Monday, August 01, 2011

If I Were A Rich Man


If I were a rich man, I'd grab a plane ride to Portland, grab three dozen Voodoo donuts, then fly right home.  If I were a rich man, I do stuff like that every day.  EVERY.  DAY.  It's not that they are great donuts (which they are) it's the spontaneous novelty.

Lately, I've been lacking this spontaneous novelty, and it appears as though I'm blaming the funding of this spontaneous novelty.

p.s. I started this on the facebook, then realized it was too deep for the facebook.  Also, I rewrote that last sentence, like, five times.  Holy crap, I'm a mess.  Anyone got any ideas for some spontaneous novelty?  Do share.


Jenn said...

I can't recall how old the oldest Yahoo is? In any event, my Mom was awesome at this type of thing...throw together a surprise haunted house on a rainy day when they're otherwise bored, serve dinner as a picnic in front of the fireplace...fried chicken, potato salad, red & white checked table cloth, the whole nine. I'll try to think of some other things, but the picnic at least is pretty easy and you were going to eat anyway, so in theory inexpensive.

StupidBike said...

I've been humming that damned fiddler on the roof song all day because of this post title.

Jenn said...

@StupidBike -- I came back to post that EXACT same comment! It's driving me nuts!!

rabidrunner said...

Maybe the two of you should know I was singing it all day too. It didn't drive me nuts though, it gave me great joy. And then today, when I discovered that I had disturbed the daily rituals of two (count 'em two!) people, gave me even more joy.

Because I like you both, I shall provide you with this:
If I Were a Rich Man 

(Click it. You know you want to. There's subtitles. Then you can not only hear, but see, Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.)

Jenn said...

I clicked it. Glutton for punishment. I'll get you back when you least expect it.