Monday, August 08, 2011

Jupiter Peak Inner Commentary

Saturday's Jupiter Peak left me with some inner commentary.  This inner commentary has been mulling about for many hours.  I figured that if it's mulling about, there must be a reason.   That's why today's post is about making my mullings public.

The E Word
Here's the trouble with recreating on single track around here – each and every person on it believes the trail belongs to them, and only them. The Park City folks claim the trail because they live in town, pay the taxes, and it's their back yard.  Racers demand dominion, because they paid good, hard-earned cash to be there, and each has a numbered bib to prove it. Other racers, prolly 90%, postulate privilege because their podium positioning depends upon it.  Outta my way!  There's only 300 in front of me, but I'm gonna pass 'em all on a single track, just watch!

There's also the hikers, who, in their vested virtue, are using the trails the way The Grand Creator intended, on foot; not running, and certainly not cycling.  Finally, we have the cyclist.  Most are generous about crowds, but a few elitist egotists demand full reign because, well, just look at how awesome they are.  Their awesomeness alone should have the city council waving a submissive white flag in their honor.  Look at you climb!  No one else is worthy!  The trail is all yours!  Follow me to the court house pronto!  And we'll turn it all over to you, and only you!

The E word.  Entitled.  That's what they are.  My Jupiter Peak adventure was full of the Entitled.  About a mile and a half into the race, a group of us racers were trotting along when we came upon a hiker.  A gentleman ahead of me said, "Can we get by you please?" and she replied with a "Sure thing asshole."  That was the first run-in.

The second one came on the way down.  I came upon another runner, one sporting the head phones.  So I said, "Can I get by you?"  He said nothing, and I figured he couldn't hear me, so I said it again.  "CAN I GET BY YOU SIR?"  Still nothing, so when the trail opened a bit, I darted past him.  He wasn't pleased.  But here's the deal with headphones on a a crowded single track – if you cannot hear the twigs breaking, or the stomping behind you, then your tunes are too loud.  Maybe I should have tapped him on the shoulder, or pinched his tight little toosh?  Next time.

The rest were cyclists coming up.  Pretty much every cyclist I came upon was a near crash, and most were ticked that there was a race that day.  When I could see them coming, I jumped off the the trail.  Some of the corners were blind, however, and neither of us could see much.  One girl coming around the corner looked at me and yelled "BIKE!" so I jumped off.  She said thanks, and I said, "Sure thing, babe." Cause that's the kind of gal I am – the kind that will jump off so as to avoid a crash.

Shortly after the BIKE! babe, I heard some guy crash, then yell "There are bikes on this trail!  Watch the eff out."  And when I finished, a received word that a girl I know actually had a collision with an uphill cyclist.

Saturday was extremely crowded.  And everyone felt they were there first.  So what's the protocol? Trail rules say that the uphillers should yield to the downlhillers.  This meant all racers had the right-of-way.  But when speed is involved, there isn't time for a decent yielding; there's only time for a panicked reaction.

Next year, I would suggest that the Mountain Trails folks post a sign at the bottom of various trailheads to warn travelers that a race is happening and to expect a crowd.  Might not hurt to remind them that the race is a fundraiser for said trails.  Then we could all slow down a touch and be considerate.  I realize that our beloved workouts might suffer because of this, but we'll all be alive and unharmed, yes?

After I've coerced the trail community to slow down and be considerate, I'll get right to work on the drivers of Utah.  The whole lot of them.  Wish me luck.

Attention Race Directors!
Wanna make more money at your race?  It's super easy.  All you have to do is provide an ugly shirt with the race, then present the option to buy a super cool shirt.  That's what the Mountain Trails people did.  They gave us all this ugly shirt, but had a "limited edition" La Sportiva on display that we could take home for just $15 more.  Did I buy the super cool shirt?  No, but Spouse did!  I heart Spouse.  He knows a super cool t-shirt when he sees one.

Exhibit A, ugly race shirt:


Exhibit B, Super Cool Race Shirt:

See?  No comparison.  Wouldn't you pay more for the super cool shirt?  
Or at least get your Spouse to pay more for the super cool shirt?

Let's Hear it for Humans
Did you know that I'm human?  Sure am.  But did you know that among us humans there are non-humans?  It's true.  These non-humans can do super human things.  Like run up 3000 vertical feet, then back down, a total of 15 miles, and do so in 1:51. That's one hour, 51 minutes.

How do they do that?  Forget the fitness.  I'm talking about the footing.  How do you run 6:00 minute miles on a trail and not trip?  Blows my mind.  I'm human.  Those freaks are not.  And it's high time I stop comparing myself to those non-human freaks.

And Humans Take Pictures
While I was climbing this mountain as a human, I decided that humans take pictures. Non-humans don't take pictures because they're always going too fast.  If they were to take photos, the photos would end up blurry (that fast thing, you know.)   When I succeeded to a race that would most definitely blow chunks, I stopped for photos.  Glad I did.  I mean, it'd be tragic if I never made it up there again, and didn't have any photos.  You never know when your last trip will actually be your last...

See that mountain in the background?  That's The Peak.   I'm almost there, and I'm trying to hide the grimace.  Doesn't look like I'm any good at hiding the grimace, though. It's a grimace that says, "holy crap, I gotta climb that thing." Notice the anti-embelism socks, that, contrary to Skibikejunkie belief, do wonders for the calves.

Aid station with gummy bears, pretzels, Swedish fish, Powerade, water, and digested cat food mixed with raisins and formed into a bar of some sort.  Stuck with my pomegranate Honey Stingers. 



In the Which I Reveal that I'm a Hypocrite
After the race on Saturday, I had posted some thoughts on my rough day.  Jenn commented about my attitude; something about my attitude being "awesomely epic." In full disclosure, I must confess that the finish brought with it a complete I-suck-at-this-I'm-going-to-quit-running meltdown.  The kids were not impressed.  "Mom!  You're swearing!  Quit swearing!" they said.

This is their "Mom, quit swearing face."  
Either that or they aren't pleased with me positioning a photo in front of a pink bike.

To add further insult to my already melting meltdown, the race people were selling those super cool shirts, would only take cash, and we didn't have enough cash on our person.  Spouse, being the super cool spouse that he is, said, "Let's go to a store for a drink or something and get some cash."

So that's what we did.  We went to the store for cash, and while we were there I grabbed a bottle of pickles.  On the way back, I swallowed eight baby dills whole and guzzled a few tablespoons of the juice.  Pickles and juice are where it's at!  Partaking the pickles pushed-out miss pissy-pants and replaced her with the positivity princess.*

*Why does the letter "P" produce the most promise for alliterating?  It's true.  Do more words start with "P" than other letters or what?

Do it in Gore (TM)
And finally, we get to the highlight of the day.  The part where we bedecked ourselves head-to-ankle in everything Gore (TM) and jumped in the Gore (TM) hurricane booth.  Super cool, this Gore (TM) hurricane booth.  There was wind and rain.  And during the wind and the rain, we jumped around and wailed the "aaaa-aahh-ah" from Immigrant Song. Then we jumped some more and hollered – had to holler, it was noisy in there – "We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!" 

We walked out of Gore's (TM) hurricane booth dry.  Gore (TM) really works!  Check it out:





StupidBike said...

" Trail rules say that the uphillers should yield to the downlhillers. "

um, no, downhillers need to yield to uphillers.

kind of like the ski hill thing, you know
--People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.---
If they are ahead of ya, they are downhill of ya.

Anywho, Cyclists should yield to everyone, i agree the DH around a blind corner thing is hard to yield, but that goes back to

- Ride in control--

If you can't stop to avoid a runner/hiker/squirrel, you are not riding in control

--I imagine MTF will have a come to jesus meeting with some city officials, we did, kind of, except they love us :)

Several years ago a couple of buddies and I had a huge epic day in store, Climb BCC up to the crest, drop down to PC via Dead tree, ride a bunch o trails to the canyons, back track on teh Crest back down Mill D, Well, we hit mid mountain and discovered it was Mid Mountain Marathon day, so we bailed.

People are asses, self centered, entitled asses.

rabidrunner said...

So, there-in lies the problem. I asked two people on the way down, cyclists going up, who should yield to who. Each said they were supposed to yield to me. Then I asked someone else, and they gave me the opposite, then you, Stupidbike, have given the opposite again. That's two for two.

Now please hold while I check the official something-er-other. The official ruling says that downhill should yield to uphill if they are of the same type, and cyclists should yield to everyone on foot. So cyclist uphillers should yeild to foot-falling downhillers, but, like I said, when speed is involved, it doesn't matter. Both should do something to yield, yes? Or no.

Here's the quote trail etiquette at

"Most trails in the area are open for all non-motorized users, moving in both directions. Please remember that all users should yield to horses, and cyclists should yield to those on foot. When going downhill, yield to the uphill user (of the same type.)

We’re often asked how we handle multiple uses on our trails. Happily, there are few problems here, since most users are very courteous. Let’s keep that trend going! It’s a nice gesture to move off the trail and allow another user to pass — a practice which is pretty common around here.

So, even if you have the right-of-way, if it’s reasonably easy for you to yield to another, give it a try!"

I agree. Hell. I'm just going to go up there now with a soda, pick a spot, and yield all day.

StupidBike said...

i am the god of hell fire, so you must listen to me and my rules. has a very strong 'don't be a jerk' rule, we wanted it to be don't be a dick, but there are young uns involved.

interpretation of rules tends to follow ones self centered view of the world, really.

Then there ar ethe huindreds of times I have stopped on the Downhill to yield and gotten yelled at cause i am supposed to yield, Um I did yield.

Then there are teh blind corners that both directions descend into.

A few weeks ago I got yelled at, she yelled "BE CAREFUL!!!!" I was at a dead stop, having given her room to pass.

I'm going to start carrying a aerosol form of paxil.

rabidrunner said...

Pft. Aerosol paxil. That's funny.

Jenn said...

Hm. Part the first of this post makes me a little sad. I confess that I get very irritated inside when someone dares use MY trails (in a country not my own, where I don't even pay taxes, mind you, so yeah...entitled much!?) But I would never, ever display that emotion. I always say 'danke' as I pass, which does seem to surprise people, so maybe I am the only one.
But here, mostly, people are extremely courteous. Or maybe I just perceive them to be? Sometimes, people will say something as we pass, but everything in German sounds like you're being yelled at to eat your vegetables, so I always assume they're admiring my ability to be slow on a road bike or fit that tiny saddle under my gargantuan...saddle.

Jenn said...

Also? You're very much onto something with that aerosol Paxil. I want in on that action!

rabidrunner said...

Jenn, I didn't mean to convey that the rudeness is always like that. It's not. I went out today and everyone was super nice. The problem was that it was very crowded, and the crowd put people on edge. I think.

Sparks said...

You just scared my dog. I read your catfood granola bar thing and laughed really loud and startled the Soph from her repose.