Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Trails - Tuesday Tune, vol 100

For the Tuesday Tune, in its hundredth running, I was hoping to do something special.  I racked both my brains and all of itunes for some help with the 100th Tuesday Tune.  Received nothing.  Throwing you all a few songs with "100" or "hundred" in the title was just too easy.

In my short life – eleven years shy of a half century – I've learned that the more you force something (like ideas, creativity, or Spouse) the less you get.  I decided to lay low on the Tuesday Tune until an idea of centurion quality slapped me silly.

That happened today.  My friend Tina posted it on Facebook.  Today, November 8th 2011, election day*, would be the 100th birthday of the one and only Roy Rogers.  And that's why the 100th Tuesday Tune is:

Happy Trails – Roy Rogers

So there you go.  Happy Trails to you!  And remember "It's the way you ride the trail that counts" and "Just sing a song [to] bring the sunny weather."

*FYI, we've already had a Tuesday Tune about voting.  Click there if you're interested.  And you might be interested because it displays my formula for voting.

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Jessica said...

100th Tuesday Tune?! Ho boy, you've got some staying power here on The Internets.

(Oh, and so true about the forcing of the spouse. So true.)