Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Amazon on the Internet

Amazon is my BFF.  Oh how Amazon is my BFF.  I'm going to contact the copyright people in charge of that Twelve Days of Christmas tune, and ask that "Partridge in a Peartree" be changed to "Amazon on the Internet."  That way, the beloved phrase "Amazon on the Internet" can be repeated twelve (or is it thirteen?) delicious times.

Partridge in a Peartree?  So not useful.  Amazon?  Useful.  And Amazon Prime?  Eee gads.

This was Christmas 2009.  Lookie how Amazon even does the wrapping.

Isn't that beautiful?  Brings tears of joy just looking at it.

Here's a closeup of their fabulous wrap jobs.  
Also note that I have blurred the addresses so you freaks cannot figure out where I live.

How on earth did we handle Christmas without Amazon?  Tune in next time when I tell you about how UPS is my other BFF (HELLO BROWN!  You can do LOTS for me!)  Without UPS, Amazon is just as useful as a Partridge in a Peartree.


Aubrey said...

LOVE. Don't wrap em I say.

megan said...

Of course if AMAZON is hooked up to your husbands email then it would be bad...or perhaps a preview of what was under the tree...

whitneyingram said...

I ordered loads from the Amazon for Christmas this year. I also order batteries, maple syrup, diapers and book, of course.

Amazon needs a nickname. Get on that.

radracer said...

We need lyrics to "Oh, Amazon, Oh Amazon..." to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree."

Get on that too, will you?

Jessica said...

That gift wrapping is another reason to love you.

My25Cents said...

Amazon Prime?! Preach on, sister! I can't imagine my life of living a continent away (no lie) from all family members (7 siblings, 12 nieces/nephews and a BOATload of outlaws).
Best $79 bucks spent.