Friday, September 09, 2011

Born Again

I have received the compliment of all compliments.  Until this week, I didn't know that there was a such a thing – the compliment of all compliments.  I always thought that compliments in excess are nothing more than a vat of hallow flattery.  This is not true, compliments in excess can be sincere.

For the last month, Jessica has been sending me random postcards.  One here, two there, three a few days later.  On the first postcard, Jessica gave strict instructions for holding onto these postcards because they are the pieces of a puzzle.   Therein lies compliment #1: She likes me enough to send a month's worth of post cards.  That alone is saying something.

Each of these hand written postcards had a little message.  Each contained some form of tribute to me and to friendship; each contained a distinctly heart-felt and sincere compliment.  Jessica also sent a few to Megan and The Winder to help.  Megan and The Winder said some distinctly sincere and heart-felt stuff too.  Therein lies compliment #2: She was able to come up with (or delegate) a month's worth of compliments.  

Because I always do as is instructed, I hung onto those postcards, anticipating its completion like another one of my goofy marathons.  After I had a bunch, I put them together:



What could it say?!  What does it mean?!  As if each finely crafted message on each finely crafted postcard wasn't enough... there's a master plan!  A secret message!  A week or two later, I thought maybe we were done, so I gave another stab at the puzzle.


So close!  Only two more!  What will that last word be?!

I'll tell you what last word is.  It's:


Compliment #3 is: The compliment of all compliments, "I'm so glad you were born."  You want to make a person's day, or even life, tell them you're glad they were born.

Jessica sure knows how to make a life worth being born.  (Which I hope is a close second to the compliment of all compliments.)