Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Advertising

The Olympics are on.  Have you noticed?  And have you noticed the advertising?  I sure have.  Just today, in fact, I was talking to my dad Mikey.  I was telling him that one of the windows in my car won't go up, so maybe it was time to get a new car.

(The last time I thought it was time to get a new car was when the gas cap lost it's attachment.  Now I have to hold the gas cap when I put gas in the tank as opposed to letting the gas cap dangle.  Of all the available inconveniences!  There are none worse!)

"I'm thinking I need a BMW," I said.  Emphasis on need.

"A BMW?  Why a BMW?" said he.

"It's the Olympic Advertising.  They have me convinced I need a BMW.  Their ads are working!"

"Oh!" he replied. "You know who else has adds that are working?"

"No!  Tell me, who?" 

"Fruit of the Loom!"

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radracer said...

I thought I might have to part with my truck when the drivers side window wouldn't stay rolled up. The thought caused no end of panic stricken grief. Turns out I can fix window mechanisms with a some new parts, a bit of luck and a few skinned knuckles.

If I were to watch the Olympics, it would be better to end up with some new FOL's than a new truck.