Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve's Boogie - Tuesday Tune, vol 97

I've seen quite a few inventions in my lifetime.  The microwave.  The personal computer.  The internet.  The dishwasher.  The video disc player that turned into the Betamax then evolved into something called the VHS which was trumped by the DVD and now the Blue Ray.   There's also the cassette tape that morphed into the CD that finally morphed into the MP3.

Of all the inventions I've seen, nothing – I mean, absolutely, honestly nothing – has changed my life more than the iPod.  Not the "mp3 player" mind you, because I've had a few of those and they didn't change my life much.  The iPod, with it's companion iTunes, has changed my life dramatically.  It's by far one of the greatest material, tangible things I've ever owned.

I have a 160 gig iPod Classic that holds all of my music.  It stays in the car.  I have an 80 gig iPod Classic that I keep around for kicks – just in case; can't bring myself to get rid of it.  I also have a 2 gig iPod Shuffle that I use for exercise, and finally, I have an iPhone.  Spouse has an iPod Nano and an iPhone, Yahoo #1 has an iPod Touch, and Yahoo #2 is saving money for his very own iPod Touch.

My job requires the use of computers.  A little over a year ago, I ditched the PC and went Mac. I now work on a 27-inch iMac or a 13-inch MacBook Pro. We watch TV.  We ditched the cable and replaced it with a Mac Mini.  As a bonus the Mac Mini is great for streaming music.  And if I need speakers any where or how, I hook 'em up to an Airport Express.  

Basically, there's an Apple in every room of our house.  And all of these Apples were made possible by the one, the only, the visionary, Steve Jobs. 


To commemorate, celebrate, and decorate – today's Tuesday Tunes are for Steve Jobs.  Boogie in peace, friend.  Boogie in Peace.

Steve's Boogie – Eric Johnson
Let's Make A Better World – Dr. John
Life and Death – The Dear Hunter
The Leader of the Pack – Shangri-Las
Song For A Friend – Jason Mraz
The Power of One (Change the World) – Israel Houghton
Made For Us – Mackintosh Braun
From Which I Came/A Magic World  – Eels
You've Got A Friend In Me – Randy Newman
Takin' Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
New World Man – Rush
Life In Technicolor – Coldplay
Three Steps to Heaven – Eddie Cochran
Genius Next Door – Regina Spektor
Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Magic Man – Heart
Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone – Bill Withers
Apples – Delhi 2 Dublin
Some Kind Of Wonderful – Grand Funk Railroad
Computer Heat – Cansei de Ser Sexy
Revolution – The Beatles
Mr. Magic – DJ Shadow
Changes – David Bowie
Man On The Moon – R.E.M.
Song For A Friend – Jason Mraz
All Over the World – Electric Light Orchestra
Modern Man – Arcade Fire
Meet Me In Heaven – Johnny Cash
The Boss – James Brown
Hero – Jars Of Clay
Macho Man – The Village People
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA – Devo
Happily Ever After – He Is We
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) – Green Day


Lynnie said...

Love it. The iphone and ipods in my life have truly changed my world for the better. RIP Jobs.

Jessica said...

My very first iPhone should arrive in the mail on Friday. I'm so excited, and sad it took me so long.