Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday Tune, vol 81 – Shoes

Today's Tuesday Tunes are all about shoes – running shoes mostly – and are brought to you by Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, Asics, and more of the others, Puma, Adidas, Nike, Zoot, Pearl Izumi, Altra, La Sportiva, Newton, and don't forget K-Swiss.  Look at all the folks who make running shoes these days!  So many running shoes, so little time to provide you with links.  (This is a one-woman operation, you know.  I don't have a secretary sitting around ready to give each post the adequate URL business.)

Remember my friend Randi?  Remember how she brought two right shoes to the Ogden Marathon? Becca (yet another friend) and I decided to pull a funny on this Randi.  First, we gathered up our old, used-up, washed-out, traveled-upon running shoes.  Next, we boxed up only the left shoe from each pair of these old, used-up, washed-out, traveled-upon running shoes.  Finally, we rigged a special prize for Randi at Camie's Run last Saturday.  (Full race report coming soon!)

The race announcer called Randi's name, then handed Randi a box of left shoes.  Randi now has plenty of lefties available if by chance she brings two righties again.

Becca also whipped up a poem.  Becca's super good and talented like that.  She should harness that poem-producing power and publish some stories for children.  Here's that poem:

Two Right Shoe Blues

There once was a girl who wanted to run
A race with her friends-it would be so much fun!
So get ready she did; she ran fierce, far and strong-
Because this fun race was really quite long.
And after the training was done and complete
She prepared for a fantastic pre-race retreat!
She packed up her stuff-her gear and her GU*
She packed up her shorts, and then her right shoe.
Then tragically! Sadly! she picked up another
Shoe that would be the right one’s twin brother.
Then off this girl went to the pre-race retreat
With only two right shoes to cover her feet.
And sadly this detail snuck silently by
Until in the car, the girl said with a sigh:
“OH NO!!! There’s a problem-and it’s really bad!
I only have right shoes and I’m really mad!”
But just when she thought her day was a bummer
That cute girl was rescued by the Rabid Runner!
Said Rabid: “Don’t worry, don’t fret over there
I brought me a spare set of shoes that I’ll share.”
So around turned the car and the girl soon declared
That Rabid, the runner, came mighty prepared,
To rescue a damsel quite stuck in distress
And save her from a right shoe mess.
And since Rabid is smart and quite funny too
She thought of this fantastic prize just for you!

*I realize that it may or may not be an insult to imply that GU was used during the training for and participation in this race, but it was the best rhyme I could come up with, so you just have to pretend!

Here's Randi with her Shoes:


... and here's Becca, Randi and me


... and here are the Shoe Tuesday TunesShunes, if you will:

Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' – Nancy Sinatra
New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
New Pair of Shoes – Endless Boogie
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
Velvet Slipper – The Lem Arcon Sound (UK)
Whose Muddy Shoes – Elmore James
Boogie Shoes – K.C. and The Sunshine Band
Sand In My Shoes – Dido
My Goody Two-Shoes Brother – Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Vacuum Boots – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Runnin' Shoes – The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Hi-heel sneakers – Pinetop Perkins
Pump My Pumps – Dan Black
Boots of Chinese Plastic – The Pretenders
To Lick Your Boots –  Eels
Walking In My Shoes – Depeche Mode


radracer said...

So glad to see that the Evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz made the playlist.

I hope Randi will put her valuable prize to good use (just not on race day).

LaurieJ said...

Love it. You girls are so fun and creative :-)