Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Timpanogos Half Marathon

This is a Race Report!  Race Report! Race Report! Race Report!

I feel like Steve Martin and his phone books.  This means you should picture me all spazzy and such.  I have a race report!  Race report!  I have a race report because I ran a race!  And my name ended up in the results!  In print!  Number 15 in women!  Number 2 in women aged 35-39!*  This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that makes people!  Things are going to start happening to me now!

*For the record, they handed me the Number 2 award in female 35-39 at the official award ceremony, but when I looked at the results on the web site, they say I'm number 3.  This has happened to me a few times.  They say one thing at the end of the race, but the "official" whatever on the site says something different.  This generally means that somebody, somewhere, got a bad shaft, and we'll never know who!  Note that I have the official Number 2 award in my possession, so I'm going with Number 2.  Hu hu hu hu hu.  Why do I feel like either Beavis or Butthead every time I type something about a "Number 2 Award?"  Hu hu hu hu. Number 2.  Hu hu hu hu.


Now that I've cooled significantly, let's back it up and start at the beginning.  On this last Saturday, July the 30th, I ran the Timpanogos Half Marathon.  Now, here's the fun part about this race: It was strangely familiar (like 8 miles familiar) to the AF Canyon Half Marathon that I ran just a month ago.  Why is this the fun part?  Because I could compare 'n contrast, that's why.

Rather than present you with a flowery description of the course, I'll just upload the Garmins for each.  First, I present to you, the map for the AF Canyon Half Marathon, which I completed in 1:32:25, a 6:59/mile average, but who's counting:


Next, I present you with the map for the Timpanogos Half Marathon, completed in 1:30:22, a 6:52/mile average, but who's counting:


See the difference?  The first 8 miles are the same, the rest is different except for the spot that it finishes.  In my professional opinion, I'd have to say that the AF Canyon Half is faster.  However, due to that silly Wasatch Back Relay, I was unable to run at par, and ran it two minutes slower.  (Catch that?  Might need to read that sentence a few times to get my drift.)  Here it is again, just another way.  Even though the AF Canyon Half is a faster course, I ran it slower.

Both the AF Canyon and the Timpanogos Half Marathons were spectacular races.  Spectacular.  If I were a picking person (which I am, but I'd say I'm more along the lines of a "picky" person as opposed to a "picking" person) I have to say that hands and feet down, the AF Canyon Half marathon is a better race.

The AF Canyon is better because it's faster, better organized, $20 less, benefited a charity, and provided the top finishers with some cool prizes.  The top three at the Timpanogos Half received little stuffed animals.  Cute, right?  Run yer guts out for an hour and change for a stuffed moose.  Also, the AF Canyon Half started on time.  Bonus for starting on time!  We runners like the business of starting on time.

Will I do the AF Half again next year?  You betcha.  Will I do the Timpanogos Half next year?  You betcha.  Loved them both.  One awesome thing about the Timpanogos Half, is that it also has a full marathon.  I'm thinking about doing that one next year for the finishing medal alone.  The finishing medal is a sparkly dinner-plate sized medallion thing. If I earn one, rest assured that it will be converted into a dinner-plate-sized belt buckle.  Gonna wear it with my Wranglers and snake-skin sh** kickers.

(I don't have Wranglers or snake-skin sh** kickers.  But maybe if I earn one of them dinner-plate medallion things, and if I convert said dinner-plate medallion thing into a belt buckle, I might just need to fetch me some of them Wranglers and snake-skin sh** kickers.)

Now that we have covered the race itself, I must tell you all about my favorite part of this race.  It was Tina!  Tina came all the way from Logan to stay with me and run.  She and I haven't spent any time together since our New York Marathon jaunt, so it was good to spend the evening together catching up.  That Tina is a keeper.

Prerace Picture Off

Post-race Tom Foolery

My little brother with his blister.
 (He's not really my little brother but I wish he was my little brother.)

This friend I like to call "The Most Beautiful Girl in all the Land" because it's true. 
 She's the most beautiful girl in all the land.


Some girl with a funny shirt.



Jessica said...

Gosh, I love your race reports. It makes me proud. You're so freaking awesome. A 6:52 mile?!?! Spec-friggin'-tacular!

Hen Pecks said...

Can I please call you "friend," and can you acknowledge that you actually know me and have been at my house?

rabidrunner said...

Oh, you guys are fun. And funny! Although it might look good on paper (er blog post,) I'm still mediocre at best. I'm happy that I can run and breath hard and finish. However, I know and run with some fast folks. I could introduce you to some real speedy stars–many that have and will run me into the ground!

Julia said...

Wow Amber!! You smoked it!! Great job. That is SOOOO fast. I am so glad you are having such an amazing time running and doing so well. Loved the race report. You can count me in for the AF Canyon Half next year (unless I have a baby in the over of course).