Monday, September 24, 2012

Abrasion Covers are Magic!

I wrecked on my mountain bike a week ago.  Did it hurt?  Not at the time.  Did it hurt an hour later?  Oh my stars did it hurt an hour later.  I went over the handlebars, slapped the right knee cap (and good), bruised the left side from hip to foot, and trophied myself with an honorary elbow scrape.

Exhibit A: Elbow Scrape

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A friend of mine gave me the get-yourself-some-abrasion-covers-and-get-them-fast lecture.  I said, wah-wah-wah-wah for a day, then conceded, because I didn't have any laying around and they're somewhat hard to find.  So I put in some healing Effort and traipsed about town looking for Abrasion Covers.

Exhibit B: AbrasionCovers

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I kept the wound covered for about six days.  Look at the wound after six days.  Magic, yes?  Magic!

Exhibit C: Six Days Later.

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Now if only someone could provide me with some similar magic for my knee.  Frownie face.


megan said...

1-love the apron
2-feeling the pain with a sprained ankle from a colossal wreck (can you say 3 months of PT? :)
3-gonna add abrasion covers to the year supply - thank you

Andrea B. said...

Wow, that is amazing!! Where did you finally find abrasion covers? I'm with Megan, must buy a year supply!

radracer said...


Looks like you need about 3 more days of magic. I'll see if I can order some knee magic for you.


Use that Rabid favorite of for abrasion covers unless the need is urgent. Less pricey than local, easier to find. They also offer a 2" wide roll of the stuff for when one of two sizes doesn't fit all.

Side question: how many abrasion covers are in a year's supply?

rabidrunner said...

In town, I found them at Walmart. It was the last package, all mangled and such, but it was missing two. Someone before me had lifted two bandages. Can you believe the nerve? Karma might land them with another scrape. Or two.

I'm with y'all though... gonna order some from Amazon so that they are "on hand" when the need arises. I have two boys so I anticipate a need here 'n there.

lifein360 said...

See if you can find a product called Tegaderm. It is even better. And I must say, you've got quite the strong forearm.

Alex Guymon said...

You said it Amber!

tom lindsey said...

I'll assume that you are now healed; want to ride Blackhawk one morning before it gets too cold? Let's see if we can use up the remainder of your supplies ...