Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Great Backup Project

At this very minute, I'm watching the Finder copy 28,402 files.... ope, now it's 28,367.  You should try watching files copy, it's a gas. Much like watching paint dry is a gas.  These 28,500ish files are all photos and they should be done copying in "about 2 hours."  After I'm done watching the photos copy (all 28,500ish), I'm going to copy my itunes library.  That might take only 1.5 hours.

Where, pray tell, am I copying these files?  These bad boys are going on a hard drive, and that bad boy hard drive is going in a fire proof safe.  The plan is to take the hard drive out of the fire proof safe each month, give it an update, and put it back in the fire proof safe for all time and protective infinity (or at least the next month when I do the backup again.)  This is an additional backup to the backup that I keep in the house.

I'm giddy about this, really.  Super, duper excited.  Calling it a backupgasm.

Additionally, I'd like to take this file-copy-watching opportunity to remind you all to go backup your photos, files, and music.  Go do it, anyway and how, so as to annihilate any anguish that might accompany a hard-drive-related atrocity.

Hey, look at that!  Only 23,461 files to go!


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Isn't backing all this stuff up in a fire-protected environment what the cloud* is for?

*I love this term. As if there's just one. And as if it's any different from a normal datacenter connected to the interwebs. Marketing spin at its best.

rabidrunner said...

In theory, you are correct. That's what the cloud is for. And I am using a cloud. But being as I test software, and have had 15+ experience testing this software, I'm no dummy. I will never let any software company with a vaporous service have destiny over my precious photos. I need something concrete to represent my backup. Not fluffy stuff in the air that dissipates easily. And if that doesn't cover my distaste for it all, let's add that a nebulous term like "cloud" confuses granny even more than she's already confused.

I'm triple protected.

Holy tangent. Tune in next time when I tell you about how I refuse to let any of my loved ones work for a backup company named "Mozy." Good grief. "Mozy" does not represent the manner in which I want my data protected. Who thought up this name?