Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Last night we saw Thor.  It was life changing.  Kidding.  But maybe not.  See, I thought it was a great show.  Full of fun, full of frolic, and oh so entertaining.  Spouse, on the other hand, declared it an over priced weakling without a proper story.  I believe his words were, "This is an excellent example of how special effects are a waste if the film doesn't have a decent story."

Immediately, I disagreed, and then we fought for many minutes and he slept on the couch.  Kidding.  But maybe not.  

I thought Thor had a good story.  Not great, but enough to keep me interested.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  In most action/adventure/special effects phantasms, I check out early if there isn't a good, fun story. I start looking at my watch.  I start thinking about the mePhone tucked away in silent mode, and how there's a dictionary app on that mePhone that could use some reading.  I start to wish I was doing something else.

I did not feel this way about Thor.  I was happy all the way through it.  And when it finished I began to have day-like dreams about Loki, for Loki is hot.  Thor is just a musclehead, meathead meh.  Loki?  He has mystery just like Spouse has mystery.  Loki appeals to my inner-goth.

I've since revealed my hots for this Loki character, and have been called everything from "high" to "blind."  Thor's a bore, folks.  Thor's a bore.  Loki is okey dokey.  

Anyway, Spouse disliked Thor.  I liked Thor.  The Yahoos were blown head-over-heels with this Thor.  So blown away were the Yahoos, that their new superhero playtime is all about Thor.  Yahoo #2 decided he'd need a Thor costume for a birthday/costume party that he was attending this afternoon.

Even though Spouse did not like Thor the movie, and I did not have the hots for Thor, the make-believe god of thunder, we went to work on a costume.  Spouse made the hammer, and I made the circled rivets that look more like the whats-its on milk producing animals.  See for your self:



First, check out the lovely glow on the face from those tin-foiled 'n circled rivets.  I swear they should start making wedding dresses out of tin foil.  Think of the reflective properties that a tin-foiled wedding dress would provide!  You could say No! to dark circles, and Yes! to a a rosy glow.  Vera Wang should really get in on that action.

Isn't it funny that I started a post about Thor and now we're talking Vera Wang and wedding dresses?  Funny!  Anyway, back to Spouse disliking Thor.  After the show, I figured out why Spouse didn't like Thor.  It wasn't the story, or lack thereof.  It was the girl.  This girl:


Spouse hates this girl. (I'm not going to say her real name because then someone might google that name and end up here. And, although I like a good controversy, I don't want a controversy that involves her.  Her people are much bigger than my people.  Heck, my people aren't even big enough to spar with the people from that one magazine from Utah Valley.)

Had I known twelve years ago that Spouse would have such hate for this sweet young thing, I might have called off our engagement.  Not really.  But maybe.  He extra especially hated the fact that she was cast to pull off a roll as an accomplished, explore-new-territory astrophysicist.

I have a similar hate for another girl.  It's this girl:


Again, I'm not going to say her name. But I will tell you the reason I hate her. It's because she's carrying this guy's baby...


... and she is SO NOT WORTHY!  (I'm not gonna say his name either.)


Winder said...

You never cease to amaze me. Love your posts and your family.

tom lindsey said...

When my wife and I go to the movies together she knits-- the poor woman was born 80 years old.

Somewhat relating to Thor, I will share this bit of trivia you will surely love: Norse poems do not rhyme; they alliterate! My long dead BlackBerry had an excellent example but this popular translation of Egil should give you some sense of what these bada$$ poets were up to:

I’ve been with sword and spear slippery with bright blood where kites wheeled. And how well we violent Vikings clashed! Red flames ate up men's roofs, raging we killed and killed; and skewered bodies sprawled sleepy in town gateways.

Your spouse has it right; NP is as appetizing as dry toast.

Oh, the wedding dress comment reminds me. My wife thinks you and Pippa resemble on another.

lifein360 said...

The fact that you are now justifying your blindness is just sad. Loki? Seriously? He reminds me of Alan Cumming, the actor. you put it. You need to get the Yahoo a blonde wig to complete the look. Sheesh!

rabidrunner said...

Winder, uh, not sure what to say about that. Are you amazed that I'm so goofy? Well don't be. Most people look at my parents and expect that I'm goofy.

Tom, oh wow. You've opened yet another can of obsession. I'm going to go to the library for some of those norse narratives with alliterative accents. And Pippa? Seriously? Flattered, but, like, I'm a hundred years older.

Life in 360, you know that since shown your disgust for my love of Loki, that I will become obnoxious about it and point it in your general die-rection. Grin. Also, Yahoo #2 wanted a his hair like Thor's, but didn't want it enough to wear a wig. (Too girly I guess.)

megan said...

I'm with spouse on this one and my spouse is with you...