Friday, July 22, 2011

The Race Calendar

Spouse has asked for the race calendar.  With a text he said, "Are all of your races on 'the calendar?'"  I said not quite and got to it.  See Spouse and me share a Google calendar.  Sharing an on-line calendar has proven itself paramount in our parenting partnership.  When something comes up, you put it in the calendar.  If we both check the calendar on a regular basis, then we both know what's about to go down and out. Except for when one of the partners forgets to include events.  Like my part of the partner.

For giggles (cause somehow my race calendar gives me the giggles) I've decided to spell it out here. For all time and infinity.

June 30Timpanogos Half Marathon.  Tina's coming.  Yay! 
August 6Jupiter Peek Steeplechase. (Peak spelled Peek on purpose, 'cause I'm going to go to the top to have a peek. Isn't that what you do on peaks?  Peek?)
October 1 – St. George Marathon.  Number 9.  That's nine yays.
January 15 –  Houston Marathon.  Everyone says, "Why?"  and I always say "Why not?"

I'm sure some other stuff will come up.  But as of now, this is the plan.  What's on your race calendar?


Katy said...

I shall make a note of these dates as well... :)

Megan and Keli'i said...

I have decided that you are a little crazy and totally amazing and hard core. However did you survive your foaming at the mouth running addiction when you were pregnant?

StupidBike said...

I'm certain the frikkin hoighty toightee trail gnomes will be all over the Juptiter Pee k course markings. Don't end up at bald mountain

rabidrunner said...

Katy works with me and will therefore cover my behind on the home front while away. Although only one of them requires that I be "away."

Megan– I don't survive the not running of pregnancy very well. I eat a lot. And I always start running 10-days after the calfing. The doc always thinks its six weeks.

StupidBike– I anticipate hoighty toighty trail gnomes. For this reason, I have the course mesmerized!