Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is The Sound....!

I realize today isn't Tuesday, but you're going to get a tune anyways.  It's

The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Note the photo below.  This is not the sound of silence.  It's the sound (and site) of water damage.  Boo!  The blowing hum of these basement-savers produces enough white noise to silence the whole neighborhood  I cannot wait to turn them off!



Winder said...

Oh man! Fun for you and yours.

Bet you could make a great "Luke I am your Father" in one of those.

radracer said...

Do I need to bring you some earplugs?

I have lots of spares in my backpack that I carry around mine sites where very loud machinery operates. They make sleeping at scout camp really nice too. (Don't tell my scouts that, or they will be up pulling pranks and I won't hear a thing. )

I assume the replacement water heater is getting a drain pan under it.

radracer said...

Since this is a 'Tune' post, perhaps noise-cancelling headphones are in order?

rabidrunner said...

Winder! I was so busy being a grown-up that I spaced that. Gonna do it now.

Rad, I have noise canceling head phones. How any parents lives without is beyond me.

Andrea B. said...

Boo, is right!! So sorry!! I like noise cancelling headphones - smart idea!

Jenn said...

Seven years, houses ago (I sound like a confused Abe Lincoln), our new home was about 98% finished when the builder screwed up, badly, and flooded the house from the UPstairs. We walked in to find it had been raining in our living room for an entire weekend. I have recurring house/water dreams to this day. Which is to say, I feel your pain.

megan said...

Cheer up Charlie January is over in about 12 hours!! yippee!! One month down and 3 more to go eh? It can only go uphill from here :)

rabidrunner said...

Oh Jenn. That is a sad story. I've decided that water is the ultimate paradox... totally necessary and life sustaining but equally destructive.

I explained this philosophical paradox to the guy who came in to help. To which he said, "I always say, 'God did not intend for water to go through pipes.'"

He should know. He cleans up water for a living.

Megan! Yay! January ends today. (I must say that I'm enjoying myself. Weird, right? Weird. Must have been the vacation.)

Makell said...

So sorry about the water! If it makes you feel any better, I just had a " I hear a drip, it must be the shower faucet not turned off all the way, I'm late so I'll just get it when I get home,Is that my basement ceiling falling through, end up paying the $1000 deductible to fix it" experiences myself.
It was awesome! I love live and learn experiences.