Monday, July 18, 2011

Mondays (and sometimes other days) are RAD!

I'm a Monday person.  Always have been.  Mostly it's because I'm more productive and whatnot on Mondays.  Generally this is due to a return to routine after a pandemic cram-it-til-it pops weekend.  Summers are expecially chaotic.

Speaking of summer Mondays, these summer Mondays (and sometimes other days) are RAD!  And the reason they are RAD! is because in the summers, people participate in races, and then when they're done racing, they blog about it.

Am I the only one that gets all charged up about this?  Today's Monday was expecially RAD!  Here's why:

Anyone else have a race report worth reading and/or sharing?  Please do! Haven't written your race report from last weekend?  Well get on it already!

p.s.  I have the tour now.  Just in time for the Alps.  We found a computer and hooked it to the our main stage TV so that I can absorb the tour while I go about my morning business.   Even though I no longer "need" the Tour de POOR ME playlist, I'm still listening to it because it's RAD!

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Makell said...

I love Monday's, too! I'm ready to be productive again and am positive that this will be the week that everything gets pulled together. Alas, it's a pipe dream that never seems to come to pass, but each Monday I fall for it once again :)
I don't have a great race review, BUT I am going to send you a funny this morning in the form of an email about runners. Look for it!