Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Up and Down, Down Disguised as Up - Tuesday Tune, vol 122

As of late, Yahoo #2 has taken a keen interest in my happiness.  He's become a walking, talking, grinning, singing, happiness thermometer.  If the boy has any question as to whether you are happy or sad, he'll ask.  None of this guessing stuff.  He'll smile at you, even with his eyes, and say, "Are you happy?"

I generally pause to reflect on my current mood and answer accordingly.  If I'm not feeling great, that little question has been known to turn my frown into a smiley face.  For a whole day, even.

Over the last week, Yahoo #2 has asked me this question more often.  It makes sense, as he is on Christmas break and has spent more time with me.  I didn't really think much of it until yesterday.  Yesterday, that sweet, stinky-footed Yahoo asked me if I was happy a record number of times.  I think he had asked me five times by the time noon rolled around.

After about ten times of this "Are you happy?" question, I inquired as to why he's asking bout happy so much.  Do you know what he said?  This is what he said:

"You seem sad all the time."

All the time.  ALL. The. Time.  All the freaking time!  That ain't good. If I don't do something – and quick – the kid will remember me as being sad.  Twenty years from now he'll look back and say, "Yeah, my mom made me lunch, and did my laundry, and wiped my toosh, and pretty much waited on me for years, but, you know what?  She was sad all the time." 

What's he going to remember?  That his mom was sad all the time. Poor kid has a sad, despondent, dismal, mournful, pessimistic, wistful, cheerless, fruitless, pitiable, distressed, doleful, forlorn, gloomy, heartsick, morose, languished, pensive, lugubrious and woeful mom.  (But at least he has a sad mom who knows how to use a thesaurusWink, wink.)

As an aside, when I searched for the sad synonms, Thesaurus.com provided me with a handy link to a Utah Therapist.  Bless the internet for knowing I'm sad all the time!  The therapist it recommends is in Ogden – which is an hour and a half away.  That internet needs to hone in on it's location services if it wants to save moms from being sad all the time.

What to do... what to do...

As I see it I have to two options.  They are: 1) fake it, or 2) quit being sad all the time.  These options seem all fine and good until it comes to the execution of said options.   I think that for the good of the whole fam damily, I should make option #2 my choice.  That way Yahoo #2 will cease the collapse of a ravaged childhood, brought upon his poor soul by a sad mom.

So execution.  You know what I love about having a Mac?  That there are not more .exe files.  I quite like that.  I mean, execute is a strong word.  I don't want anything being executed on my computer. 

(That was an intermission.  Used so as to propagate an execution to aid in operation: save sad mom.)

As always, music is master, and the only hope for this sad mom is to listen to some happy music.  And it's Tuesday.  Remember when I used to do a playlist on Tuesday?  I think I'll do that today.  I'll find ten happy songs, to listen to when I'm sad, and ten sad songs – songs to avoid at all costs when sad.  And maybe there are some real downer songs that are disguised as uppers.  I'll share those too.

Here's the happy, pick-me-uppers:

Come On Get Happy - The Partridge Family
I Can Help - Billy Swan
Stickshifts And Safetybelts - Cake
You're a Fool (feat. G. Love) - Cisco Adler
Wake Up Baby! - Dan Zanes & Shine
If You Wanna Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life  - The Skatalites
Wild One - Those Darlins
Whip It - Devo
Pick Yourself Up - Dianne Reeves
Sing Our Own Song - UB40
Forever Young - Bob Dylan
Don't Stop (Color On the Walls)  - Foster the People
Options - Gomez
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing - John Legend
Work It Out  - Jurassic 5 Feat. Dave Matthews Band
Saturday Morning - Eels

Downer songs to avoid, at all costs, no matter how hard you think you need a good cry:

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Love For A Child - Jason Mraz
Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
Guess I'm Doing Fine - Beck
All I Could Do Is Cry - Etta James
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Beth - Kiss
The Saddest Song I've Got - Annie Lennox
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out  - The Smiths
Something Vague - Bright Eyes
No One Knows I'm Gone - Tom Waits
The Funeral - Band of Horses
Doin' the Math - Loudon Wainwright III
Lost Cause - Beck
Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy
Tears - Rush

Songs that appear to be pick-me-up, go-get-ums, but are tear-jerking downers in disguise:

See The Sun - Dido
Life Is Wonderful - Jason Mraz
I Can See Clearly - Johnny Nash
Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
Somebody Loves You - Eels
Touching The Ground - Brandi Carlile
Soul One - Blind Melon
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want  - The Smiths
My Life Is Totally Boring Without You - Cracker
Top of the World - Carpenters
Life Ain't So Shitty - Blind Melon
California Dreamin' - Carpenters
You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
Will the Circle Be Unbroken  - Mavis Staples

There are so many that fit into each category.  It was rather hard to choose.  What are your favorite Up and Down, Down Disguised as Up songs?

Oh.  And Happy New Year.

Monday, December 30, 2013


You know what has turned out to be the invention to trump all inventions?  Mascara.  I'm not kidding.  My day would have been a total loss had it not been for the mascara.  I had a weeks-worth of stuff to do on this very day.  Was feeling overwhelmed.  Took one look in the mirror and let out a jump 'n shriek.  I looked like iguana crap!   It seemed I couldn't begin, let alone continue.  But I had to begin.  And I had to continue.  Because that's what we do, don't we?  We begin and continue, then begin and continue again?

(We being me and you in our various person "roles."  We – you and me – are downright awesome because we give it a go even when we don't want to.  Holla!)

It was after the shriek and jump that I decided that maybe today would be a good day for some makeup.  So I retrieved the makeup sack – adorned in gold lamé – fished out the Estée Lauder Double Wear – also adorned in gold lamé – then commenced the ritual du mascara, which is begin-and-continue with the help of a magic eyelash wand.  Begin.  Continue.  Begin. Continue.  I repeated this ritual until my peepers looked just like Tammy Faye's.

My day was saved!

hashtag firstworldproblems

***Today's post is brought to you by, and dedicated to, the one and only Blake Murray, of whom I've not seen since high school.  Blake sent me an e-mail asking about this here blog.  I read that e-mail and said out loud, "I haven't a thing to write about!"  Then mascara saved the day and I had something to write about.  So I guess mascara saved the blog too.

(Sorry Blake!  It's all I got!)

Friday, October 04, 2013

More October This 'n That

I'm in the mood to type up some stuff.  Yet here I sit, all ready, with nothing noteworthy to type.  I've  paid extra attention to my thoughts these last few days.  In the past, I'd pay attention to my thoughts and find myself thinking of various topics.  If I was patient they'd all come together somehow, but lately my thoughts aren't saying much.  Mostly they mull about among my revolving to-do list.  That should prolly change.  There are lots of things that I could mention, yet they are mundane at best and warrant nothing more than a paragraph.  So for that, we get More October This 'n That!

Special Characters.  Whenever I insert one of these fancy stars, I select Edit → Special Characters, which reminds that I am a Special Character.  This makes me smile.  You're a Special Character too.

More Special Characters.  We need more Special Characters.  I feel the options aren't on par with the way the world is heading.  I mean, I want food symbols and stuff, just like the iPhone.

★ Favorite Quote.  Recently, Josh Wright posted some commentary on the topic of comparison.  It was a comparison commentary.  It was quite good.  You should check it out.  (Or, rather, it would be worth your while to check it out.  Who am I to tell you what you should be doing?)  As was I was reading it, I was reminded of one of my very (very!) favorite quotes:  "Comparison is the thief of joy." ~Teddy Roosevelt.  It's true.  Comparison robs!  It plunders!  It marauds!  It vandalizes!  It wrecks!  It rapes!  It devours!  It pillages!  It devours and devastates and denudes and deprives!  Comparison is a pirate!  Aaaaarg.  (You could always do as Teddy did and call comparison a thief but then you're switching to a noun when sometimes you need a verb – hence the Thesaurus exercise.)

Thesaurus Exercise.  Everyone needs consistent thesaurus exercise to brush up on the ol' vocab, so as to expand, renew, spruce-up and stimulate.  Add that to your daily list, kay?  Because I'm sure you have nothing better to do.  As, I too, have nothing better to do.  Some of my Thesaurus exercise comes in the form what I call Thesaurus Trees.  Here's how it works:  Go to Thesaurus.com or some other terminology tool tank for talking.  Enter a word, any word, and search.  Now here's where it gets fun.  Just keep clinking on synonyms and see where it takes you.  Try it!  It's fun.  It's like time travel only more realistic.  To make this word-time-travel even more real, say the words out loud.

★ Today's Thesaurus Tree.  To illustrate this vernacular voyage, let's try one, right now, this very minute.  Let's choose a word like... miscellaneous.  I looked up at my Special Character window and noticed one of the characters sets (albeit limited, see above) is titled miscellaneous.  Let's see where this tree leads us.  Here we go:

miscellaneous → multifarious → motley → sundry → jarring → cacophonous → obstreperous → intractable → obdurate → hard-boiled → bawdy → prurient → libidinous → gadabout → perambulant → transient.  

See?  Wasn't that fun? We went from misc, to hard-boiled with breakfast, then over to homeless. Not unlike some of our own family trees, is it..... bwah hah hah...  insert Twilight Zone theme here.

Exercise.  It's time I get some.  Later!  Happy Friday!  And best of luck to any all who plan to run the St. George tomorrow!  Make sure you bring in some sort of Personal Record

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October This 'n That

Uh.... I'm speechless.  Dunno where to begin this October This 'n That.  I suppose I'll start by inserting a star?  Okay, we'll start there.

★ Here's a star.  Yay.

★Speaking of stars, today is my Grandpa Plum's birthday.  He was a star.  I miss him.  We used to have some great conversations.  And his laugh?  Contagious.  He was an "old coot" who'd rise "before the crow pees," get "shined up" in his finest duds, then style his finely manicured coif with a dollop of "axel grease."  Plum rarely referred to things traditionally.  A woman's purse was a "war bag," rocks were referred to as "river biscuits," you packed all of your "galooley" instead of belongings, and a cemetery was a "marble orchard."  He's resting in a Marble Orchard down south.

★Speaking of Plum, if he were alive today, he'd tell me not to get my "tit in a ringer" over missing the St. George Marathon this weekend.  He would.  He might also say "you troll about like a fart in a hot skillet anyway, so maybe a little time off will do you good."

★Speaking of the St. George Marathon.  Yeah.  Not going.  I'm injured.  Dang.  I purposely kept things low-key this year with minimal speed work and mileage. Yet, alas, it did not work.  The message here?  Go for it.  If you're gonna get injured you're gonna get injured.  The bummer of all bummers is that this would be St. George number ten.  Boo.  I had my sad day (Monday) and yesterday was my depressed day, so this day gets to be my angry day.  I guess tomorrow means I move on.

★Speaking of move on, what, pray tell, am I to move on to?

★Music always helps.  I could get some new music.  While preparing a paylist I purchased an album from AWOLNATION called Megalithic Symphony.  It's quite good.  It gets better with each listen.  I downloaded other tunes at random but this was the only full album.

★Speaking of albums, what are your favorites?  Do you have an album that you listen to frequently?  Now that we no longer insert CDs, listening to an album start to finish doesn't happen much.  Some of my favorite albums are... let me see...

  • Poe - Haunted
  • Joshua James - The Sun Is Always Brighter
  • Muse - Resistance
  • The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
  • John Denver - The Essential John Denver (don't laugh, okay laugh)
  • Jack White - Blunderbuss
  • Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic
  • Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Rome
  • Led Zeppelin - IV
  • Sarah McLachlan - Laws of Illusion
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
  • Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
  • Zero 7 - Simple Things
  • Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
  • Josh Wright - Josh Wright
  • U2 - The Joshua Tree
  • Metallica - ...And Justice For All
  • Lady Gaga - Born This Way
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside
  • The Doors - Strange Days
  • Queen - A Night at the Opera
  • Johnny Cash - American IV: Man Comes Around
  • Soundtrack from True Blood
  • Beck - Sea Changes
  • John Mayer - Battle Studies
  • Ween - Chocolate and Cheese
  • The Cars - Candy O
  • The Beatles - Love
  • Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide
  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
  • The Pixies - Doolittle
  • Morcheeba - The Antidote
  • Morcheeba - Dive Deep
  • Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion
  • Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadelphia
  • Madonna - Something to Remember
  • George Michael - Twenty Five
  • Flight of the Concords - Flight of the Concords
  • El Ten Eleven - El Ten Eleven
  • Duran Duran - Decade
  • Dido - Life for Rent
  • Brandi Carlile - The Story
  • Chris Isaak - Heart Shaped World
That's the list today.  It's subject to change tomorrow or even in five minutes.  I'm kind of moody lately.  What would you add?  Or even take away?  We are talking albums here, where you dig the whole thing, not just a song or two. 

Til next time, adieu.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Tragedies

Two bad things are happening lately.  I dare say they are tragedies – two tragedies.  They are:
  1. I'm saying "like" too much.  But, like, the world, like, says "like" too much, so, like, what else am I, like, supposed to do?
  2. My vocabulary stinks.
Something must be done.  Stat!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


If it weren't for the absence of meat, I could be a vegetarian.

I love vegetables.  All vegetables. Even the brussel sprout vegetables – now that I've figured out how to cook them.  I'll take a salad every day, one with peppers and tomato, broccoli and beets.  Radishes?  Oh yes.  Beets?  Of course.  I can eat an entire can (not pickled) and roll my eyes back in ecstasy when fresh.

Starches, fibers, sulfers, composites, goosefoots, gourdes!  There's so much to absorb!  I've been known to salivate like a lurpy labrador over a platter of grasses, beans, legumes, nightshades, and alliums.  I am anything but mellow for mallows, and basically go cockeyed over the barissca and cruciferous.  Top all that off with any sprinkling from the umbelliferous family?  Oh me.  Oh my.

I'll take my veggies raw, steamed, poached, parched, fried, blended, boiled, broiled, barbecued, and fire-pit scorched.  Carmelize 'em, creme 'em, saute 'em 'til they scald!  I don't care!  Organic, shormganic... whatever!  They all grow in dirt, don't they?  Bring them on!

I sure love veggies.  During my "should I get a tattoo?" phase, I had decided that, if I were to dapple about in the ink, I'd have two full sleeves, each dressed up in a herbacious display of  produce.  Sure would be purdy.  Purdy, purdy, purdy.

But then there's this meat thing.  I love meat too.  I love it so much it keeps me from going vedge.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Boat! - Tuesday Tune, vol 121

At my house, Spouse has been dubbed the Chairman, President and Head Chief of the budget committee.  This is a good thing, because when it comes to money, my beloved 'n betrothed is a champ.  He's the Lance Armstrong of financial discipline.  Er... well... maybe Lance Armstrong is a bad analogy.  Let's go with... Abe Lincoln.  Yeah, that's it.  Spouse has the financial discipline and integrity of Abraham Lincoln.

Around here, Spouse makes the money rules and I follow them.  Often times, when I tell folks that Spouse makes the money rules and I follow them, these folks look at me as if I'm a spineless urchin of a thing who has no say with the money matters, who must also beg and grovel for every nickel and dime.  This is not true.  I grovel for bigger things, like tens and twentys.

Truth is, the Spouse knows what he's doing when it comes to cash.  The other truth is that I'm a wise women who can recognize awesomeness and roll with it.  That is why Spouse is Chairman, President and Head Chief of money matters around here.

Case in point: Spouse is against debt at all costs.  If you purchase a car, it must be facilitated with cold, hard-earned and surely-saved cash.  To adhere to this principal of car collecting, Spouse pays a car payment each month.  But instead of paying this car payment after-the-fact, he gets all preemptive and pays the car payment to... wait for it... himself.

After four, five or six years of paying a car payment to himself – collecting interest instead of paying it – he can then find the (somewhat) car of his dreams and slap down a hearty reckoning in ones and fives.  (Not really.  He uses a cashier's check because, like, the cash is in a bank and not under a mattress, and getting a cashier's check is heckofalot easier than counting ones and fives. Or so I'm told.)

This car payment to yourself business is genius, is it not?  It sure is.

Except for when you want a boat.

The first time Spouse and I "hung out," it was on a boat.  His boat.  He had purchased a boat.  (With cash, like you'd even need to ask.)  We went out on this boat, and shortly thereafter we went on an actual date.  After a year or two of on and off dating we were married, which means his boat was henceforth bound to me in holy matrimony until my death or the boat's bid us part.  This boat was fun.  It was a boat for wakeboarding, swimming, Lake Powelling, sun soaking, and friend frolicking.  It was a great boat.

 photo 33f63335-a396-4263-898f-605b055d2563.jpg
Here I am, on the boat and eight months preggars with Yahoo #1 and as big as Timpanogos.
We also had motorcycles but that's a story for a different day.

 photo photo-62.jpg
No Yahoo in the belly here...

 photo IMG_0250.jpg 
Yahoo #2, clearly irked that we are not in the water yet.

 photo IMG_2125.jpg
Lookie there... Rabid's got air.

 Notice the use of "was" in that there paragraph.  As in the use of "was" refers to the past tense existence of said boat.  That's right, the boat died.  It is no longer, and we have no boat.

Something happened within the last few years, and the price of boats has exponentially exceeded our means.  Boats are expensive!  Like, price of your first house expensive!  Lucky for boat sellers, banks will loan money for these boats.  The even greater news, is that you can get a 20 year loan on a boat.  Isn't that great?!  That's great if you like debt, and want to pay an overpriced amount of interest on an already overpriced boat!

No!  That is not great.  First rule, from the Chairman of the Budget Committee (Spouse), goes something like this: Don't get a loan for anything unless it's used to purchase a modest dwelling for which you plan to live.  In other words, get a loan for your house and that's it.

A while back, Spouse and I had a conversation.  It went something like this:

Rabid: "I want a boat.  I miss having a boat.  We should get a boat.  We should take the cash we have saved for my car and buy a boat."  

Spouse: "Well... I doubt we have enough saved for a boat.  Also, there's the fact that your car is sixteen years old and will need to be replaced at some point."

Rabid: "I don't need a new car."

Spouse:  "Are you sure about that?"

Rabid: "Yeah I'm sure.  I'll just get it detailed."

One does not consummate the lofty title of Chairman by being suckered into a purchase with flashy terms like "detailed."  Spouse cannot, and will not, be suckered.  For this I love him dearly.

We still have no boat, though.  That's why today's Boat substitute is a Boat Playlist.

If I Had a Boat    James Vincent McMorrow
Love Boat The South Bay Groovy System
The Lake South The Dear Hunter
Set The Sails Dan Mangan
The Boat Arrives Danny Elfman
Toyboat, Toyboat, Toyboat O-Positive
Come Sail Away Styx
Where the Boat Leaves From Zac Brown Band
Sailor The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Fire Lake   Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Be the Lake Brad Paisley
Rock The Boat Hues Corporation
The Great Salt Lake Band of Horses
Fast Boat to Sydney Johnny Cash, June Carter
Sail On Sailor The Beach Boys
Twenty Four Hours In Lake of Ice Alaska In Winter
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Op. 20 - Pas D'Action Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
The Sailor The Album Leaf
Come On Down to My Boat Every Mother's Son
Let Me Tell You About My Boat Mark Mothersbaugh
Dreamboat Annie Heart
Boat on the River Styx
The Lake and the River The Dear Hunter
Life Boat  Miranda Lee Richards
The Boat Song (We're Getting Loaded)   Ike Reilly

Did I miss any?  Please do share... boat songs will surely float my boat today.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Even More This and That

✪  There are so many stars to choose from in this special character set of stars.  Today I'm going with the Captain America motif.  And, did you know that you can keep the special character window open? New things are learned every day.

✪  Speaking of Captain America, it lacked enough dialogue to keep me interested.

✪  The Rabid family had an impromptu movie adventure this week.  We left dinner before it was all cleaned up (think of the ants!) and hauled buns to see Now You See Me.  This one is a good, fun movie.  Not earth shattering, but completely entertaining and worth seeing again.  At the end, both Yahoos looked at me and hollered, "That was awesome!!!"

✪  Any movie with Jesse Eisenberg is a movie-friend of mine.  I love the kid.  I believe it has something to do with Zombieland.

✪  I'm going to lobby congress for a law against more zombie movies.  Yes, Brad Pitt, even yours.  The zombie movie was done and conquered in 2009.  Anything more would lead to the demise of the human population and quite possibly a real extinction.

✪  I feel like I can't get enough sleep lately.  I want naps.  I want an 8:00pm bed time.  I want to sleep until 7:00am.  While I'm awake I want to lay about doing nothing.

✪  When I lay about doing nothing, I like to watch TV.  Television is my lazy vice of choice.  The onslaughtering of on-line 'n all-the-time streaming has made this lazy vice all too convenient.  Right now (not now, but at this current TV-phase) I'm watching Grimm.  Spouse and I started some 24 a while back, but truthfully, we grew tired of Jack Bauer's heavy breathing and had to give it a rest.  Grimm, though?  It's borderline brilliant.  It's filmed in Portland, which, if you ask me, is the perfect setting.  During one episode Nick's girlfriend brought home a box of Voodoo Donuts and I got all weepy.

✪  Speaking of voodoo, one of my friends gave the ex "Jimmy" a voodoo doll.  This gift was presented shortly after our split.  I make an extra effort not to read into things, but how do you not read into that?  If you're gifting a voodoo doll during a divorce, it's pretty obvious who the voodoo doll is for.

✪  I have a girl-crush on my dentist.  She makes my teeth pretty.  She also tells some great stories while  the mouth is spread the size of Mars and eight Martian hands are doing their business.  The stories are genius as they tend to drown out the sound of that wretched drill.  That wretched drill.  It does not hurt, but the sound... it's akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.  I visited this dentist this week to have a tooth fixed.  It was a sincerely delightful experience.  When she finished, I told her that she could charge more for her stories.  This time she told the story about how one of her chickens died and she had to bury it while her spouse had asked if she "offed it."  I asked her why she didn't eat it.  She said it had something to do with the flies and whatnot that had accumulated in between the time it died and the time she found it.

✪  After this last visit, I was officially dubbed "The Tooth Brush Queen."  It's because I love this dentist, tell all my friends about this dentist and then give them a toothbrush so as to remember her name, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen!  I was still numb and number during said dubbing and couldn't smile quite right.  This led to a some serious tear-filled laughter.  I have toothbrushes.  Come see me, then go see them.

 photo 8f198f09-80b6-4680-97df-9a5df2e9c6b5.jpg

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More This and That

Yesterday's This and That was a hoot!  I wanna do it again!

✭  I'm happy to report that I have officially joined the running scene again.  Three weeks ago, I ran the Utah Valley Marathon.  This Utah Valley Marathon was 26.2 miles, just in case you were wondering.  It was tough, but not too tough, yet my feet hurt for days.  FOR DAYS.  This marathon is held on a highway made of concrete.  Concrete is not forgiving at all.  My feet hurt for days.  At mile 20, my little brother's wife met me to do what the pros call "pace."  (He's not my real little brother; he's my pretend, chosen little brother, if I were able to choose a little brother.  That makes his wife my pretend, chosen, little sister-in-law, if I were able to choose a little sister-in-law.)  Words cannot express how grateful I am for her... have you ever had someone run with you for the last six miles of a marathon?  OH MY STARS.  Useful and helpful would be the understatement of the heedless.  We picked off 25 women in the last six miles.  I'm rather fond of my little sister-in-law... here we are at the finish:

 photo IMG_2965.jpg
This one is a keeper.  You should know her.

✭  When driving home, I saw this sign and shed some tears.  It was a marathon!  And I was there!  And I finished!  Honest, folks, there were some months last year where I thought I'd never run again.

 photo IMG_2976_c.jpg

✭ Oh... and did I mention that I qualified for Boston?  And took second in my age division?  True story.  A 3:27:51 got me 2nd place in Yayas aged 40-44.

✭  The night before the race, Tia came to visit.  It was her birthday.  When you spend your birthday at my house you get a party.  Even if it's just me who comes.  To prepare, I asked Tia's son Tyson if he'd provide some Tia's-favorite-things type help.  Tyson did not disappoint.  In fact, Tyson should provide a clinic on how to be a doting, loving, attentive son.  Check it out:

 photo c49b4178-cbe2-4917-83e0-24572c341a11.jpg

✭  I took a cue or two from Tyson's list, made fruit pizza, bought her a couple of Jim Carey featurettes, and took us to Machu Picchu via Photoshop:

 photo machu-picchu.jpg

 ✭  I've done some reading.  Not a lot, but some.  I read Kim by Rudyard Kipling.  The story was great,  complete with many twists and turns, surprises and unforeseen whammies.  However, I found myself getting lost in turn-of-the-century Britain-Inda politics as well as various cultural and religious anomalies.  I would recommend this book only to someone who was intrigued by Indian culture, and also liked to read lots (and lots) of footnotes (you know, to explain what the aich is going on.)  I'm rather fond of Kipling's writing.  He's goofy and fun.  I will continue with Kipling.

 photo bf382b64-35a6-4b00-ad53-a6bd43f5bcab.jpg

✭  I also read Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  This one, with it's clever dialogue and geeky old-school science fiction, never failed to delight.  Mr. Verne is French, which means the book was translated at some point.  I often wonder what happens during translation.  I wonder what is lost and what is added.  I will read more of this Jules Verne.

 photo 9781593082529.jpg

✭  This summer has been busy.  I don't do well with busy.  I like time to tinker.  I call it my tinker time.  Tinker time is where I tinker about managing odds and ends at an even, leisurely pace.  I haven't had my tinker time.

✭  Why so busy?  I'll tell you why so busy.  The Yahoos are growing up.  They have piano, and piano academy, and scouts, and band camp, and recitals.  I had a week-long camp to attend, have new responsibilities at work, and now we are off to a family reunion.  After the family reunion, Yahoo #1 has a 50 mile stomp du Wasatch Front. It's like we go from one thing to the next and the next and the next...

Well... that's all the This and That time I have for today.  See you tomorrow?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This and That

I just read another one of Megan's random happening posts.  They are terrific.  And they always have a clever title, such as Potpourri, Sweet Nothings, Fragments, and my personal favorite, What Naught.   They are collectively labeled Notes and they are my favorite to read.  They also happen to be fun to write.  I have a bunch to report, so I figured I'd follow her lead... imitation is the best flattery, right?

✶ Facebook, with it's users and their incessant need to "set the world straight" has taught me that the world needs all kinds of people.  Yes, all kinds, and especially the kinds that bug.

✶ I say "Oh My Stars" often.  Very often.  Too often.  It's my OMG.  When it comes to written communication, I prefer real words, not acronyms, and I really (really!) like punctuation.  Therefore, you won't find me texting you an OMS any time soon.

✶ Note that I've used stars for bullets.

✶ Also note that I'm not all that great at punctuation.  But I'm learning, right?

✶ Speaking of Megan, she has a wasband now.  As in a husband that was.  That was a bad year.  Bad, bad, BAD year.  Divorce sucks.  She's better for the wear now, but geez, that was a bad year.

✶ Jessica (often referred to as Internet Jessica, but not by me, because she's really my only Jessica) had a baby.  On Groundhog Day.  How many of us moms have referred to mother-hood as a never-ending episode of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day?  There's some irony in that Jessica birthing a boy on Groundhog Day.

✶ Yahoo #1 is 12 now.  TWELVE!  I want him to stay 12.  I have found that I have said this since he was seven.  I think this means I'm enjoying him, yes?  He enters the Junior High machine in August.

✶ I ran the Wasatch Back Relay this weekend.  (Runner 5, in case you're interested and you can read other reports of this silly Wasatch Back by going here.) I was invited by a team of delightful girls, of whom I've  watched for years and have yearned for fellowship.  "I want to run on that team!"  were my thoughts of old.  "I hope some day they invite me!"  I'm here to say that I have been invited.  We came, we conquered third place in Women's Submasters, and Rabid would not shut up the entire time.  I'm having serious night-after regrets over this one.  I'm sure they grew tired of me and were happy to drop me on the curb, never to return.  I can hear it now, "Someone, please, PLEASE!  SHUT HER UP!"  Here we are at the finish:

 photo 1017171_10201394481288825_2121678759_n.jpg

✶ In defense of my 29-hour yak-fest, I need to mention that I have lots of stories running about right now.  Good, juicy, NO-Freaking-WAY! stories.  The stories that would be out-of-this-world spectacular for future reference, and/or entertainment.  Due to privacy issues – the privacy of others, that is – I must keep them from public viewing.  A while back, I read a post that violated every privacy rule there is, HIPAA, Scout's Honor, cross-my-heart, you name it.  Since, I've thought long and hard about others' privacy.  Therefore, if you want my stories, you'll need to invite me on a run.  Or something.

✶ Rabid has an Instagram!  I've done marked my rabidrunner territory once again!  Follow me with @rabidrunner.  Or not.  Whatever.

✶ Speaking of marking territories, I've been stewing over some vanity plates.  What's your verdict on vanity plates?  Love 'em, hate 'em? 

✶ Life is good.  I turned 41 last week (which reminds me that I need to document the 40th hillbilly birthday bash!)  Great things are happening.  An equal amount of "challenges" have come our way as well.  This is the balance of life.  I think.  I hope all is well with you and yours.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tune, vol 120 – Mine Oh Mine

A Tuesday Tune has not been published here since February, 6.  That's a long time without tunes!  Figured it was time.  Today's songs are all about mining.  I have a running buddy, his name is Rad.  (Really, that's what we call him cause he is rad.)  Rad is a civil engineer who spends some time working in Elko, Nevada.

While running last week, I put two and two together and realized that Rad works with the miners, what with the gold mines there being the predominant industry.  Do people do anything else in Elko?  Not going to research that one –  aside from Cowboy Poetry and Gold Mining, I'm not all that concerned with what goes on in Elko.  What I am concerned about, however, is that I don't have a Mining playlist.  Well... I didn't until now...

Dear engineering Rad, this one's for you!

Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn
Copper - The Pass
Diamonds and Gold - Tom Waits
Black Lung - Hazel Dickens
Canary in a Coal Mine - The Police
Working In The Coal Mine - Devo
Silver And Gold - U2
Coal War - Joshua James

Silvertown Blues - Mark Knopfler
Silver (Tidal Wave) - Echo & The Bunnymen
Silver-N-Gold Rusted Root
Gold Rush Brides - 10,000 Maniacs
Gold Mine - Breanne Düren

Golddigger - Supreme Beings of Leisure
County Miner Hazel Dickens
Coal Black Mining Blues - Nimrod Workman
Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac
Miner's Refrain - Gillian Welch
Coal Miner's Grave - Hazel Dickens
Gold Mine Gutted - Bright Eyes Clay
Coal Tattoo - Hazel Dickens
Come All You Coal Miners - Sarah Gunning
Cruel Willie - Connie & Babe featuring Red Roberts
Dark As a Dungeon - Merle Travis
Death of Harry Simms - Jim Garland (link is performed by Ewan Rodgers)
Miner's Prayer Dwight Yoakam
Dream of a Miner's Child - Phyllis Boyens
Hard Working Miner - Sarah Gunning
Last Train from Poor Valley - Norman Blake
Lawrence Jones - Phyllis Boyens
The Mannington Mine Disaster - Hazel Dickens
One Morning In May - J.P. Fraley
And Am I Born to Die? - Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton
Shut Up In the Mines of Coal Creek - The Old Home String Band
Panning For Gold - Ben Sollee
They'll Never Keep Us Down - Hazel Dickens
Trouble Among the Yearlings - Country Cooking
Which Side Are You On? - Florence Reece
Yablonski Murder - Hazel Dickens
Blue Diamond Mines - The Johnson Mountain Boys
Miner - The Seeds

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dumas Faux Pas

Pronounced:  [doo-mah foh pah]

Here I stand, corrected.  (All shamed-up and humilified!)

It all began in a hotel in New York City.  Popular culture suggests that most things begin within the confines of an NYC hotel room, so, naturally, one would think that I too would have a story to tell, which begins within the confines of an NYC hotel room.

Megan, Jessica, and I were chatting.  Eventually, our chats lead to a lengthy discussion of books, and what books should be on our own "must read" list.  There was plenty of agreeing, some disagreeing, and a whole bunch of "I never read that one!" from me.  (I ain't all that well-read.)  We also googled a fair amount of lists to compare the selections of others to our own picks.  It was quite a conversion.

I took notes.  I plan to knock off some of those books so as to become as well-read as Megan and Jessica.

One of the books on this list was Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  I started that one last week.  Whenever I start a book, it's customary for me to read the intro and author biography.  Orientation is critical.  While reading the author biography on Mr. Verne, I was taken unawares and shouted a "no way!" at the following excerpt:

"Through family connections, he entered Parisian literary circles and met many of the distinguished writers of the day.  Inspired in particular by novelists Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (father and son), Verne began writing his own works."

Now.  I read that and shouted a "no way!" because, to me, listing "Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (father and son)" means that Victor and Alexandre are father and son.  Does it not?  I was so excited to spread this news that I told everyone.  And then I posted it here, and Arizona Megan called her entire family and told them.

Well, the reference to father and son doesn't mean Vicky and Alex are father and son.  No, it doesn't.  This particular "father and son" references Alexandre Dumas I, and Alexandre Dumas II.  Turns out that Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo, Three Musketeers) had a son with the same name, who wrote stories Faux his Pas and Faux others.

So here I am, standing corrected.  (All shamed-up and humilified.)

Here's where I got into trouble:  It was in print!  And in a Barnes 'n Noble classics print, no less!  It must be correct and true!  And I must have read it and interpreted it correctly because I'm smart 'n stuff! Right....?  Right...?

I'm a sucker for anything in print.  I'll believe anything in print.  Printed stuff has editors and publishers to keep it all solid, right?  If I had read that somewhere on the internet, I would have checked twelve sources before believing.  And, most certainly, I would have checked two more sources before leading you all astray.

Please accept my apologizes.

(For the record... Spouse read the bio, made the same inference, and he's smarter than I am.  So there.  Spouse also gets credit for the title.)

Friday, May 10, 2013

What I've Learned...

Don't be fooled by today's title.  This post is not an unctuous slosh of deep thoughts.  Not at all.  I know that most of you have a limited allotment of eyeball rolls, and those eyeball rolls must be partitioned as you see fit.  I'd hate for you to use up this precious cache of eyeball rolls here.

Mostly this post is about what I've learned within the last couple of days.  I've kept notes.  Each time I discovered or learned something new, I wrote it down.  You should try it some time.  You'd be amazed (yes, amazed!) at the amount of new information that gets added to your brain each day.

During the last day or two, I have learned that...

... If you have crazy friends you have everything.  Winder taught me this.  She would know, what with her being the craziest of the crazy, and befriended the craziester.

... Mushrooms, caramelized onions, feta, and a balsamic reduction are extraordinary on flatbread.  A little joint here in town serves this.  They call themselves Blue Lemon.  They also have a terrific butternut squash soup that serves as both appetizer and dessert.  This I did not learn today, I just thought it share-worthy.

... "Why" and "How" are not important 99% of the time.  Sometimes you just have to call it an "is what it is" and shut up.  These ruminating How's and Why's often give birth to worthless conjecture and gossip.

... Home Depot is the one place that can motivate and discourage me – at the same time.  I don't really like that place much.  Something I have just learned.

... Josh Wright is the most accomplished person I know, yet he's also the most humble.  How on earth did that happen?  Is this one of those times where I shouldn't ask How or Why?  Prolly is.  I should just sit back and enjoy the dear punk and his humble accomplishments.  Speaking of which, he has a new album.  You can download it by going here.  

... Computers should be baptized every year.  Just dunk 'em and start over.  You'd be surprised how clean and fresh one feels after having one's computer baptized.  You might also be surprised at the polar reception induced by this "baptize the computer" phrase.  Some think you're funny.  Others most definitely do not.

... I have food issues with other people's food issues.  So bad are my food issues with people's food issues that I think it's time to see a therapist.  I nearly bite my tongue clean through each and every time someone spends more than 90 seconds explaining their food limitation or new diet or intolerance.  It's perfectly all right to politely decline and state your food limitation without imploring the tabloids or the ward newsletter. For reals. Maybe a simple "no, but thank you" would suffice.

In my (not humble) opinion, Food Issues have become a heavy-hitter in the game called Give Me Attention and Now!  So you're not eating green olives right now...  who cares?!  So you don't eat cabbage.  Big deal!  It's soooo not interesting.  And you say "studies show" that eating copious amounts of (insert current 'n popular bad-guy food here) will zap you of all energy and make one leg longer than the other?  Yawn.  See?  I have food issues with other people's food issues. I need therapy.  No one should be this intolerant over someone else's intolerances.

... Shallow attributes tend to run very deep in shallow people.  Shallowness runs so deep!  Try that irony on for size.  Need an example?  Note how deeply I get annoyed at my shallow tolerance for other people's food issues.

... I'm a mother of boys.  Which means I will have a house full of boys.  Which also means that my house will smell and look like a house full of boys.  Which means I need to be comfy with a messy 'n stinky house full of boys.  I'll work on that now by not cleaning the black smudges that grace each doorway and light switch.  Sorry guests.  That's just how it's going to be.  I'd pick a house full of smelly 'n stinky boys over a clean house any day of the week.

... I'm funny.  Spouse and I were in the car, traveling to our lunch date.  I was wearing a skirt.  Vera, was all grubby from yard work.  She inquired, "Are you going somewhere?  Or are you just cute today?"  I replied with, "I'm cute everyday."  Then we both laughed.

... Sonic has half-price shakes after 8:00pm and half price drinks from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

... I am deadline driven.  I don't feel the need to do anything unless there's a deadline attached.  Therefore, if you ask me for something, you better give me a deadline.  Else you'll never get that something.  Spouse, take note of this. For the next time you ask for a little something.

... Victor Hugo begat Alexendre Dumas.  This means that the author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame begat the author of The Three Musketeers.  Crazy, right?  I wonder why Alexandre chose Dumas as a last name instead of Hugo.  Or why he didn't call himself Alexendre Hugo Dumas?  Prolly because all the kids at writing club would call him a Huge Dumass.

***Update, as of May 13 2013... I've since learned the error of my ways and have confessed my mistake.  You can read all about my Dumas Faux Pas by going here.  

Thursday, May 09, 2013


From the archives... I wrote this some time in February and didn't publish it.  For some reason.

I am completely and suffocatingly buried in responsibility.  The only thing I can think of doing is the grand ol' R-U-N-N-O-F-T.  Exempt* I have no energy for running oft; thoughts of staying in bed are percolating.  My job is such that I have a 10 second commute in the morning.  As in: wake up, rollover, pick up the laptop, login it.  Commute over.

I could rightfully (and ethically) stay in bed all day and work.

Perhaps I should get out of bed.  Yahoo #1 has asked that I come sing to him.  How can one turn down such a proposition?  I cannot.  No one ever asks me to sing to them... I wonder if I get to choose what I sing?  If I get to choose, I think I'll choose I'll Melt With You by Modern English.  Mostly because I want a fancy grilled cheese sandwich.  I'd stop the world for a melty grill cheese right now.

End non published post.

*Note the use of "exempt" instead of "except".  That right there is funny.  Exempt is a tax term, in the which my Freudian something-er-other slipped it out instead of except! Har har.

In other news, I'm here to report that on Saturday, May the Fourth, the Fourth was with me.  It thure wath.  I ran 20 mileth!  Twenty thlow and thloppy big oneth.  I was tho thrilled I cried real tearths.  I knew not whether I'd thee thith day ever again.  True thtory.  To thelebrate, I thall run the Utah Valley Marathon on June 8.  Thweet, yeth?  Yeth!

Dearly beloved, I dare thay... the Runner in Rabid ith back!

In other, other newth, I dithcovered five (5!) core thkills for life.  They are too good not to thare.
  1. Curiothity
  2. Creativity
  3. Rethilienth
  4. Patienth
  5. Thelf-Relianth
Tho go out there and be curioth, creative, rethilent, patient, and do it all by your thelf!  And may the fourth be with you all year long!  Not just on the fourth!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's Up?

Hi there!  What's UP?

I received an e-mail yesterday that inquired as to why the blog has gone MIA.  I about replied with an "Aren't you tired of me or something?  Aren't you totally bored by my antics?"

I get lots of me, and aside from my regularly scheduled out-of-body-happening, I rarely get a break from me. So I kind of gave up getting more of me on the internet by publishing more of me on the internet.  Figured if I was tired and bored of me you were too!

I suppose the blog could get some attention.  And I suppose I could Up My Annie on some antics.

I could start by saying I'm 40.  Yay for 40.  Forty is fabulous.  I've been 40 for 10+ months.  The other day I was taking some graduation photos of my nephew.  We were rummaging about at the football/soccer field when I walked past the 40-yard-line.  I threw my camera at my brother and hollered, "HERE!  TAKE MY PICTURE!!!"

In the which he took my picture:

 photo IMG_8128.jpg

And here's one of the nephew.  For the record, he never hollered "TAKE MY PICTURE!!!" He's not as demanding as I am.

   photo IMG_8155.jpg

He's cute, isn't he?  Sure is.  Great kid too.  My brother Upped the Annie on child raising.  

What's UP?  I say Annie's UP!  Here's to Upping Annie!  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Operation Who and Whom!

I can't sleep.  I've been laying awake since 1:11.

At 2:12 I realized a light was on somewhere and sent myself on a secret covert mission: Operation Find-The-Light-And-Turn-It-Off!  I envisioned my very own 7-foot, 300 pound drill-seargent – complete with space between his thumb-sized incisors – calling me maggot and such.  GET OUT THERE YOU MAGGOT! FIND THAT LIGHT YOU LIVER-LIPPED LOSER!  TURN IT OFF AND REPORT BACK TO THAT MATTRESS BY OH-TWO-TWENTY! YOU HEAR ME?! YOU SOUR-SMELLING SASQUATCH!  GO!

Operation Find-The-Light-And-Turn-It-Off revealed two Yahoos, in the same chair, all cuddled up 'n exercising those opposable thumbs to the beat of Batman Lego 2.  If you get straight As at my house, I buy you a game.  And the Friday following the purchase of said game turns into a somewhat all-nighter.

(I need to be careful about this top secret intel, as the neighbor kids will want to be part of my progeny. Chitlins from far and wide will beat down the doors with raging report cards.  So, MUMS THE WORD... GOT IT?!  YOU HEAR ME MAGGOT?!)

After I found the Yahoos and the light, I didn't turn it off or send them to bed, and returned to my attempt at slumber.

 photo photo-98.jpg 

Here's one thing that rarely happens for me: insomnia.  I've been lucky that way.  I'm not a tosser or a turner.  When I hit that mattress, it's near-death until the alarm goes off.

I'd say that this insomnia thing has had me for a few days.  I'm a touch concerned, but only a touch.  On Wednesday I heaved and ho-hummed.  Thursday was a fitfull bunt and buck (but not that kind of bunt buck.) And Friday was a  sweaty launch and lob (but not that kind of sweaty launch and lob.)   Which leads us to Saturday's toss 'n turn – happening right now, on the internet near you (but not that kind of internet tossing and turning.)

In my usual, do-something-now panic, my mind produced a perpetual cycle of you-need-to-sleep-now-or-else, that lead to more anguished-arousal (but not that kind of anguished-arousal,) that lead to more do-something-now panic.  

This is when the thunder-toothed, maggot-mouthing drill sergeant came back.  DO SOMETHING! YOU BUBBLE-BRAINED FART! he hollered.  GET YOUR ASS INTO A COMA, STAT!  YOU GOT A RUNNING DATE AT OH-SIX-THIRTY!

In an effort to appease my inner-sergeant, I drummed up the next secret cover mission: Operation Who and Whom.  Surely some proper-use research of who and whom would do the drowsy duty.  I'm also having some trouble with the usage at work.  Therefore it's high time I get it straight.

After a googling of "proper use of who and whom" – of which produced a-plenty – I chose the third option, Choosing When to Use Who and Whom – For Dummies.  Figured I read the Dummies version of Football, and that put me to sleep.  Perhaps I have found my sleep solution.  'Sides, the sergeant was busy flapping YOU DOUGH-DIMPLED-DUMMY! therefore the dummies version was the obvious choice.

Here it is:
  • Use who and whoever when the pronoun is the subject of the sentence.
  • Use whom and whomever when the pronoun is the object of the sentence.

Still don't get it?  Me neither.  Let's keep going:
  • The subject does the thing.
  • The object has the thing done to it.  Lucky object!  

Now time for the sample sentences:
  • Who did that thing?  Whoever did that thing is a lucky one.
  • With whom did you do that thing?  I did that thing with whomever was available.

Some rules of thumb:
  • "If you have a verb flapping around with no subject, chances are who or whoever is the subject you're missing."  Quotin' the source here; Who is a plagiarizer?  I am not a plagiarizer.  
  • "If all subjects are accounted for and you don't need a linking verb complement, you've reached a final answer: whom or whomever is the only possibility." You plagiarized whom?

Now, if you're having trouble with subjects and objects, or subjects and predicates, you can always consult with Mr. Morton.  If you choose to watch this Schoolhouse Rock episode, of which is a true classic, imagine it sung by that same foul-breathed sergeant, the one who kept me awake all week.
  • Who kept you away all week?
  • You were kept awake all week by whom?  
Still not ready to sleep.  Damn the Drill Sergeant!  

p.s. Today's post is  brought to you by Megan and her inner critic. Turns out she has a drill sergeant too.  

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aliteration Playlist - All 481

In an attempt to placate an unknown and unstately upheaval of unease, I finished the Aliteration Playlist.  It did not, however, placate this unknown 'n unstately upheaval of unease.  Better go running or something...

Being as this was a few hours in the making, I figured that it needed some semblence of public pronouncement.  


Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70 for Cello and Piano  Schumann & Steven Isserlis
Arpeggio Adaggio      The Dandy Warhols
Bach: Brandenburg      Max Pommer: New Bach Collegium Musicum
Baby Bitch      Ween
Baby Blue       Badfinger
Back In Black AC/DC
Back to Black  Amy Winehouse
Bad Blood       Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Bad Blood       Ministry
Bad Boyfriend           Garbage
Bad Businessman      Squirrel Nut Zippers
Bamboo Banga          M.I.A.
Banana's and Blow   Ween
Be Brave         My Brightest Diamond
Beast Of Burden        The Rolling Stones
Beat On The Brat      The Ramones
Because We Believe  Andrea Bocelli
Bedbugs And Ballyhoo         Echo & The Bunnymen
Before It Breaks        Brandi Carlile
Behind The Bushes   The Knife
Bell Bottom Blues      Derek & The Dominos
Benny the Bouncer   Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Between Breaths (An XX Perspective)       Blaqk Audio
Between The Bars     Elliott Smith
Bhakti Boombox        MC Yogi
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Verna Felton and James MacDonald
Big Bottom     Spinal Tap
The Bitch Is Back       Elton John
Bitmore Boogie          Dave Monson
Black And Blue          Van Halen
Black and Blue           Ingrid Michaelson
Black Boots     Paula Cole
Blitzkrieg Bop            The Ramones
Block After Block       Matt & Kim
Blue Buddha  My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Blue On Black            Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Bohemian Ballet        Deep Forest
Bone Broke    The White Stripes
Born On The Bayou  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bottle Of Blues           Beck
Bottles & Bones (Shade & Sympathy)        Califone
Bottom Of The Barrel           Amos Lee
The Boy In The Bubble        Paul Simon
Boys Better    The Dandy Warhols
Break My Body          Pixies
Broken Bone  Iceage
Brooklyn Is Burning  Head Automatica
Bushwick Blues         Delta Spirit
Car Crash       Matt Nathanson
Car Crash       Telekinesis
Caring Is Creepy       The Shins
Cat's In the Cradle    Harry Chapin
Cello Concerto in C/C-dur/ut Majeur H. VIIb:1 \ Adagio Haydn
Cheap and Cheerful The Kills
Chitllins Con Carne   Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Choking the Cherry  Poe
Close Curtains           Guilty Simpson
Cold Chillin'   Len
Come On, Come Out  A Fine Frenzy
Complete Control      The Clash
Corpus Christi           La Bien Querida
Crash Course Crash Test Dummies
Crimson And Clover  Tommy James & The Shondells
Cripple Creek            The Stonemans
Crop Circle     Monster Magnet
The Cross Of Changes          Enigma
Cup Of Coffee            Garbage
Cups and Cakes         Spinal Tap
Curtain Call    Tori Amos
Curtain Call (Live)    Brandi Carlile
Cygnet Committee    David Bowie
Damien Dreams        Jeremy Enigk
Dancing Days Led Zeppelin
Dancing In the Dark The Snuggle Ups
Daphne Descends     Smashing Pumpkins
Dark Days      Punch Brothers
Dead and Done         Bobby Long
Dear Darcy     Joshua James
Dear Diary     Patty Larkin
Decoration Day          John Lee Hooker
Deed Is Done Dave Matthews
Deep Dish      Ani DiFranco
Delta Dawn    Tanya Tucker
Demon Days  Gorillaz
Devil In The Details  Bright Eyes
Devils' Dance Demons & Devils
Diamond Dogs           Beck
Diamond in the Dark            Fresh & Onlys
Diddley Daddy          Chris Isaak
Digging In The Dirt   Peter Gabriel
Ding Dang      My Brightest Diamond
Dirty Day        U2
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap          AC/DC
Dirty Diana    Michael Jackson
Dirty Dog        ZZ Top
Do Nothing Day         Candace
Doin' It To Death       James Brown
Dragnet Drag Peter Murphy
The Dream Of The Dolphin Enigma
Dressed In Dresden  The Hundred In the Hands
Drums of Death (Inst)          DJ Shadow
Drunk Drivin'            Sublime
Dub Driving   Angelo Badalamenti
Dust Devil      Butthole Surfers
Dust Devil      Madness
Dying Day      Brandi Carlile
Easter Eve      John Mellencamp
Emergency Exit         Beck
The End Of Everything        Chris Isaak
Everybody's Everything       Santana
Fading Fast    The Go-Go's
Feelings Of Fright      Vampire's Lair
Femme Fatale            Duran Duran
Fight Fire With Fire   Apocalyptica
Fight Fire With Fire   Kansas
Fight Fire With Fire   Metallica
Fill Us With Fire         Erasure
Fish To Fry     The Ditty Bops
Fist Of Fire     Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Flesh For Fantasy (1999 Digital Remaster)           Billy Idol
Fool In the Photograph        Sunny Day Real Estate
Forest Fire      Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Forty Four      Howlin' Wolf
Freddie Freeloader   Miles Davis
Free Fallin'     Tom Petty
Freeze Frame Acoustic Alchemy
Freeze-Frame            The J. Geils Band
Fuel My Fire   The Prodigy
Funny Face    Donna Fargo
Garbage Grove           Sublime
Get Up 'N' Go The Ditty Bops
Gitchee Gitchee Goo  Phineas and the Ferbtones
Go Get Your Gun        The Dear Hunter
The Go Getter            The Black Keys
Gold and Green         Sugarland
Golden Gates  John Mellencamp
Good Gone Girl           Mika
Gossip Girl      Lexxi Saal
Gossip In the Grain   Ray LaMontagne
Gots to Get Her (Inspired By "Puttin' On the Ritz")          Blake Lewis
Gotta Be Good            Chris Isaak
Gravity Grave [Live]  The Verve
Guide Me God            Ghostland
Hand On Heart          Queensrÿche
Happy Home  Garbage
Happy Home  Paula Cole
Happy Home (Keep On Writing)    Kimya Dawson
Happy House Ornette Coleman
Hard to Handle          The Black Crowes
Hard To Handle         Jack Russell
Haunted Heart          little hurricane
Havoc In Heaven       Jesca Hoop
Head Over Heels       Tears For Fears
Head Up High            Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Headed For A Heartbreak    Winger
Healing Hands           Marc Cohn
Heart Too Hot To Hold          Jesse Johnson & Stephanie Spruill
Hell Hole         Spinal Tap
Hello, Hooray Alice Cooper
Helplessly Hoping     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
High Hopes    Pink Floyd
Hit So Hard    Hole
Hold My Hand           Hootie & The Blowfish
Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)    Michael Jackson
Houses Of The Holy  Led Zeppelin
Human Hands           Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet
I Belong to the Band Mavis Staples
I Can See Clearly       Johnny Nash
I Dug Up A Diamond Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
I Feel Fine      The Beatles
I Love My Label         Nick Lowe
I Shot The Sheriff      Eric Clapton
I'm Afraid Of Americans       David Bowie
I'm Afraid Of Americans       David Bowie
I'm Still Standing       Elton John
Impressive Instant    Madonna
Inspiration Information       Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
It's Not The Night      The Cars
Jimmy Jazz     The Clash
Juke Joint Jezebel      K.M.F.D.M.
Jump For Joy  Koko Taylor
Lady Luck       Jamie Woon
Lady Lynda    Acoustic Alchemy
Leaving Las Vegas     Sheryl Crow
Lend Me Your Love   Pinetop Perkins
Life in Laralay            Love and Rockets
Like A Lady    The Sounds
The Limit To Your Love        Feist
Little Lies        Fleetwood Mac
Lookin' For Love        Johnny Lee
Love Letter     Bonnie Raitt
Love Letters   Nora O'Connor
Love Me Lovely          The Dandy Warhols
Live Your Life            Otis Taylor
Lonely For Your Love            Magic Slim & The Teardrops
Long Way To Love     Britny Fox
Looking For Love       The Cars
Love and Liberté       Gipsy Kings
Love In The Lies        Amos Lee
Love Of A Lifetime     Firehouse
Love Of My Life         Queen
Love Of My Life         Santana Feat. Dave Matthews
Low and Lonely         The Bluegrass Cardinals
Luck Be A Lady          Frank Sinatra
Lunar Landing           Floyd Lee Band
Lust Or Love  Scorpions
Lust To Love  The Go-Go's
Macho Man    The Village People
Madre Mia     Gipsy Kings
Maggie M'Gill The Doors
Maggie May   Rod Stewart
Magic Man     Heart
Make a Move Icon For Hire
Make It Mine Jason Mraz
Make It Till Monday [Acoustic]        The Verve
Malted Milk    Eric Clapton
Mamma Mia   ABBA
Man In The Mirror    Michael Jackson
Man On A Mission     Van Halen
Man On The Moon    R.E.M.
Manic Monday           The Bangles
Mary Magdalene       Patty Larkin
Mean Mr. Mustard    The Beatles
Military Madness      Graham Nash
Milk and Mangoes     Saravah Soul
Minutes To Memories           John Mellencamp
Miss Mary Mack        Music For Little People Choir
Miss Me          Andy Grammer
Miss Murder  AFI
Missionary Man         Eurythmics
Mister Machoman     Lords Of Acid
Mister Malcontent     Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Monday Morning      Christina Aguilera
Monday Morning      Death Cab for Cutie
Monday Morning (Remastered)     Fleetwood Mac
Monster Mash           Bobby "Boris" Picket
Month Of May           Arcade Fire
Moonlight Mile          The Rolling Stones
Move for Me (Mind Electric Mix)    Kaskade & Deadmau5
Moving Mountains    Thrice
Mulligatawny Man    Astrofly
The Murder Mystery            The Velvet Underground
Muscle Museum        Muse
Music Man     REO Speedwagon
Muffin Man    Music For Little People Choir
My Man          The Eagles
My Mathematical Mind        Spoon
My Mistakes   Eleanor Friedberger
My Moon My Man     Feist
Need You Now           Cut Copy
Network News           Robert Plant
Nosy Neighbor           The Ditty Bops
Nothing & Nowhere  Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
On Your Own Blur
One And Only            Queensrÿche
The Only One            The Black Keys
The Only One            Joel Piper
Only The Ocean         Jack Johnson
Papa Don't Preach    Madonna
Paper Planes M.I.A.
Part of the Process    Morcheeba
Passion Play   Loudon Wainwright III
Past In Present          Feist
Paw Paw Patch          Music For Little People Choir
Pee-Pee In The Potty            Kimya Dawson
Pelvis Pusher (Bonus Track)           Vintage Trouble
Philadelphia Freedom          Elton John
Piano Picker   The Carpenters
Pick Up the Phone    Dragonette
Pick Up The Pieces    Average White Band
Pillars & Pews            Dignan
The Pimp and the Priest      The Dear Hunter
Pleasure And Pain    Ben Harper
Potato Picking            Mark Knopfler
Pretty In Pink            The Dresden Dolls
Pretty In Pink            The Psychedelic Furs
Pretty Paper  Chris Isaak
Pretty Paper  Willie Nelson
The Prince Of Parties           Flight Of The Conchords
Pull Up the People    M.I.A.
Punjabis, Pimps, and Players           DJ Shadow
Purple People            Tori Amos
Ramblin' Rose            Nat King Cole
Ready to Run Dixie Chicks
Red Rabbits   The Shins
Red Rain         Peter Gabriel
Red Rain         The White Stripes
The Remington Ride String Cheese Incident
Rhyme & Reason       Dave Matthews Band
Rhymes and Reasons            John Denver
Richie and Ruben      Fountains of Wayne
The Right To Rock     Keel
Ring Around The Rosy          Music For Little People Choir
Rock & Roll     Led Zeppelin
Rock'n Roll     The Sounds
Roll Right        Rage Against The Machine
Rough Rider   The English Beat
Roy Rogers     Elton John
Run Run Rudolph.     Dave Edmunds
Rural Route    John Mellencamp
Russian Roulette       Edwin McCain
Sad Song        The Cars
Sad Songs (Say So Much)     Elton John
Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) [From "The Hunger Games" Soundtrack] Taylor Swift
Sally's Song    Danny Elfman
The Salmon Song      Courage Brothers
Salt and Sand            Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang
Sand In My Shoes     Dido
Sara Smile      Hall & Oates
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout   Tori Amos
Satin Sheets   Jeanne Pruett
Savage Sexteen         My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Sea Of Sorrow            Alice In Chains
Secret Smile   Semisonic
Secret Song    Reel Big Fish
Secret Spell (Santa)  Tori Amos
Seesaw Sway Peter Murphy
Serve The Servants   Nirvana
Set The Sails  Dan Mangan
Set The Scene            Umbrellas
Seven Seas     Echo & The Bunnymen
Sexy Sadie      The Beatles
Shadows In Silence   Enigma
Shake the Shackles   Crystal Stilts
Shakespeare's Sister The Smiths
Shalom / Saalam       Matisyahu
Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix)      House Of Pain
Shape of a Sound      Civil Twilight
She Said         The Cramps
She Says         Howie Day
She Sells Sanctuary   The Cult
She Sells Sanctuary   The Dandy Warhols
Shining Star   Earth Wind & Fire
Shock To The System (2001 Digital Remaster)     Billy Idol
Shooting Star Bad Company
Short Stacks   The Ditty Bops
The Shortest Straw   Metallica
Show Of Strength      Echo & The Bunnymen
Silent Sea       KT Tunstall
The Silly Song (Dwarfs' Yodel Song)          Adriana Caselotti
Silver Sun       Crystal Stilts
Simple Stuff   Echo & The Bunnymen
Sing A Song    Earth Wind & Fire
Sing A Song Of Sixpence       Music For Little People
Sinner Street Tuff
Sitting Still      R.E.M.
Six Ways From Sunday         Mofro
Sixteen Saltines         Jack White
Smiling Swine            The Dear Hunter
So Sorry          Feist
Soft Shock      Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Something, Somewhere, Sometime (Album)         Ben Sollee And Daniel Martin Moore
Sometimes Salvation The Black Crowes
Son & Sylvia   Eric Clapton
Son of Shiva (feat. Rita Sahai)         MC Yogi
Song Of The Stars     Dead Can Dance
Sons Of Scotland       Mark Knopfler
Soul and the Sea       Joshua James
Soul Sacrifice Santana
Soul Suckers  Amos Lee
Soul Surfing   Fatboy Slim
The Sound Of Settling          Death Cab For Cutie
The Sound of Silence (Live) Brandi Carlile
The Sound Of Sunshine (Album Version)  Michael Franti & Spearhead
Spanish Sahara (Album)      Foals
Speed Of Sound        Coldplay
The Spectrum Song  Paul Frees
The Spinach Song     Julia Lee And Her Boyfriends
Spit Sperm     K.M.F.D.M.
A Spoonful Of Sugar Julie Andrews
Stable Song    Death Cab For Cutie
Stains of Saints          The  Weather Machines
Standing In The Sun Howie Day
Staring At the Sun     Alaska In Winter
Stars and Stripes       Rogue Wave
Stars Are Stars           Echo & The Bunnymen
Steal My Sunshine    Len
Steps Of The Sun      Nostalgia 77
Sticky Sweet   Mötley Crüe
Still In Saigon The Charlie Daniels Band
Stockholm Syndrome            Muse
Stolen Smiles Fifteen
Stop Your Sobbing    The Pretenders
Subject To Status      Pitchshifter
Such a Scream           Tom Waits
Suddenly I See          KT Tunstall
Sufragette City          David Bowie
Sullivan Street           Counting Crows
Sultans Of Swing       Dire Straits
Summer In Siam       The Pogues
Summer Of '69          Bryan Adams
Summer Skin Death Cab For Cutie
Summer Solstice        Crystal Antlers
The Sun Is Shining (Alternate)       Elmore James
Sunbeam Show         Candy Claws
Sunday Sun   Beck
Supernatural Superserious R.E.M.
Sweet Salvation         The Cult
Sweet Sangria            Tori Amos
Sweet Sixteen (2001 Digital Remaster)     Billy Idol
Sweet Sixteen [Live] B.B. King
Sweet Soul Sister       The Cult
Sweet Sour     Band of Skulls
Sweet Southern Moon (Album)      The Benjy Davis Project
Sweet Sunshine         Beck
Sweet Surrender       Bread
Sweet Surrender       John Denver
Sweet Surrender       Sarah McLachlan
Sweet The Sting        Tori Amos
Flashlight Fight          The Go! Team
Take Time      Lenny Kravitz
Talk Of The Town     FireHouse
Talk Of The Town     The Pretenders
Tamatant Tilay          Tinariwen
Tea For Two   Mambo All-Stars
Tears to Tell   Howard Jones
Tell The Truth           Derek & The Dominos
Terrible Thought      Poe
Thanksgiving Theme            Vince Guaraldi Trio
That Rock Won't Roll            Restless Heart
That's The Way Of The World         Earth Wind & Fire
These Times  SafetySuit
This Time       Bryan Adams
This Time       Chris Isaak
This Time       INXS
This Time       The Verve
This Town      The Go-Go's
Thought to Thing      Kellee Maize
Throwing Things (acoustin)            Superchunk
Time Will Tell            The Black Crowes
Tinsel Town   Seal
Tisket A Tasket          Music For Little People
Tongue Tied  Eve 6
The Tracks of My Tears        Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Trash Tongue Talker            Jack White
Twisted Transistor    Korn
Unbroken, Unshaven            The Budos Band
Untrust Us     Crystal Castles
Vital Vessals Vindicate          The Dear Hunter
Viva la Vida    Coldplay
Voulez Vous   ABBA
Wade In The Water  Eva Cassidy
Waiting For The Worms       Pink Floyd
Walk This Way          Aerosmith
Walk This Way          Daniel Ash
Walk This Way          Run-DMC
Walk Through The World    Marc Cohn
Walk To The Water   U2
Washing Of The Water         Peter Gabriel
Wasted Words           The Allman Brothers Band
Watching Waiting (Album)  Todd Carey
The Way I Walk         The Cramps
We Walk         R.E.M.
We Will Walk Matisyahu
We're Going Wrong  Cream
Weekend Wars          MGMT
Weeping Willow        The Verve
Welcome to the World          Kevin Rudolf & Rick Ross
Welcome To This World       Primus
What A Wonderful World    Eva Cassidy
What You Want         Bombay Bicycle Club
Whenever We Wanted         John Mellencamp
Whispers in the Wind          Solitudes: Exploring Nature With Music
White Wedding         Whip
White Wedding - Part 1 (2001 Digital Remaster)            Billy Idol
Whole Wide World   Wreckless Eric
"Whole Wide World" - The Pristeens, Scandal, Controversy, & Romance        
Wicked Ways Garbage
Wild and Wicked Ways        Leon Redbone
Wild Is The Wind      David Bowie
Wild Is The Wind      Nina Simone
Winter Wonderland Eurythmics
Wishing It Was          Santana Feat. Eagle-Eye Cherry
Witchy Woman          The Eagles
Within and Without  Washed Out
Wonderful World      Louis Armstrong
Worked It Out Wrong           Chris Isaak
World Waits   Jeremy Enigk
Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man) [Remix]         Love and Rockets
Yin and Yang Solitudes: Exploring Nature With Music
Zombie Zoo    Tom Petty