Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today, I had planned to provide ya'll with a report of the AF Canyon Half Marathon (and 5k), which was described before-hand here.  I'm in a bad mood, however, and it ain't gonna happen.  Or if it did happen, it wouldn't happen in a nice way.  Like, I might swear, or call some people bad names, or say "like" too much, or reveal some embarrassing stuff about myself (as if that doesn't already happen a bunch around here.)  Holy smokes I'm crabby!

The AF Canyon Half Marathon (and 5k) was a terrific race.  It truly was.  Right now everything is coming through all scratchy 'n such because I'm wearing my overly, cynical-tinted glasses.

To fix my overly cynical view (I say overly because some cynicism can be fun), I'm going to have some food, watch some 30 Rock, and read the following, over and over:


What do you when you've lost all hope for getting over the crabbies?  (And don't say "There's a salve for that!"  I ain't talk about those kinds of crabbies.)

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radracer said...

Sometimes you wait.
Sometimes you run.
Sometimes you bike.
Sometimes you sleep.
Sometimes you eat.

It all depends on what kind of crabby.