Monday, November 14, 2011

Intervals are Fun!

When I'm out running, I sometimes do this thing called intervals.  

Intervals?  What are intervals?  I'll tell ya what are intervals.  Intervals are that one thing... where you run (bike, ski, slobber) faster for a designated distance or a designated time, then follow that surge with a recovery of some designated distance or time.  

For example, tomorrow's plan calls for 8 to 10 intervals of one minute with a one minute recovery. This is that one thing... where you run fast for a minute, jog for a minute, then rinse 'n repeat, like, 8 to 10 times.  On another occasion, one might run intervals of 400 meters with 200 meters recovery, or even 400 meters with one minute of recovery.  Alternatively, one could do that one thing... where you run four minutes then recover for 100 meters.  There are many surge/distance/time/recovery/distance/time options.  (Four to be precise.)

This can be tedious.  For one must watch the watch to count minutes, or find a track or other marked territory.  Now that it is dark all of the time, it's beyond tedious because the watch cannot be seen easily. (Unless you're a bat or vampire, in which case you prolly have rabies, which means you are rabid and I'm jealous.)

Well folks, that tedium is no longer, for the Rabid has discovered the "interval" feature on her fancy Garmin 305, which, I'm embarrassed to admit has been owned for, like, three years.  That's three years of tedious intervals that needn't be tedious – if only I would have read the darn manual.

Today is your lucky day because I've taken the time and... uh-hem... know-how to provide you with a tutorial.  This way, no matter what your intervalling action – run, bike, walk, climb, beat-the-kids, or nookie – you'll have the proper tools.

Step 1: Click the Mode button.  Scroll down to "Training" and select enter.


Step 2: Scroll down to "Workouts" and select enter.


Step 3: Scroll down to "Interval" and select enter.


Step 4: View the many options.  All four of them.  Figure out which options you plan to use.


Step 5: Scroll down to your option and select the one you want.  For this exercise, I chose "Time/Rest Time" 'cause that's what I'm doing tomorrow.


Step 6: Chose your options (time or distance for each interval and the number of "reps.")  When the options are chosen, select "done" and you're ready to roll.


The watch will sort of "yell" at you with a fancy beeping when it's time to switch-up your interval.  Run/bike/walk/climb/beat/nookie your first interval until you hear the fancy beep.  Perform your recovery run/bike/walk/climb/beat/nookie until you hear yet another fancy beep.  Rinse 'n repeat x amount of times, where x is a number of your choosing.

See?  Intervals are Fun!


StupidBike said...

Besides the fact that intervals are fun killers, that beep, i never hear it, for the slobbering and heavy breathing is too loud, so I keep looking down to see the time and crash into stuff.

fun killer.

danalynn said...

I just got the Garmin 610, it actually vibrates at the end of the interval. Now if I could just get my little monster baby on a schedule so I can get out early in the morning instead of watching the laps crawl by on the treadmill.

On another note, I love your posts. You have the incredible talent of making something so ordinary, very entertaining to read!

Jenn said...

Dude. DUDE!!! A revelation (slightly different on the 405 whose directions I never read, but close enough)! THANK YOU!

Blackdog said...

Nookie? Who wears the watch? Do you each get one? I have so many questions. Where is Dr Ruth when you need her?

Jessica said...

I agree with Danalynn. You've a knack for being entertaining.