Thursday, June 02, 2011

AF Canyon Half Marathon


In the early hours of each morning, and whenever I meet friends for a run, I sit in the car, (or wherever) and I read my e-mail.  It's a great start to the morning.  This very morning, I had a surprise.  It was an e-mail from the one and only Fat Cyclist, aka "Fatty," aka husbandero of the woman they call The Runner*.  This Fatty feller asked for a favor.  And when Fatty asks for a favor, you just do it.  Because he's Fatty.  Because he's famous.  Because he's joined in holy matrimony to The Runner.  Because he's a super-hero, philanthropic chap who donates beaucoup time and bacon bars and bicycles and water bottles – all sorts of stuff – to fight cancer.


*The Runner has officially joined our RAGNAR Wasatch Back Relay team and we are all over-the-top excited to have her!
So Fatty sent me an e-mail, and Fatty asked for a favor, and I immediately obliged because that's what you do for Fatty, and yeah, we already went over that.  I just felt like dropping Fatty's name some more.
Fatty asked that I give a shout-out of sorts to a race he's promoting.  That race is the AF Canyon Half Marathon and 5k.

Not too long ago, I mentioned in a post, that I had plans to shake up the summer half marathon schedule.  Part of that shake-up involved the AF Canyon Half Marathon.  And since the bus loading and finish line is a mere 400 meters from my humble abode, I've started some plans for a slumber party.  We're all going to sleep out on the tramp, just like we're twelve, then roll off the tramp at 4:30 to catch the buses.  The date for this magnificent event is June the 25th.
So... what do you have going on June the 25th?  Come run the AF Canyon Marathon with me.  And with Fatty.  There's still time to register.  And because you're friends of me, and I'm friends with Fatty (I guess), then ya'll get a promo code for $10 off.  That coupon code is:  "fightcancer."  Did you catch that?  No?  Let me give it to you bigger:
The AF Half Marathon Promo code for $10 off is "fightcancer" and you can register here.

Now why do you think that this promo code is fightcancer, and not runwithfatty, or even runstrong, or runrunrun, or rabidisrad ('cause Rabid is rad,) or whatever? It's because this AF Half Marathon is all about fighting cancer. And specifically, it helps local people afflicted with cancer. 100% of the race registration fee goes toward cancer patients in our community who cannot afford care.  There's a limited amount of promo codes available, so hurry NOW and register.  Like NOW.  Don't think about it, just do it.

Running a half marathon or 5k down majestic American Fork Canyon, and raising money for local cancer patients should be reason enough to run this race, right?  But wait!  There's more!  Oh how there is more!  This race is muchy.  This race has muchness.  Let me tell you about its muchness, and the many reasons you should be part of this muchness.

1.  100% of the race registration fee goes toward cancer patients in our community who cannot afford care. I know I've already said this, but this is paramount and worth mentioning twice.  How many races can donate 100% of the registrations fees?

2.  Prize drawings at the finish, which include 15 free mammograms from the American Fork Hospital. I don't know about you, but the only thing that can make a gal smile about a mammogram is a free mammogram.  However, the word "mammogram" by itself makes me smile every time.  For some reason.  Maybe because you feel like hollering "MAM! OH! GRAM!" when you get one.  Or maybe because getting a mammogram is essential for catching the cancer early.

3. Technical shirt from Nike in both men and women sizes. Hello?  It's about time.  I've got gobs of mens t-shirts that I never wear.  A woman has needs.  And one of those needs is a woman's sized t-shirt.

4.  Gu on the course. In two spots.  Yum.  (Incidentally, that's like worth four bucks right there. What with purchasing the Gu from a retailer, and driving to get the Gu, and the electricity to store the Gu – you realize that Gu requires electricity to keep the carbs charged, right?  Just kidding.  I'm totally messing with you.)

5.  All finishers receive a fine finisher's medal. Oh, and lookey there!  A sneak peak of that medal:


Object may or may not be true to size....
6.  French toast and other goodies at the finish. The only thing that could beat French toast at the finish would be French toast with figs, fondue, fries, fritters, and perhaps a flank steak, with feta and fava beans on farfalle-formed frankfurters.


7.  Fatty will be speaking at the starting line. This would be a special treat.  For we'd all get to see if his spoken words are as put-together as his written words.

8.  Spouse and Yahoos might wake up to cheer for you at the finish. Might.  Depends on if I call 'em at mile 8 to wake 'em up.  And then if I have to wake them up for the cheering, then you'd need to be behind me.  And since I'm running an ultra relay of around 30 miles the weekend before, it's looking like most of you will be in front of me.  So perhaps I'll have one of my fast friends wake up Spouse and the Yahoos at mile 8.  Sign up now and you can be that fast friend!


hillene said...

I am so excited to hear your write up.

Fatty said...

I was going to write up a post for my own blog to promote this race, but now I think I'll just steal yours. Pretty sure I have no chance of coming close to writing something as awesome as this.

A girl named Holly... said...

A.Maz.Ing. post. I adore your writing style.

( of the race coordinators)

The Shumway Family said...

Great post. Great cause.

Winder said...

As much as the idea of running 13.1 exites me, I an scheduled to participate in a marathon of a different variety that day.

radracer said...

Totally off topic here, but I'm extremely excited that The Runner has joined the team.

Now if we can just find you a fast dude to replace my sorry fractured self, you'll be good to go win that 6x30 miles or so relay.

Lynnie said...

I'm nowhere near ready for a half yet but next year I'm totally doing this one. Your post just made me decide to go donate even though I can't run it.

I'm still not supposed to have the runs but I'm going to go walk & wallow the Dirty Dash 5K tomorrow because I signed up before the fracturin'.

I can't wait for your post on this one!

Rachel said...

Woohoo! I'm running! A lot slower than you, however, so make sure you leave some french toast for me. :)

Staci said...

Alas, I am committed to the girls camp that weekend. I am passing this on to my peeps. (Do I even have any?)

I'm sad to miss sleeping on the tramp though. Can we plan another sleepover where we get up at 4:30 in the morning?

tom lindsey said...

OK. Time to come clean.

If you want to hear a sad story followed by a personally humiliating episode ask The Runner about the time we nearly killed her in the middle of the night going down the wrong road, definitely not the road to Horsethief Canyon, and then how she had to rescue my fat a$$ the following night.

Truthfully, the years surrounding this event were not some of my best and I have many regrets. Not least of which was dangling the front wheel of her truck over unknown hundreds of feet of empty space!

Sometimes a horrible first/last impression is earned :)

zim said...

I'm almost persuaded to run the 5k with the caboose. I do like technical t shirts.

Aubrey said...

Go Rabid!

Ryan said...

Anyone want to sell a registration for the AF Canyon Half? Looks like its filled up. If so let me know