Monday, May 09, 2011

How Was Mother's Day?

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It's one of the best days of the year, isn't it? I spent my Mom's Day in a place called Sparks with some friends called Megan and Jessica. It was a great time. When we scheduled this trip, some eightish weeks ago, none of us thought about the preordained and arranged trip transpiring on the weekend in which we celebrate Mothers. Oops. Tee-hee.

It was a super fun trip. There was great food, great fun, great conversation, and lots of laughs.  We field-tripped to historical Donner Pass (but wished we'd had the foresight to bring a picinic, yuk-yuk), we watched the Kentucky Derby at a pizza joint in Truckee, California, then returned to Megan's house so that that I could pass out at 10:30, and they could stay up all night doing who-knows-what.

Right now, at this very minute, I'm killing time in the Reno airport, which incidentally is a good airport for time-killing.

So, how was your Mother's Day? Do tell!  Even if you aren't a Mother.  Stefon has some ideas for Mother's Day. Did anyone take any of his recommendations?


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tom lindsey said...

Spent the day performing a delicate dance; doing just enough to show that I am an appreciative husband but not so much that I confirm her suspicion that I sandbagged the previous 364.

May the next 364 be easier than yesterday ;)