Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marathon Music Manager – Tuesday Tune, vol 106

Yo!  What up?!

(I feel so young and fresh when I talk like that.)

It's been a whole month since the Rabid Family returned from Houston.  We had a terrific time.  I love every single itty-bitty-bit about vacation with my little family.  Snakes alive, I'm one lucky girl!

Having this great family is just the beginning, for I have many, many great friends.  I'm surrounded by terrific people.  I truly am.  It's like that 6th Sense movie, where Haley Old Oz-Whats-His-Name says, "I see dead people.... they don't know they're dead... they're everywhere!"

See it's like that.  Only, "I see terrific people... they don't know they're terrific... they're everywhere!"

Everywhere, I tell you.  EVERYWHERE.

Today, in honor of my Houston Marathon, I'd love to showcase one of the many terrifics.  See, I have this Marathon Music Manager.  I'm so lucky.  Just before a marathon, she throws an iTunes gift card in my general direction, then sends me a few playlists to browse through.  I browse, and then I purchase, and then I put those new tunes on my marathon playlist with gratitude, and then when I'm running along in that marathon, I feel more gratitude when these new tunes show themselves.

I figured I could wax lovingly about this Marathon Music Manager – all day, even – but I decided instead to publish the marathon music exchange, which, coincidentally, contains a list of today's Tuesday Tunes.


Dearest, belovedest, sweetest, Marathon Music Manager,

As is the case with all the managers in my life, they're often want for a status of sorts.. you know, what I've been up to, what's been accomplished, etcetra.  Figured that my MMM was no different, so here's what I've come up with so far...

Helena Beat Foster the People
Call It What You Want Foster the People
Young Blood The Naked and Famous
Hold On (Radio Edit) The Chain Gang of 1974
Off to the Races Lana Del Rey
Weekend   Class Actress
2 Hearts Digitalism
Embrace Pnau
Peponi Paradise (feat. Alex Boye)  Steven Sharp Nelson & Jon Schmidt
Amor Fati Washed Out
Your Eyes Bombay Bicycle Club

All this new stuff?!?!  Thank you!

Now, I'm going to download a few of that there Shalane Flanagan's.  

Also, I bought a whole album from "Washed Out."  None of it is worth running to, for it is way mellow.  But it's completely new to me and I dig their groovy chord progressions.

Thanks Again!

p.s. Foster the People?  So fun!  So fun.


Then the Marathon Music Manger replied with this:


Dearest, belovedest, sweetest, Marathoner,

As your manager, I appreciate the unprompted update.  It demonstrates to me that you take the job of Marathoner (who uses Music) very seriously.

Additionally, I'm impressed by your song choices (as expected).  There is variety.  There is intrigue.  There is a cover song.  The makings of a fine Marathon Music Mix.

I'm so glad I could be of service and so (SO!) glad you get to be in Houston and see the trials and run a marathon.  I'm so excited to read the race report you will inevitably write (even if it's just to me and some others and not the whole group of RabidRunner RabidReaders (I like being a special one who gets updates even when the whole world doesn't)).

You're my inspiration.

Much love,

p.s. thanks for the tip on Foster the People and Washed Out.  Great stuff!


See?!  I see terrific people... they don't know they're terrific... they are everywhere!

Snakes alive, I'm one lucky girl.