Monday, October 03, 2011

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Marathon #20, and my 9th St. George was a great success.  I believe each and every marathon is its own version of success.  A marathon is either fast and furious, or slow and slumbering.  One marathon might leave you feeling boss, while yet another will slap you with the humility-hand – so hard that you wonder if you're mostly monkey and raised by humans.  All marathons leave a great story.  All marathons teach a lesson.  This is what makes all marathons a success.

Let's start by getting on and over with the mumbo-jumbo: Had the usual taters 'n salt for breakfast; saw Spouse and Yahoos at Snow Canyon (mile 16); also saw Tina; also saw Becca; chirped with glee over seeing all these loved ones; Becca ran a stretch with me; had a perfectly conservative 20 miles, even with the hills, even felt I had reserved plenty for final stretch; it got hot; I got thirsty; I slowed down considerably; took giant big-stick popsicle from stranger at mile 23ish, it wasn't candy, so give a girl a break; finished in 3:14:12; second fastest of my marathoning mayhem; whah-whah-whah-whaaaaah-whah-whah.

It was a great day.  My performance was decent for the summer's training and the conditions of the day, there was suffering, there was fun.  My favorite part of the day, however, had nothing to do with me, other than the fact that I was there to hear the story.

First, let me introduce you to this dynamic-dynamo, daddy-daughter duo:


This is Triabry and his daughter Danielle.  I've known them somewhere around six years.  We run in the same circles, and when I say "run" I really do mean "run." It's not figurative-ese for hanging out while doing a various assortment of activities.  We really do run in circles together.  Sometimes we shake it up and run in a 400-meter oval.

Triabry, one who swims and does many "tris" or triathlons, just ran his 23rd St. George; Danielle ran her 12th.  Each year, they travel to St. George as a family and partake in the marathoning festivities.

The morning of the race, we were waiting to get on the bus and Danielle was telling a story about rabbits.  It's not a Lenny story, or a Glenn Close story, or even a Bugs Bunny story.  It is Danielle's story, and it will forever and ever be Danielle's Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! story.  It goes something like this:

There's a legend, that on the first day of each month, and on your first speaking, hearing, etc, if you say Rabbit! Rabbit Rabbit!, you'll have a great month.  Danielle told us all about how she had a grade-school teacher who got her started on the superstition.  She also explained that after learning of this legend, Danielle has squawked a triumphant "Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!" on the first day of each and every month since.

Now there's some fine print to acquiring this Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! luck.  The words must be said by you, and by you very first.   No one can say anything, and you certainly cannot say anything else.  If you mumble a "quit snoring" at your beloved, or if a Yahoo runs in with nightmarish tales, the Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! is null and void.

(Danielle is not hitched and has no Yahoos.  I was just trying to point out that being married with kids, and doing the Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! would be quite a challenge.)

This, the 35th St. George marathon, was set to take place on October 1st.  That's the first day of the month.  And just before retiring the night before – (that night before being September 30th) – Danielle instructed the entire family that there would be no talking to her until she was able to get her Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! out.  

The family, being altogether acquiescent and amiable and affable and all the other "a" words, agreed.  The next morning, on October 1st, Danielle was able to pronounce herself rabbitable, by performing a solicitous Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! recital.

After which Danielle ran a 2:51 marathon, and placed 5th.

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! indeed. 


TriaBry said...

Very nice comments! I may have texted you incorrectly, this was my 23rd St George and 40th total. You raced an amazing race!! It has been very fun to go to the races with Danielle. For most, I say go get em and see her at the end! She ran a race this summer without me and stated that she didn't know what to do without me! Maybe we are a team...Thanks Rabidrunner.

rabidrunner said...

Your text was right. Evidently, I cannot read! It's been adjusted. Thanks for being you!

Tia said...

You all inspire me! May running continue to bind us all together and keep a common goal in our lives, putting one foot in front of the other in a forward motion. Running rules, quite simply. I love my running friends, especially the rabid ones. ;-)

bendone said...

What a great duo.