Monday, January 09, 2012

Olympic Hopefuls: Adam and Kara Goucher


Today's Olympic Hopefuls are Adam and Kara Goucher.  They're married.  Isn't that sweet?  They're going to run the Olympic Trials together!  (Spouse?  Can we run an Olympic Trials Marathon together?  Pretty please?  As if a pretty please and an eyelash batting will get me to the Olympic Trials.  As! If!)

Kara was born in Queens, New York, but moved to Duluth, Minnesota at age four when her father was killed by a drunk driver.  Kara started running at age six.  She says, "I love to run. I truly believe I was born to do it. My quest for the perfect race is an adventure that never loses its excitement for me." She competed in high school, and later ran for the University of Colorado where she graduated in 2001.

Kara ran well at shorter distances (1500, 5000, 10000), but discovered in 2007 that maybe longer races were her forte.  In 2007, she ran a 1:06:57 half marathon, which made her the fastest American woman ever to run that distance.  In 2008, Kara competed in the Bejing Olympics – the 5000 and 10000 – and nailed some personal bests.  She didn't medal in Bejing, but was well on her way to greatness.

Kara's marathon debut was during the fall of 2008 with a dizzyingly fast New York in 2:25:53.  Kara took third and established herself as America's next great distance runner.  In 2009, she ran the Boston marathon in 2:32:25.  In 2010, she had a baby boy and named him Colt.  In 2011, she returned to the Boston to finish in 2:24:52 – her new personal marathon best.

Until recently, Kara has trained with distance running legend Alberto Salazar.  She and Adam live and run in Portland, Oregon.  You can follow Kara's blog here.

Adam Goucher was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  In 1993, Adam won the Footlocker National High School Cross Country Championship, which, seriously, is a big deal.  Big.  Like Adam was the fastest high school aged boy in the nation for 1993.  See?  Big deal.   Adam also ran for the University of Colorado.  I presume this is where the couple met, but have yet to discover the story.  So for now, I guess we get to "guess" the specifics of the Goucher romance.

In 2000, Adam qualified for the Olympic Team in the 5000 and competed in the Sydney Olympics.  He placed 13th.  From 2000 on, Adam has struggled with some significant injuries.  He didn't make the Olympic team in 2004 due to an achilles problem.   He has spent the last few years running with and supporting his lovely wife, Kara.

Adam qualified for the Olympic Trial marathon at the Philadelphia Rock 'n Roll half marathon with a time of 1:04:53.  Those Gouchers like their times in the 52 and 53 seconds, don't they?  Also, did you know you can qualify for the Olympic Trial marathon by running a half?  Or even a 10k?  It's true.  Check it out.

Adam wrote a book recently. It's called Running The Edge.  Kara also wrote a book.  It's called Kara Goucher's Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons.

I'm super excited to see what these Gouchers end up doing this weekend.  Aren't you?  Gads, this is exciting!


Tia said...

I, for one, will be tuned in to the Olympic Trials this Saturday, albeit from Scottsdale, Arizona. I idolize these two, not just for their running prowess but also for having such a passion for the same sport -- running -- and making it "work" (it is their job, after all) in their marriage. Imagine having your favorite hobby be your job? I scarce can take it in. Little Colt is destined for great things. :)

Miko said...

Dizzingly amazing. All 3 of you! Yes, I just put you in the same category as the Gouchers. Good luck to you this weekend- you will be running like a COLT. Probably even faster than that!

camran said...

I know the Goucher's story, cuz I'm a stalker like that! We'll have to discuss them on a run sometime, but not anytime soon cuz I'm in no shape to run, especially not with miss fast pants like you! I think if I were to see them on the streets I would scary the holy you know what right out of them, cuz I would greet them like close friends cuz I'm off kilter just enough to think we really are friends! I actually meet Adam a few times in college at different races and was quite smitten with him to tell the truth!