Friday, April 20, 2012

Boooooooooooo ttttt

Okay, I guess I was just kidding.

Looks like I can't even hang it up for a whole week.  Please note that I was purposely vague when creating the duration for this hanging it up.  I said "a while," which could mean anything.  Like "a while" could mean a whole year, or "a while" could mean the amount of time it takes to do your taxes, or even "a while" could be the amount of time I can sit still... which is exactly five minutes.

Symantecs are genius, aren't they?  "A while" has options.  You can worm your way out of all sorts of responsibility by choosing words like, "a while" or "is."

Anyway, why the sudden(ish) switch?  Two reasons:

1) Jenn won't accept my facebook friend request.
2) BOOOOOOOOO0 tttt.

It's important that you say reason two out loud.  Say "BOOOOOOOOOO" like you're a Red Sox fan and the Yankees just won, or if your color is Blue, then say it like Red is winning.  Now say "ttttt" with your best Voldemort hiss.

Put it together... like this:

Baseball "BOOOOOOOOOO" – Voldemort "ttttttt."

Make sure you say it out loud then get a load of my new footwear (not feetwear):

Also get a load of the Mac mini named RabidMini

Baseball "BOOOOOOOOOO" – Voldemort "tttttt."

I've been couched.  Yesterday the Doc discovered a tiny tear in my achilles tendon.  Add that to the soleus and medial gastroc strains and the result is, well, a month in a Booooooooooooooo tttt.

This has been some rough going.  Not going to lie.  (As if I lie here.  As if!)  I had the mother of all meltdowns on Sunday, at 6:00am of all times. (Seriously, who wakes up pissed?  I do!)  A considerable amount of heat-induced frustration was released during this meltdown.  Hopefully the frustration won't be back for a week or two.  That's the great thing about the mother-meltdown... if it's a true mother-meltdown, you'll be too tired to have another for a while.

("A while."  There it is again!  So many dang options!)

Spouse recovered.  I think.  He could prolly use some flowers or something though. 

So, Rabid, what can you do?  Biking?  Nope.  Rowing?  Negative.  Elliptical?  Fughetaboutit. Swimming?  Nada, water resistance won't jive.   Rabid, what can you do?  Pretty much nothing.  Except... Except...!  I can post stuff on my blog!  

What was I thinking?  Hanging this up when it's the only thing I can do.

One thing though: You're all cool if I have this "runner" blog and there's no running for a while, right?  Thought so.  You are all way cool like that.


tom lindsey said...

We should get together and have a pity party :(

Julia said...

Glad your sense of humor is still intact even if your achilles isn't. I hadn't realized the extent of this injury. It almost killed me to read this post. I also hadn't realized you can hiss while saying the letter "T", but it totally works, and is quite fun. Do you need me to fetch you some good books to read? Let me know...

megan said...

man this is so bummer - but I think your last line is what is really eating at you :) the wide gap between having a runners blog and not being able to run - cheer up mate - we all visit here for much more than that!

radracer said...

Yes, we are all way cool like that. All of us.
We will even listen to rants and such, and maybe even give some empathy.
I'm still wondering how this happened after the MRI results said something like 'pristine' Achilles. I'd be pissed if I were you. If I were you, that is.

Melissa T said...

What in the world are you thinken?? Thank goodness your not a horse or we would have to put ya down. Remember the old BYU aerobics show on TV they used to have (I think that's what they were)and they had three levels. Maybe we could get you a leotard and you could try level 1?

Anonymous said...

Glad your back! And I'm not a runner!


PhishTako said...

Hey Rabid, I had a tear in my achilles tendon a couple of years ago. I was sad that I wouldn't be able to play bball any more. Wore the boooooottttt for about 5 weeks, did some rehab and I was back on the court. I have to listen to my achilles now cause it does get sore some times. My family is begging me to stop playing bball before I hurt myself. I can't do it. I'm addicted. It's my drug.

Good luck,
- Jay

Jenn said...

Guess who's back? Rabid's back!! Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back? (~M&M. The blue one, pretty sure.)

I have received no such friend request, which a) makes me wonder if I am not as up on my Mexican beers as I should be, and 2) pretty freakin' jazzed (Utah jazzed, one might even say {sorry for that one...I've had wine...}) to be any part of forcing your writing hand back into action. Can I get a "woot woot"?!?

Love the book review. I've read him, but not this book, so it will be on my lie-berry list now. Thanks muchly.

I was kickin' a bunch of cycle you-know-what a few weeks back, climbing the hils of Mallorca like I owned 'em. Then I got into a flying petri dish to come home, and haven't been on the bici since, thank-you-very-much worst bronchitis EVUUURRRRR. Base? What base? My thighs have expanded to the power of Nth (not in the good, cycly kind of way) over the course of three weeks of trying to expel my lungs up out my throat from the (in)sanctity of my sofa. You? My temporarily stalled running friend? You will handle the downtime better than I. Meltdown(s?) aside.

Keep reading. Keep writing (please and thank you). That will pass the time far more productively than the pouty route I took. I hope you mend quickly!