Saturday, August 06, 2011

Personal Worsts are More Work than Personal Bests

Why is it, that a personal worst seems like more work than a personal best?  I asked Spouse this same question an hour go.  His reply was epic.  (I feel like dropping that epic word today, so I'll prolly drop that epic word multiple times, and I might even pull a fast one and call something amazing and epic.)

In reply to my personal-worsts-seem-like-more-work-than-personal-bests question, Spouse's epic reply was, "The joy of victory erases all pain."  See?  That was amazingly epic.

I pulled some fast Faulkner foreshadowing on you today.  Did you catch that?  That first paragraph was a hint that today's Jupiter Peak Steeplechase didn't turn out so great.  Holy crap, it was awful. Awfully fun, but awful none-the-less.

My subconscious pulled some fast Faulkner foreshadowing on me as well.  Spouse drove me to the race this morning.  On the way, I looked up at the great beyond, way up high with the airplanes, to that epic peak in the sky, that peak known as Jupiter, looming above like one of those two towers with Gollum on it, and said, "Do I really have to do this?"  I don't remember what he said, but like I'm ever going to plop down cash to run the most epic (and usually my favorite) race of the year, then bail 400 meters from the parking lot. (Seriously though, I could see 'n hear Gollum up there growling for his precious.)

Well, I showed up, and I ran/hiked all the way up, and ran like hell all the way down.  In years' past, (specifically, last year) I've been able run all the way to a ridge called Pioneer, which is pretty close to the mad scramble at the top.  This year, however, was not so good for running.  Great for hiking?  Yes.  But running?  Nada.  I've told everyone that I wobbled in 30 minutes slower than last year.  But after careful research, I can conclude that I was only 12 minutes slower.

Here's the official map from the web site:


And here's the proof from the watch that I actually did it:

Isn't that so cute how the Garmin map people call it "Jupiter Hill?"  
That ain't no hill.  That Jupiter is a mountain!


So what happened?  Besides the 3,490 feet of vertical?  Not sure.  And I'm not sure I care either.  Today was a great reminder.  A reminder that when participating in endurance activities, there will always be a rough day here and there.  I will not, however, call these rough days "bad."  For any day that the body will move is never a bad day.  And any day you can spend in the mountains of Utah is an amazingly epic day for sure.

I'll do it again next year.  It wasn't that rough.


Jenn said...

You have a good attitude. Amazingly epic, one might even say.

Tia said...

Once again, (about on a weekly basis now) you amaze me. WHO CARES what your time was??? YOU WERE THERE! YOU PARTICIPATED! AND YOU FINISHED!

Jessica said...

I like Tia. Ditto to what she said.