Friday, June 10, 2011

Camie's Run


At the end of March, a friend of many (even me!) was diagnosed with colon cancer.  This friend has a name, a glorious name, and that name is Camie.  Camie had immediate surgery and immediate chemotherapy.  I know Camie because we run around in similar running circles.  She's a spectacular human being who is super strong and has proven herself a cancer-fighting champion.



Photo taken from Kris Holderness.

For the last while, Camie and her husband Andy have coached track and cross country a local high school.   A youngster at this high school, a gent with the name Taylor, decided that it was time the track team did something to honor Camie.  So Taylor honored Camie the way most runners tend to honor – he and his buddies threw Camie a run and called it Camie's Run.




On June 4th, 2011, the Rabid Family ran Camie's 5k run.  There were three great parts of Camie's Run.



  1. My little family came.  All of us ran and all of us supported.  I appreciate that I have a family that loves to support my friends.
  2. Yahoo #1 ran a 5K personal record of 27:44. He started the run with a, "Mom.  I'm not going to walk.  I'm going to jog the whole time." I gave him a "Way to go, son, you can do it!" then made a mental note that the boy needed a chat about using the "J" word.
  3. Most importantly, thousands or even millions of people came to support Camie. Okay, not millions, but there were a lot of people there.  All of those people love Camie.  All of 'em.  They were there so as to say, "Hey Camie! We got your back, babe!"
It's true.  Camie, we got your back!


Yahoo #1 won a major Powerade award.


LaurieJ said...

Glad to see the Powerade went to a totally deserving Yahoo. I think he beat my time. Maybe you can give me the Rabid household secret to speedy running!

Makell said...

The 'J' word has got to be like blasphemy in your home! Not a bad time for the yahoo- apple doesn't fall far from the tree!