Sunday, July 24, 2011

Villain of Choice

If I could be any villain in the whole wide world, I'd pick Bellatrix.  That girl is Bad A.


Or perhaps I'd be the Red Queen.  She, also, is Bad A.


Oh, but then there's Mrs. Lovett.  Holy crap, a villain and a cannibal.  Bad A.


I think my obsession with the above Bad A villains has more to do with my lust for Helena Bonham Carter (aka Mrs. Tim Burton), than their individual badness.  That woman gives me chicken skin (and chicken skin is good!  Especially with butter.)  I hear that the next villainous adventure from Mrs. Burton is in the form of a terminator.  I can't wait to get chicken skin from a robot.


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Megan and Keli'i said...

You're right...HBC is a total bad ass. She gives me chicken skin too.

Gotta tell you, I always start running about 10 days after too, but you had me in stitches over your "calving" description! Yep, I always feel like a total cow...milking and all! Hahaha!