Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RUN DMC - Tuesday Tune, vol 94

On Saturday, last, The BYU and University of Utah were playing some football.  This game is a big deal around here.  BIG deal.  A Big Rivaling Deal.  Colors (BYU blue – U of U Red) are worn, children are costumed, and derogatory remarks are thrown back and forth over twitter, facebook, and various street corners.

This game is the game of the season; a big deal.  So big is this deal, that most stay in to watch it.  And if you're my dad Mikey, you go to your friendly neighborhood bar so as to enjoy it with a frothy pint of Amber Ale (or two.)  This Mikey, watching the local football rivalry at the local bar is quite a combo, because Mikey is true blue BYU – through and through.  I suppose you need to live around here to appreciate the rarity of a beer-drinking BYU fan.

Now, being as most are in watching the game – either in a home, or in the stadium, or in a bar  – the streets, and the stores, and the restaurants are empty.  I don't like crowds.  This BYU vs U of U game is a prime errand-running, shopping, and eating-out opportunity.  Which brings me to the point of this Tuesday Tune episode. (Finally!)

In the dead of the BYU vs U of U evening, Yahoo #1 and I were out buying some school clothes.  He was in a dressing room, dressing.  I, being one who has trouble waiting, was wandering around looking at stuff, when what do my wandering eyes see?  A RUN (freaking!) DMC t-shirt.

Holy rap.

I bought that shirt.  Without even thinking about it.  And I wore that shirt with pride on Monday, as can be seen in Exhibit A: RabidRUNner in RUN DMC t-shirt:


Rad, right?  Rad.

Here's where the story gets interesting, however.  I was out with the Yahoos, and had ventured into an undisclosed location to purchase a new super-human-shock-absorbant phone protector.  While in this undisclosed location, a tall, um... very dark, handsome, and very gentlemanly employee says, "Someone's wearing a RUN DMC t-shirt."

So I get excited.  "Serious!  Isn't it rad? Total find of the decade."

(Picture this:  White, middle-aged mom sporting a classic rap tee.  Oh right.  You can picture it because there's a picture up there.)

"Alright then, name three RUN DMC songs," he says.

Obviously, this very dark 'n handsome employee didn't know who he was dealing with, did he.  He was dealing with a rabid listener-of-everything-hard-core-fan-of-none.  I listen to it all bro.  All.  Especially the rap of old; the happy rap of the 80s; the rap that transpired before rap turned into a bunch of eff'n, n-words this, and suck my thats.

In the which I proceeded to name my favorite RUN DMC tunes, which are:

You Talk Too Much
You Be Illin'
Walk This Way
Run's House
Mary, Mary
King of Rock
It's Tricky
Hard Times
Down With the King
Christmas in Hollis
Can You Rock it Like This


StupidBike said...

I am sad that


isn't on your list

buggin actually.

Celeste said...

I need more information please. What did the guy think about that? Cuz that is rad. Nothing like vindication. Like when the stupid young'ns think that cover of an awesome early 90s song is so original & you can regale them with tales of seeing the actual artist in concert way back when.
"Yes I am a legitimate person. With interests and a history, not just your primary president, you eleven year old pop music loving douche."

megan said...

I feel the need to share a RUN story with you. I was about to give birth to my 4th and final child and instead of opting for the epidural to end my pain I asked for my ipod. I put the plugs in my ear turned that sucker on and cranked it (I think I was mistaking the volume button for a morphine drip) and the first song that comes on??? I wasn't paying attention :) but my nurse next to me said "is that RUN DMC?".
It was.
She burst out laughing.
So did I...then I started my controlled breathing.

rabidrunner said...

StupidBike, I'm puma, not adidas. If I were to post said song it would be like proclaiming my love for the Libertarian party when everyone knows that I'm a virtuous pervertarian.

And Celeste? Holy, holy, that was funny. Funny, funny. Started my day with a great giggle. "Eleven year old pop music loving douche" shall stick around for a while. Yes ma'am.

Megan, which RUN song were you birthing to? I'd say every birthing playlist needs a RUN song. And you're so lucky, getting to have some rap with your morphine drip.

megan said...

Walk this way...It was the heavy guitar intro that gave it away. To this day, whenever I bump into that L&D nurse she still starts laughing - I have a feeling I have been used as a "distraction story" for many mothers...just not the ones that go in with hymns on the pod.

StupidBike said...

I went to see the Beastie Boys and Run DMC in Cincinnati in 1989, i have no memory of anything but the first half of the Beasties set. Luckily, it isn't old age. the next morning i had no memory either.

Ron Sims said...

I have a black RUN DMC shirt. I love it. I also have a Beastie Boys tee. Nothing like 80's & early 90s Hip Hop!