Monday, July 09, 2012

Boys are Rad

The Yahoos and I spent today (all day, 100 degree heat) in Salt Lake City.  Being as City Creek is the new shiny toy in town, we figured we'd drop by and see what the fuss was about.  There has been some fuss.  As in, Have you been to City Creek?  You must go to City Creek!  It's amazing!  And the roof is retractable!  And the parking is divine!  You'll never be the same! 

Fuss. Fuss. Fuss.

The Rabid Review of City Creek is rather simple: It's just another mall.  In my eyes, if you've seen one mall you've seen most.  There is the exception of The Grove in L.A., however, but I might have been into that one because I was on vacation and I was with someone super fun.  Plus they have a choo-choo and a farmers' market.

Even though City Creek is just another mall, it was still a good little field trip.  While we were there, I proposed some shopping.  "Boys? Would you like to get some clothes?"

They replied in the affirmative and began to look around.  I believe I gave them the option to knock themselves out and go whole hog.  "Get whatever you want!" said I.

"Whatever you want" turned out to be cheap sunglasses and an Angry Birds t-shirt.


Do you have any idea what this little shopping jaunt would have set me back if my little Yahoos were girls?

Boys are rad.


radracer said...

Agreed, boys are rad. I'm reminded of a similar trip with Kid 1 and Kid 2 that ended with similar shirts (same subject). Kid 2 may have a Y chromosome, but she doesn't want it to show. That's just as good as being a boy.

Winder said...

That is one great photo!

radracer-- I hope my kid 2 doesn't want her y to show either.

Sue said...

"Get whatever you want"?

Dangerous words if your Yahoos are girls.

Yes, best you were given little men.