Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank You For The Music – Tuesday Tune, vol 101

Um.  It's Thanksgiving-time.   I really don't understand Thanksgiving.  I mean, I understand the part about Abraham Lincoln declaring it a national day of thanksgiving, but I don't really understand the need to overdo the food preparation and consumption.  

My favorite Thanksgiving ever was the one Spouse and I spent eating vedge in Pune, Maharashtra (India.) That was my favorite (even rode a camel!) Since, I get all sorts of weepy around Thanksgiving because I want to go back.  Badly.  Somehow the addition of a cranberry chutney to the traditionally stuffed bird doesn't do the trick.

While I don't understand the mass quantities of food and the stuffer-fest, I do understand the part about spending time with family and the part about being thankful.  That's why today's Tuesday Tunes are all about being Thankful.

I'm thankful for many things.  But guess what's in the top five of my all-time thankful faves?  Music.  That's why today's Tuesday Tune is:

Thank You For The Music - ABBA

And some others:

Gratitude - Oingo Boingo
Thank You - Led Zeppelin
Saving Grace (Theme) - Everlast
Thank the Lord for the Night Time - Neil Diamond
Gratitude - Paul Cardall
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again - Sly & The Family Stone
Messiah, HWV 56 - But Thanks Be To God - Handel
Thank You - Tori Amos
Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
Gratitude - Earth Wind & Fire
Full Of Grace - Sarah McLachlan
Thank You - The Pipettes
Thanks A Lot - Johnny Cash
Grace - U2
Amazing Grace - Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues
Thanks for Nothing - Danton Eeprom
(Not really a gratitude song, but it's kickin' and says "thank" in the title)
Thank You - Alanis Morissette
State Of Grace - Seal
I Thank You - ZZ Top
Gratitude - Mika
Thank You - Dido

For the record, WE HAVE SNOW (!), which means the Thanksgiving Boycott will be in full swing this year.


Aubrey said...

Have I told you about my new pedagogical fascination with Neil Diamond? Trying everything to somehow weave his voice into my final research.

Beautiful post. We will get to hang, and not over stuff or stress.

Happy Thanksgiving...and put down a run for us.

Jenn said...

I made a Thanksgiving themed Spin mix for my class, which includes songs like Everbody Eats When Thet Come to My House, Eat to the Beat, and Drank so Much Last Night, I just Feel Stupid. Much fun! Can't use it here, though, as it would be lost on the Germans. Enjoy the family time. And the music!