Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Piano Man - Tuesday Tunes vol, 87

There's been some sadness 'round our parts.  We've had some bad news, and this bad news has been so tragic that I cannot bring myself to discuss it.  Whenever the topic comes up, I look the other way and sing a happy song.  I think about flowers and fruits and pastries.  I think about clouds and ferries to Vancouver Island.  I do not want to look this situation square in the face.

In the interest of history, however, and how I feel during certain parts of history, and how I generally keep track of how I feel during certain parts of history on this here blog, and how I should prolly start dealing with this tragic news instead of avoiding this tragic news, I had better do some recording about this bad news.

Ready?  The Yahoo's piano teacher is moving.

This is so bad.  Bad, bad.  Megan understood my grief – somewhat.  She said something about how losing the Yahoo's piano teacher was just like dropping her MacBook Pro, and ruining it beyond repair.  I told her that was close.  But actually, it is just like the Macbook Pro WERE NEVER INVENTED.

Do you see how bad this is?  Bad.

Imagine life without your Macbook Pro, then imagine how I feel about losing our beloved piano teacher, Rachel.  I asked the Spouse if we could move.  He said no, but we could buy an airplane to take the Yahoos to lessons each week.  Trouble is, we don't have cash laying around for a plane.  If we did have cash laying around for our very own plane, I would have surely gone to Portland for donuts yesterday.

Oh Rachel, dearest Rachel.  How we will miss you so.  How I wish we could get you to stay.  You can all expect a full tributary, complete with photos and videos and bonding rituals and whatnot.  Look for it soon.

Since we are now in the market for a new teacher, today's songs are inspired by:

Piano Man – Billy Joel

But here's some more:

Wrapped In Piano Strings – Radical Face
Unplayed Piano (Chris Lord-Alge Mix) – Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan
The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know – Panic! At the Disco
A Love Note from Your Piano  – Alaska In Winter
Piano Picker – Carpenters

And here are some of my classical favorites:

Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. #3, performed by Arther Rubenstein
Franz Liszt's La Campanella, performed by Josh Wright
Mozart's Rondo alla Turca, performed by me!  Just kidding.  Performed by someone else.
Chopin's Nocturne #2 in E Flat, an E is never flat.  Trust me, I've been an E.
Faure's Sicilienne, performed by someone on a Yamaha.  Evidently.

p.s. You there in St George, Utah?  You have no idea what kind of talent hurricane is coming your way!  No idea!  


whitneyingram said...

You know, there is a totally different version of "Piano Picker". And it's WAY more awkward.

rabidrunner said...

Oh Whitney. I know about your version of Piano Picking. I would call it fantastic instead of awkward.

tom lindsey said...

Does she teach the 'Shooting the keys' technique? No?

Well those Marx boys could only play like 5 songs and seemed to do all right. My advice, buy a couple of silly wigs, a Marx Brothers box set, and take the mornings off