rabid have been married.

Happy Anniversary to us.  Today!  



(Speaking of lucky...13 times?  Nah.)


Aubrey said...

WOOHOO!!! I am so in awe at you both. Always. You are both such a great example. LOVE YOU BOTH! XOXOXO

Tia said...

Gobs, you two have not changed a bit in the last 13 years! I love the number 13 too! In fact, the number 3 is my favorite number, either solo or paired with another number of its (or my) choice. Yep. I think that's why I like half marathons so much is because of their.....length.

And don't even think about getting lucky 13 times to celebrate. Stop at 3 and save some energy for half marathon training. Be well!

megan said...

man I love the photos...both of them...
Congratulations - and I'm pretty sure we had the same wedding day hairdo.

On a sidenote I'd like to recant my naysaying of the Dickens novel...I'm 50% into it and think I may have finally acheived a decent knowledge base of the characters - thus allowing me to follow the story.

rabidrunner said...

Megan, you like my blurry phone photos? The quick and convenient has replaced some of my zest for the crystal clear. I need to change that.

I also meant to tell you, that perhaps a little French Revolution Recap might be in order for the understanding of this Tale of Two Cities. Google "French Revolution Timeline" for a birds-eye view of that mob-run fiasco. I did that towards the beginning of the book and it has helped me understand more of the politically-charged nuances.

Oh, and that wedding hairdo? I cannot believe how I gushed over it. Gushed, I say. As in, nearly cried at how beeeee-uuutiful it was. On the other hand, I was rather proud that my dress was different than most and had more of a "timeless" feel to it. Thirteen years later, I'd choose the same dress... true story.

rabidrunner said...

Tia, just for you we made it 3 and were thinking of you the whole time... wink, wink. TMI? Not at all, it's TIA!