Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Beginning of the Beginning

According to and other various web sites, today, June the 6th, and today, the first Wednesday of June, has some national significance.   Today is D-Day, Drive-In Movie Day, and National Tailor's Day.  Today is also smack-dab in the middle of Black Single Parents Week, International Clothesline, Headache Awareness, Business Etiquette, Sun Safety, Tire Safety and Superman Weeks.

That's a lot of stuff to celebrate and/or commemorate and/or provide awareness, isn't it?  Sure is.  What I failed to mention, in that mass inventory of national somethings-or-other, is that today, the first Wednesday of June, is National Running Day.

To celebrate I ran four miles.  Which is good, 'cause National Donut Day was last Saturday and that one was celebrated with some Korean Pizza and a visit to California Donut.   This running four miles bit is so very great – it's the beginning of the beginning after the end of all ends.

Let's hear it for injury and recovery!  Holla!


For your information, tomorrow (June 7th) is Daniel Boone and VCR Day, so please plan accordingly.  Also, for my future information, I ran one mile on May 30th, two miles on May 31st, and hiked around the Hollywood sign (for hours) on June 1st.  On June 4th, I ran three miles and visited the doc yet again.  He says I'm good to go.  And go I will!


Jessica said...

This makes me all sorts of happy. All sorts.

Huge smiley face.

Filthy #2 said...

See, the Filthy Nelsons aren't the only ones that like to find a celebration for every day of the year.
Also- I love how your easing back into things after months of injury recovery run is faster than my not injured and trying my hardest run. RabidRunner is BAAAACCCK!!!! Hooray!