Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Thoughtomizing

I am packed and ready.  Ready for my girlie friends to fetch me so as to drive to our Marathon party.  We're heading to "O" town, which is what Ogdenites call Ogden.  I think.  Anyway, I figured I'd use this extra time to do some random thoughtomizing.

- I'm listening to Elton John.  Mr. John has some good pre-marathon tunes.  I had some Korn going earlier, but have found that Korn is a little hard on the pre-race jitters.  Pre-race tunes should be calm and energizing, not anxious and angry.

- Tomorrow is the pre-ordained and determined apocalypse.  (Who started that anyways?  I'm too lazy to research this now.)  I'm running a marathon.  Either I'll die running or I'll be wishing I would die.  Either way, IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!

- Yahoo #1 is ten now.  We painted his room and bought him a new bed to celebrate.  Turns out that fresh paint and a new bed are just what a ten year old wants.  He loved it.  He's in that strange in-between stage right now.  Too old for young stuff, too young for old stuff.  Heck, I know just how he feels!  Seems I've been too old and too young my whole life!  I'd post photos for ya'll but then I'd have to be placed in the "Mommy Blog" category – which comes with bragging about your decorating prowess.

- On several occasions, I've thanked the Above and Beyond that the facebook wasn't around when I was dating.  Don't you think it's awkward?  You post photos of you and whoever smooching and stuff, only to break up and have to remove all those photos.  And then, what do you do about all those "tagged" photos that belong to other people?  I guess you can go around untagging yourself, but that's quite a process.  Gone are the days where you say "Sianara sweetheart.  I'm over you" and that's just it.  No, you have to run about doing cleanup.  And then a friend of a friend sees you smooching with a new whoever, then it gets back to your old whoever, and then the old whoever gets jealous, and starts publicly bad-mouthing you on their facebok.  MESS-Y.

- Of course, I guess that "in a relationship" business is a good way to get that commitment ball rolling.  Remember when you weren't sure how "serious" that other whoever was?  Are we exclusive?  Or aren't we exclusive?  That was awkward.  I guess facebook has unawkwardized the are-we-exclusive process by that cute little relationship status situation.  It's like a billboard though... someone changes their status to " a relationship with..." and suddenly all of your friends know.

- If I had it to do over again, Spouse and me would get married, then not tell anyone.  We could then just change our relationship status on the facebook to "... Married to..." and then everyone would know!  That would be funny.  'Course Spouse would have to use his real name in order to pull this off correctly.

- Did you see Social Network?  I loved... lurved... LOVED that movie.  I couldn't decide if it's because I've spent all of my working years in software, or because I love geeks (even married one,) or is it because of Jesse Eisenberg.  Either of all those ways, it was a great show.  Watched it three times in a row.

- The stalking possibilities for the facebook are endless.  For someone as inherently snoopy as I am, facebook is a frickin' dream come true.  Oh the stuff you can find!  Oh the stuff you can discover!  Just last month, in fact, I found out that Jimmy got married again.  Married!  To a nice young girl half his age.  I sure hope it works out.  I'm happy for the newlyweds. The more wives I can get between him and me, the better.  Bring on the wives!

- Elton John was too mellow.  Switched the tunes to shuffle.  Currently on some Peter Gabriel.

- Did I ever tell you about my Green Smoothie Experiment?  Well, Hillene is doing this Green Smoothie thing... where you drink a litter of this green smoothie concoction (1/3 water, 1/3 greens, 1/3 fruit.)  I told her I'd try it for a month – figured it can't hurt, right?  Well it did hurt.  For the first two weeks, my digestive tract threw a full-scale temper-tantrum, after which I put on six pounds.  Six pounds!  Can you believe that?  I felt sluggish and wanted to sleep all the time.  My intestines felt like they were full of goo all the time (prolly were full of goo all the time.)  Ask Spouse.  It was weird.  Most people have opposite effects on this green smoothie diet.  I figure I eat plenty of greens as it is, so switching to a green drink is not necessarily going to give me more energy.  If I was in the habit of crap-loading (instead of carb-loading he-he), then perhaps a green smoothie a day would cure all my ailments, like warts, and dry skin, and anxiety, and the growth I have on my left tentacle.  I dropped, like, four pounds the first week I quit drinking 'em.

- I got a package in the mail the other day from Jessica.  She had sent me this:


You know what's on each of every one of them CDs?  MOTH PODCASTS!  Oh be still my heart, I'm so excited.  Gonna listen to them all.  The MOTH is a series where real people get on stage, without notes, and tell true stories.  It's fascinating!  Most of these people are somewhat-famous.  Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, some have suspense, while others scare the dickins right out of you!

- These MOTH podcasts remind me of going skiing with my dad when I was a kid.  We used to listen to a radio program called, "Mystery Science Theatre" during the drive home.  I'd sit next to him, all wide-eyed and such, while I had the crap scared out of me.  A snow-covered road and fog never helped.

- Check out the forecast for Ogden tomorrow.  Holy smokes, the angels are going to part the clouds and allow the sun to peek in for a bit.  I'm tickled pink over this!


- In a prayer last night, Spouse said, "We grateful that things are going so well for us."  He's right.  Things are going well for us.  I'm grateful too.

I hope things are going well for you.  For reals and sincerely.


lifein360 said...

Korn? You? Hmmm, I totally learned something new about you today. Not that I don't rock out to Limp Bizkit from time to time.

Jessica said...

Three cheers for MOTH! I need to put that on my list of things to do. Not participate in MOTH, but go to a storytelling. I don't have a story to tell, I don't think...

rabidrunner said...

Korn? Me? Why sure. I like and listen to most everything.

83 hundred and 67 cheers for MOTH! Jessica, you have plenty of stories to tell. Perhaps that should be on our bucket lists? Getting up at one of those story-telling gigs.

Jessica said...

I have some hilarious work stories, that's for sure. And, while in the car for four hours yesterday listening to the MOTH, I wondered what type of story I might tell at such an event. I suppose it should be on the bucket list, eh?